November 29, 2006 General 0

Updates to the Source Engine have been released. Please run
hldsupdatetool to make sure your server is up-to-date. Here are the
list of changes:

Source Engine:
– Added cvars to let the server prevent clients setting unreasonable
network settings: sv_mincmdrate, sv_maxcmdrate, sv_client_predict,
sv_client_interpolate, sv_client_interp, and
– Added protection against servers manipulating the
cl_restrict_server_commands cvar
– Allow servers to execute the “play” command on clients
– Added an interface to allow servers to query most cvar values on the
– Added the IP address of the machine who executed an rcon command to
the server logfiles
– Fixed spectator relaying in SourceTV
– Removed cl_cmdbackup

– Added protection against servers manipulating the
cl_restrict_server_commands cvar sounds like valve is trying to make sure servers can’t have control of the clients at all. Most source server operators have now implemented a block that is you deny the servers the ability to check your client’s settings they block you from coming on the server. This has made several large GSP’s go dark in terms of source server users. This is a huge security risk hence why the blocks are implemented. I wonder how Talon is going to handle this?

*update* Talon had to kill all of the servers he manages. Valve just put out an update for the update but now sounds don’t work. Talon could be in for a long night..:( I’m glad i have not fired up the one source server GFC runs yet.