Woot for Coffee Drinkers Everywhere!!!!

Coffee top antioxidant source for Americans – Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Europeans have red wine, Asians have green tea but Americans have their own source of antioxidants — coffee, researchers reported on Sunday.

Americans drink plenty of coffee, which is high in antioxidants, compounds such as vitamins that fight damage to cells and to DNA, the study found.

But Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, the sources of antioxidants as well as fiber and other nutrients that dietitians, scientists and doctors recommend, said Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

Vinson and colleagues studied the antioxidant content of more than 100 different food items, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, oils and common drinks.

They also examined a U.S.
Department of Agriculture database on how much Americans eat of each type of food item.

“Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source. Nothing else comes close,” Vinson said in a statement.

Presenting his findings to a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Washington, Vinson said this did not mean that coffee was necessarily the best source of antioxidants.

“Unfortunately, consumers are still not eating enough fruits and vegetables, which are better for you from an overall

nutritional point of view due to their higher content of vitamins, minerals and fiber,” he said.

Dates, cranberries and red grapes have high concentrations of antioxidants, he said.

But Americans do not eat much of these foods.

Black tea was the second-leading source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet. Bananas, dry beans and corn placed third, fourth

and fifth, Vinson found.

This is some of the best news I have heard. Although I do enjoy green tea, in the winter, coffee is my beverage of choice. How wonderful that there are some benefits to it 🙂

The Forgotten Southern Border

Power Line: A positive accounting

Our military has done a great job in the face of defeatism and attacks from the marxist left. As a former US Navy member I applaud the tropps for the work they are doing. However, one fact looms large to me and should to all who want to so easily praise Bush. Yes much has been done overseas. What about securing our borders against the illegal alien invasion and terrorist infiltration that continues unchecked along our southern borders?

Katrina’s Wrath

Want to know what to expect by a landfalling Cat5? This is a recording of the NWS New Orleans read by a Fox News meteorologist. This warning can be expected for anyplace that gets nailed by a Cat5.

Katrina Warning

An Interesting Daydream

My most inspiring times are in the shower. That’s when me and God are closest. That’s where I got the inspiration for my business and the name of it. Today I was Just relaxing and letting my mind wander and I had an interesting daydream. In my daydream Verizon(my phone provider) was running a secret contest for customers that have been with the company over 5 years. I get a call from Verizon that we had won the contest for this year. We had a choice of any VZ service for anything from 1 year to life depending on the service. The option i chose was a t-3 line for 20 years free(on OC-3 was free for 10 years). With that kind of bandwidth i was able to host The Tribe of Judah, The Christian Gamer’s Alliance, God’s Frozen Chosen, and my own sites literally in house. I would not charge toj or CGA anything..:) They would have to build/buy their own websrvers(which i would quote them for cost) but that’s it.

A Response to a Letter in the Frederick News Post

Edward P. Feher writes:
Supposed Christians

Pat Robertson, a supposed Christian, said that Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, should be assassinated by the United States government.

Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, supposed Christians, said that Islam is an “evil” religion and that Mohammed was a “pervert.”

Locally, Frederick County Christian Coalition chairmen Robert Tansey, a supposed Christian, says that gays should be denied the right to get married.

The comments of these supposed Christians give me an idea for a bumper sticker: “Members of the Christian Right are Oxymorons.”


I’ll adress your points one by one Edward:
Pat Robertson’s initial comments and apology. Nobody’s perfect. Are you Edward? I do not doubt Pat’s salvation as he has a great ministry. All men are going to make mistakes. Pat made a big one. He did own up to it though.

Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell are correct. Islam glorifies murder and sexual pleasure as rewards for Jihad or war against your enemies resulting in your own death and hopefully the death of enemies of Islam. An enemy of Islam is a non-believer in Islam. If you are an atheist..guess what? You’re a Jihad target. Same for Christians, Buddhists, etc. etc. Read the qu’arn and koran sometime. Mohammeh took a 9 year old girl as a wife and consumated the marriage with her. Sounds like a pervert(or for the PC folks out there pedophile) to me.

Robert Tansey is correct. The Bible specifically condems homosexuality. Both the New Testament AND The Old Testament condem homosexuality. God did not create homosexual marriage, He created hetrosexual marriage. IMO this denies homosexuals marriage “rights”.

