December 1, 2006 General 0

Well i knew this time was coming. I have known it for nearly a year now. I have had to end an Administration project that i took over for the last administrator. As per the rules i have tried to champion I am not going to say which project it is. While i feel like i am giving a daughter away to be married and it hurts somewhat i honestly have a peace that i am making the right decision. It’s nice to have a Godly, Christlike peace over something..:)

*update* Here comes the difficult part. it could be a while before i can turn things loose. There’s nobody to replace me right yet. I have both the president of the project and my wife asking me to reconsider. I just don’t look forward to it anymore. Too many times of the rules not being followed and enforced and then getting either overruled or attacked for stepping in and enforcing the rules as they are written. I’ll stay until my replacement is named(which is what i said the first time). I’ll use my new non-privileged account for 99% of what i do on the forums and my privileged account for the admin stuff i have to do.