My bumper sticker would read,”Christians aren’t perfect. We will make mistakes. It’s great to be forgiven.”

Freedom to Undermine This Country: Catering to Radical Homosexual Advocates

The Frederick News-Post : Opinion – Deborah Carter

It is purely biblical in nature. Marriage was created by God in Genesis between Man and Woman. The argument that biblical persons had multiple wives is a straw man. That’s true..but it is was a man and several or hundreds of women. You never see the bible endorse homosexuality, on the contrary it is one of hte most highly condemned things in the bible. Unfortunatly more and more people like the author of the above colum or fooled and decieived by the secular side of our country which has increasing vocal outlets that make it easy for them to ingest this trash. Jesus is not easy. He never claims to be. It takes work to see the truth. I am glad to see it..the work is worth it and will continue to be so.

Intel Dissected and Skewred By An Outside Engineer

BS’ Blog: Intel’s Continued Marketing Evolution

Wow! I was kind of excited about Intel’s new chips. I still am just because of the power reductions. I am still a bit wary about performance since some of the old holdouts(aka the FSB/northbridge) are going to still be around. Bryan J. Smith does not like it one bit. This should be an interesting next couple of years since there is no doubt AMD is ahead of Intel in terms of technology right now.

The MSM Left Twists The Truth Again


The Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist in Kansas, contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. The church, which is not affiliated with a larger denomination, is made up mostly of Phelps? children, grandchildren and in-laws.

?God hates you,? signs read
The church members carried signs and shouted things such as ?God hates fags? and ?God hates you.?

About 10 church members protested near Smyrna United Methodist Church and nearly 20 stood outside the National Guard Armory in Ashland City. Members have demonstrated at other soldier funerals across the nation.

The funerals were for Staff Sgt. Asbury Fred Hawn II, 35, in Smyrna and Spc. Gary Reese Jr., 22, in Ashland City. Both were members of the Tennessee National Guard.

“Reverend Phelps” is not a representative of the Church. However the enemies of Christ will use people like this who are wolves trying to cloak themselves with Christ’s name. More folks get exposed to the lie that this is how Christianity works when that is so far from the truth. Unfortunatly for many it is easier to believe a lie than do a little work to find out the truth.

Katrina’s wrath=God’s warnings?

Interesting. Not too long after Israel began this terrible withdrawal our President endorses it and even encourages it. Now katrina in a very short time went from a small convection in the Carribean to a 175 mph Cat5 hurricane that is set to hammer the gulf coast. I have several itmes been told there is no correlation. The Bible is full of these “coincidences”. Let’s all pray first of all, then all contact D.C. and tell them to use our diplomatic pull to get Israel to do what she should be doing which is fighting going forward and not turning tail and running.

Israel Gov’t Begins to See Rewards of Retreat

Yahoo! News

Like I did not see this one from a mile away.

The bombing raised pressure on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on militant groups. Israel has said any progress in peacemaking after the Gaza withdrawal will require Abbas to disarm the militants ? a step he so far has been unwilling to take.

Abbas denounced the bombing as a “terror attack,” and called on Israel to show restraint and continue to respect a shaky, six-month-old cease-fire. “We condemn such attacks. We don’t accept them, and we call on everyone to refrain from retaliation,” he said.

He’s going to do as much as Arafat did..which is nothing. He’s a terrorist himself so why would he do anything to stop this? He has already stated that this retreat by Israel is only a start. His objective is the same as hamas and the others: Destroy Israel. He will also let the palestinians live in poverty and misery which breeds terrorists as well to further his murderous goals.

Pushing forward with the withdrawal, Israel’s Cabinet approved a plan to allow Egypt to deploy 750 troops along the border between Gaza and Egypt to prevent weapons smuggling into the Palestinian territory. The plan will allow Israel to withdraw its troops from a security strip on the Gaza-Egypt border, a key step in the pullout.

Israel also began exhuming on Sunday the 48 bodies buried in the Jewish cemetery in Gaza for reburial inside Israel. The reburials are expected to be finished by the end of the week.

Egypt, an ally by lip service only, gets to control the southern gaza border to prevent weapons smuggling? Oh my, that’s a good one and only shows how much Sharon and the Israeli Gov’t are truly out of touch with reality. What’s sad is our own gov’t is just out of touch with all reality by praising Sharon for this greivious error.

Security Through Obscurity Debunked

Security Now!:

MS and other closed source vendors like to say because their source is closed they are more secure. In other words the fact that others do not have access to the code any zero day vulns will be kept under wraps and not pose a danger to the userbase. Listen to this podcast to find out how MS figured out that logic is completely wrong and how dangerous this philosophy is.

Defrag my linux?

BS’ Blog:

Bryan J Smith devles into the MS file systems and compares then against Linux/Unix file sytems and digs out why MS needs defragmenting but Linux does not.
*UPDATE* Bryan has updaed the post with more XFS and clarifications

Pat Roberton’s Ooopsie

FOXNews.com – U.S. & World – Robertson: I Didn’t Say ‘Kill’ Chavez

I watched the broadcast via CBN.com. Fox has this one nailed down. Pat most assuredly mentions assasination. Pat is eating some shoe leather right now.

*Update* Pat apologizes for his remarks. Good man. Let’s remember none of us are perfect though. I am nearly famous among those who know me for blowing my stack too soon… I have eaten lots of shoe leather in my short time here.

Militants Evicted From Gaza–WRONG!! Homeowners Evicted–The Insanity Builds Higher


People thought Oslo was bad. This is going to be much worse. I don’t have to say much just look at these quotes:

“In Jerusalem Wednesday, Israel and Egypt (search) reached an agreement to have 750 Egyptian troops take control of a volatile Egypt-Gaza border corridor from Israeli forces, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said.

The transfer of border supervision to the Egyptians is key to ending Israel’s 38-year occupation of the Gaza Strip. An agreement had been held up by Israeli concerns that weapons and explosives would be smuggled across the border from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula (search) into Gaza, once its troops leave as part of the Gaza evacuation.”

Egypt gets control?!?! Is Sharon insane?

“Meanwhile, the relative ease and lack of violence with which Israel pulled out of the 25 settlements in just a week was a stinging setback to Israel’s ultra-nationalist movement, which for months had mounted vocal and dramatic resistance.

Palestinian and Israeli leaders as well as President Bush said the pullout ? the first time Israel has abandoned territory Palestinians claim for their future state ? opened new opportunities for peace negotiations.”

Just look around the blogosphere and even in some of the MSM. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are saying this WILL NOT stop their attacks. conversly, they have stated this is one step in their master plan to destroy Israel totally. Even the Head terrorist himself Abbas has stated this withdrawl is not enough.

“In Gaza, the Israeli government ? after quiet consultations with the United States and the Palestinians ? decided to demolish the private homes used by Jewish settlers, many of them single-family villas, and to leave most public buildings intact.

The Palestinians felt the homes were inappropriate for their housing needs in overcrowded Gaza, and plan to build high-rise apartment buildings in their place. In addition, many ordinary Gazans feared that corrupt Palestinian politicians and their cronies would appropriate settler villas.”

EXACTLY! The poverty will still be there and the corruption will still be there. I bet it will only grow worse. How long before Israel has to go back in because their citizens are getting killed left and right due to the huge increase in terrorism? I say 2 years at minimum and 5 at the most, if the Lord has us on this planet that much longer.

Intel Merom is designed from the ground up

The Inquirer:

There are some shades of old Intel technology in the new chip such as:
On the baggage side, the lower integer performance is more due to the shorter pipe length, and it looks like Merom cores will be faster than Opteron+’s in int, but lose a little to them in FP, quite the change.

A lot of this is due to bandwith to the cores, and that is the weakest link for Merom. They keep the current infrastructure, can keep the chipsets, and keep the FSB. The target for Woodcrest, the server version of Merom is a 1333MHz FSB. The quad core MCM Clovertown will drop down to 1066, and Conroe will sit on 1066 also. I think that Conroe will end up on a 1333, but officially, it isn’t. Merom will be lower due to power constraints.

So the shared FSB is still here. If Intel would only ditch this ancient tech then with all of the other things they are doing they can roast AMD erformance-wise, however I am not sure they will do it with these chips. However there is some excellent news:
(from theregsiter.com)Not only is the garbage HT gone from the new chips:

(quoting the inquirer)” How much power does it take? Merom is listed at 35W TDP, with a 1-2W average consumption. Intel is supposed to be binning on power consumption as well as power, so the higher speeds may end up to actually use less power. Conroe sits at 65W for the desktop, and Woodcrest is at 80W. Conroe and Woodcrest are substantial improvements over their predecessors, and Merom is slightly higher outright, but vastly more efficient as far as performance per watt is concerned. It should end up more efficient overall because it can do more in less time more efficiently, but I will wait for samples before I say that for sure.

How fast are they? Well as far as raw clock speeds, Merom will be in the low 2Ghz range, Conroe and Woodcrest in the 2.5-3GHz range and Clovertown a couple of bins down from Woodcrest. Clock for clock, look for a 30% improvement. This chip is going to give AMD quite the run for its money. ?”

We’ll see. I think power dissapation vs. performance is going to be a problem for AMD as their dual cores are beginning to touch the 110 watt mark. If that is the case AMD is going to have a real problem with Intel’s new chips. I await the new chips release and the upcoming reviews.

Bush Abandons Iraq

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:
Vox Day called it. The new Iraq draft Constitution is out and guess what the main religion is? Islam. Not just any Islam, sharia. So we went in and removed one borderline Islam dictatorship and we are going to allow another Iran to be born. Great job Bush. If this is the way Iraq is going to be, let’s pull our boys out now and get them home and put them on our borders.

Vonage Whines Again

Advanced IP Pipeline | Vonage Claims Price ‘Blocking’ Of VoIP
ASPEN, Colo. — Vonage Holdings, the poster child in the debate about how open Internet services need to be, claimed Monday that an unnamed service provider was forcing its broadband customers to pay a premium to use Vonage?s Voice over IP services.

While it wasn?t a case of outright ?blocking? of VoIP like the company has previously experienced, Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron used the example of the extra-fee-for-VoIP incident as part of his argument in favor of a ?broadband bill of rights,? that would put into law the type of service a user of broadband services could expect.

?Those who say there?s not a network neutrality problem need to take their head out of the sand,? said Citron, speaking on a panel at the Progress & Freedom Foundation?s Aspen Summit conference here. While the FCC was able to bring judgement against a firm that previously tried to block Vonage services, Citron said that right now ?there is no law that prohibits [blocking], so you can?t adjucate against it.?
This is so unintelligent. You provide a service that’s true..but you provide the service over somebody else’s network. When that network gets tired of you piggybacking they block you or make it hard for you to freeload. Get over it. If you want true neutrality, build your own network. If I had Comcast’s or Time Warner’s network and i had VOIP you bet I would restrict Vonage. Why? It’s my network and i can do what i want with it. If I did not have VOIP or I just did not want to bother with it then I would work with Vonage or another VOIP provider and have them do it for me. It comes down to the networks are not Vonage’s and therefore Vonage has no right to freeload off of it unless the network operator decides they can.

Hugo Chavez vs. America(Pat Robertson’s Fantasy)

CBN News:

Well Chavez is a threat if we don’t shore up our borders and fast. It’s time for us to get our military back home and station them along our borders as I have posted earlier in my blog. However for Robertson to say something like this is unintelligent and does nothing to further the cause of Christ. We need to secure our borders. We held Castro in check for years even with him having nukes. IF we properly secure our borders we can hold Chavez in check as well.

Intel starts to ctach up to AMD, Sun, and IBM in the processor wars.

The Register:

Nough said. I recently had a client ask me why I am not reccomending HP instead of Dell since I am not a fan of Intel’s oven chips. I told him frankly, Dell is nearly untouchable in terms of cost. When i needed a server Dell is the only I could afford so i deal with the little oven.. The new server i have is a bear to keep cool even with the heatpipe cooler they have one it. My server closet is not air conditioned and during the summer it gets very very toasty. My other servers which are old home built boxes(with the exception of another Dell box that was given to me for free in exchange for diagnosing the hdd as dead). Both of those Dell’s run hot. The firewall is a 1.8 ghz p-4 while the new server is a p-4 2.54 ghz machine. They both got so hot i had to move the entire network out of the server closet..buy a 5k window unit and put the core network in there. My server closet is only big enough for max 2k BTu a/c. If you know where i can get one let me know..

I hope Intel swings things around and gets their chip thermals under control. If they do I will be an Intel fan once again..as long as their cpu’s don’t carry too high of a price.

Here’s my network as it stands now:
My Network

MSNBC gets it waaay left again and wrong.

In Gaza pullout ? democracy is the final victor – Mideast/N. Africa – MSNBC.com
Final victor? Democracy
But the final headline ? “Settlers Lose Homes, Not Much Happens” ? is perhaps cruel, but true.

So can Israel give up more land, this time in the West Bank, without too much resistance? That isn’t really the point.

Israel proved that if the government wants to do something, it has the power and the will to carry it out. Neither the right wing is big enough or irresponsible enough to stop it, and nor would the left wing be.

The vast center held in the face of a painful historical turn in Israel’s history.

Democracy won.

WRONG! Totalitarianism won. Communisim won. Secular Humanism won. Anything BUT democracy won. The issue was never put up for a vote. The gov’t simply said you’re gone from your homes and that was that. Does this remind anyone of anything? How about the recent ED ruling out of the SCOTUS?

I saw this on Fox news. If you think you had hard work before; just wait until the terrorists fill Gaza like they always have and start making massive terrorists attacks once again..like has happened so many times in the past. The IDF is going to very hard pressed to defend Israel now that they have opened up a flank exposing themselves to naval attack as well as land attacks.

New Structure

For anyone who finds previous trackbacks are broken the default post method was making the permalinks horrendously long. I have changed the structure a bit to shorten the uri’s. This will mean a dramatic decrease in the length of URI’s.

Opportunity Long Lost

La Shawn Barber?s Corner :

I agree Bush has squandered the Conservative momentum. I am not going to doubt his salvation. That’s between him and God. On the other hand, Bush I bet has some massively terribly advisors. He did not surround himself with fellow Christians and they have led him astray. Honestly, I am wondering about a few things. Clinton did Bosnia and the two Bush’s have gone into Iraq. All of these are labeled wars. I have never seen a declaration of war from congress. Now before everyone starts jumping up and down, congress did give the president the ability to engage in these military actions via a law passed back in the Carter administration abdicating their constitutional duties to check the president from just entering into wars at will. Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush jr., have taken a hold of this abdication and are now using it for all they can. The military has become a political tool instead of a defense force. Our Constitution is being ignored left and right and unfortunately many conservatives don’t even see it. What?s worse is that they praise Bush for doing it!!! Let?s not forget about our borders, which are being ignored. I am not sure I want to know how many sleeper cells there are in this country so far and how many more are being put together as I type this. Wake up everyone. The constitution is almost nothing now. If you do not want our republic to fall, wake up quickly and pray for this county without ceasing.

Liberalism Gone Amock: Herndon Taxpayers To Shell Out More Money to Subsidize Illegal Aliens

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:
This is beyond stupid. Herndon’s taxpayers are paying money to subsidize illegal immigrant employment which is also illegal for the employers to even have these “Day Laborers” work for them.

WJLA has two stories. One about Herndon’s approval and then another on Loudon County’s plans to possibly fight this insane action.

Mark In Mexico posts an eye-opening expose about why Mexico is the way it is

More Thoughts

The temporary sheltering these folks are getting is pathetic. They get two week’s lodging and then they are out on the streets..like beggars!! Lord, Please forgive them who do these heinous acts. Lord protect your children who are being abused like this and provide for them. I know you will Lord. Open your heart to these children of Israel Lord.

My Troubled Spirit

I have a very troubled spirit today. Watching what Jews are doing to other Jews is heart wrenching. I can only imagine the pain in our Lord’s heart watching this go on. Now the question is:
Is this the beginning of another Jewish scattering Like the Lord has done many times? Or is this the march to revelations and the final battle between Jesus and Satan?

I pray for hte peace of Israel and Jerusalem.

Some Expulsion Blogging

****** Cosmic X ******

I stumbled across this blog a bit ago. I read it every day via the rss feeds inside my thunderbird client. He has several posts about the near civial war going on in Israel:

Vox Day correctly calls this ethnic cleasing.

Checkout all of the links here and then follow the links inside the posts to see the stories the mainstream press is not telling you about and for the truth to see through their anti-semetic spin they are throwing out as “news”.

Two If By Sea

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:

Well it’s now the Navy folks who are getting attacked. First hte cole and now this botched attempt. Being a former USN member myself I can udnerstand what those folks are feeling. Let’s pray the Lord keeps them safe whiile they are following the orders of the president.

FCC gives DSL providers the authority to deny leasing of their lines

FCC gives DSL providers the authority to deny leasing of their lines

Well DSL is now going to be incumbent only. How lovely. VZ has been a good provider..but that may not last long as it never does with an unregulated monopoly. I supported the Brandx decision because the pots(copper phone lines) were built almost solely with tax dollars, unlike the cable networks. I think the gov’t should regulate them.

Lack of posting

I have some things going on. My mother is coming in from texas on a last minute thing due to an awesome deal she got. Also during the day I am staying off the computer to coencide with our turn off the tv fast for the month of august. When i get an hour or two i have about 15 posts to get written up..:)

Bus route changes mean some will have longer walks

“The worst thing in our book is to take kids [who normally ride buses in cars] to school the first day,” she said. “We encourage parents to put their kids on the bus so that we can account for them. And it’s the safest place to be.”

ROFL!!!! The safest place to be is with an attentive parent..NOT with a driver that has to manage 30-50 kids. It’s just a fact.

Your new hardware is already broken

The Inquirer.net

How true. All of this hardware that is being sold now is junk. Vista is going to usher in a new wave of computer upgrades due to its amazing infestation of DRM. You just bought a brand new 3k computer? It sucks to be you because vista will cripple itself and you’ll have to build a whole new box that restricts what you can do. Of course businesses will love it..until they find out the crimps it puts in their styles. Also..I am wondering how long before the virus writers and hackers start owning these “secure computers”.

Microsoft Vista means you need new monitors

The Inquirer.net:

yes the wonderful world of Vista. Whre your computer controls you..not the other way around. Vista is going to usher in tons of DRM that is going to say what you can’t do with the computer. I have to dig up some more links..they are few and far between but keep watching..the details will come out.

Huge Cisco Mess

*NOTE*” If i forgot to trackback you and i used your post let me know and i will correct it as soon as possible. Everyone i have linked to deserves proper credit..:)

Cicso and ISS have created quite a mess for themselves.

First, Mike Lynn showed at the BlackHat conference how to get the equivalent of root on all cisco routers using hte ipv6 modules. Cisco suddenly balked and leaned on ISS. ISS told Lynn to not disclose so he quit and did it anyway. Now Cisco has a settlement with Lynn that means lynn has to dump all of his research in this area. Also ISS has gotten the FBI involved. To top things off, Cisco/ISS are now sending Cease and desist orders to anyone who hosts the presentation photos. A huge amount of links follows and this will be updated as long as it continues to be updated.

Original Presentation
Tom’s Networking: Owning IOS at Black Hat 2005
Schneier on Security(Huge Roundup): Cisco Harasses Security Researcher
Wired: Router Flaw Is a Ticking Bomb (* note has an interview with Lynn)
BoingBoing’s original post
Search Security: Security researcher causes furor by releasing flaw in Cisco Systems IOS
Wired: Cisco Security Hole a Whopper
Wall Street Journal Online: Cisco Tries to Squelch Claim About a Flaw In Its Internet Routers

Now the coverup begins:
SecurityFocus.com: Cisco, ISS file suit against rogue researcher
ZDNET UK: Cisco tries to silence researcher
ComputerWorld.com: Furor over Cisco IOS router exploit erupts at Black Hat
Tom’s Hardware: Cisco Behaving Badly

Repurcussions begin to show themselves:
News.com: Flaw researcher settles dispute with Cisco
Makezine.com: Video of Cisco/ISS ripping out pages from printed conference books…
News.com: Cisco hits back at flaw researcher
BBC News: Cisco acts to silence researcher
Metathoughts: Audio of a Press Conference at BlackHat USA 2005 over Cisco and Michael Lynn.
Wired.com: Whistle-Blower Faces FBI Probe

Attempts to silence backfire:
SecurityFocus.com: Exploit writers team up to target Cisco routers

*Hat Tip to memestreams who gave me these links:
Dagmar’s Coverage
Memestreams: Mike Lynn’s ‘exploit’, in plain (non-technical) English
Memstreams: ISS and Cisco v. Granick?s Gambling Plans

Here is Lynn’s Attorney’s blog that has her view of things:

Bruce Scheiner has more information and even more links.

Huge Cicso flaw controversey

There has been a ton going around about this. I intend on doing my own roundup as well as posting my thoughts on this whole thing. Watch here as it will take some time for me to build. I am hpoing to have it done by tonight.

My abscence

My hosting company was having some issues with the server this site is on. It’s back online now..:)