Month: August 2005

So Much For Security If You Give Away Your Rights

August 30, 2005 General 2

Yahoo! News: So they declare martial law which means law abding citizens canot get out of their homes. Yet the folks who are law breaking get to roam the streets freely. Yep, the government is really going to protect you with extra security if you give up your rights.

Martial Law in New Orleans

August 30, 2005 General 0

Michelle Malkin: KATRINA: THE MILITARY STEPS IN I figured this was a hollywood fantasy. Now the Gov’t in New Orleans is under military control. This is totally unconstitutional. Folks think removing their rights for security is the way to go. This is so distrubing.

Terrorists Exploiting Our Lack of Immigration Law Enforcement

August 30, 2005 General 0

ABC 7 News – Study: Terrorists Exploit Immigration Laws I saw this last night. Lashawn posted about it first..:) This is only going to be solved by geting our military stationed along our southern border and building a fence. Do not forget about the northern border either.

Woot for Coffee Drinkers Everywhere!!!!

August 29, 2005 General 1

Coffee top antioxidant source for Americans – Yahoo! News WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Europeans have red wine, Asians have green tea but Americans have their own source of antioxidants — coffee, researchers reported on Sunday. Americans drink plenty of coffee, which is high in antioxidants, compounds such as vitamins that fight damage to cells and to… Read more

Overboard With The GOP!

August 29, 2005 General 0

Vox Popoli: I disagree with VOX on one thing. Conservatives should NOT stay home and not vote. Conservatives MUST vote. Just don’t vote demopublican or repulicrat. Lashawn has another link.

Our Country is Being Invaded

August 29, 2005 General 0

The Washington Times: Lashawn Barber writes an amazing op-ed in the Washington Times. It totally nails how the gov’t is alowing this country to be destroyed under our noses while it looks to taking care of foreign buisiness.

Rev. Jackson Supports Chavez And Calls For Gov’t Censorship of Pat Robertson

August 28, 2005 General 0

Yahoo! News Ah the cry of the communists. Protect our enemies and silence those dare to criticize you.

The Forgotten Southern Border

August 28, 2005 General 0

Power Line: A positive accounting Our military has done a great job in the face of defeatism and attacks from the marxist left. As a former US Navy member I applaud the tropps for the work they are doing. However, one fact looms large to me and should to all who want to so easily… Read more

Katrina’s Wrath

August 28, 2005 General 0

Want to know what to expect by a landfalling Cat5? This is a recording of the NWS New Orleans read by a Fox News meteorologist. This warning can be expected for anyplace that gets nailed by a Cat5. Katrina Warning

An Interesting Daydream

August 28, 2005 General 0

My most inspiring times are in the shower. That’s when me and God are closest. That’s where I got the inspiration for my business and the name of it. Today I was Just relaxing and letting my mind wander and I had an interesting daydream. In my daydream Verizon(my phone provider) was running a secret… Read more

A Response to a Letter in the Frederick News Post

August 28, 2005 General 0

Edward P. Feher writes: Supposed Christians Pat Robertson, a supposed Christian, said that Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, should be assassinated by the United States government. Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, supposed Christians, said that Islam is an “evil” religion and that Mohammed was a “pervert.” Locally, Frederick County Christian Coalition chairmen Robert Tansey, a… Read more

Freedom to Undermine This Country: Catering to Radical Homosexual Advocates

August 28, 2005 General 0

The Frederick News-Post : Opinion – Deborah Carter It is purely biblical in nature. Marriage was created by God in Genesis between Man and Woman. The argument that biblical persons had multiple wives is a straw man. That’s true..but it is was a man and several or hundreds of women. You never see the bible… Read more

Intel Dissected and Skewred By An Outside Engineer

August 28, 2005 General 0

BS’ Blog: Intel’s Continued Marketing Evolution Wow! I was kind of excited about Intel’s new chips. I still am just because of the power reductions. I am still a bit wary about performance since some of the old holdouts(aka the FSB/northbridge) are going to still be around. Bryan J. Smith does not like it one… Read more

Pennsylvania wins base closing lawsuit – U.S. Life –

August 28, 2005 General 0 This is a good ruling. Natuional Guard units are under the authority of the States not the feds.

The MSM Left Twists The Truth Again

August 28, 2005 General 0 The Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist in Kansas, contends that American soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays. The church, which is not affiliated with a larger denomination, is made up mostly of Phelps? children, grandchildren and in-laws. ?God hates you,? signs… Read more

Katrina’s wrath=God’s warnings?

August 28, 2005 General 0

Interesting. Not too long after Israel began this terrible withdrawal our President endorses it and even encourages it. Now katrina in a very short time went from a small convection in the Carribean to a 175 mph Cat5 hurricane that is set to hammer the gulf coast. I have several itmes been told there is… Read more

Israel Gov’t Begins to See Rewards of Retreat

August 28, 2005 General 0

Yahoo! News Like I did not see this one from a mile away. The bombing raised pressure on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on militant groups. Israel has said any progress in peacemaking after the Gaza withdrawal will require Abbas to disarm the militants ? a step he so far has been unwilling… Read more

Security Through Obscurity Debunked

August 27, 2005 Open Source 1

Security Now!: MS and other closed source vendors like to say because their source is closed they are more secure. In other words the fact that others do not have access to the code any zero day vulns will be kept under wraps and not pose a danger to the userbase. Listen to this podcast… Read more

Longhorn dissected.

August 27, 2005 General 0

BS’ Blog: Bryan Smith Talks about Vista. An interesting read.

Defrag my linux?

August 27, 2005 Linux Open Source 0

BS’ Blog: Bryan J Smith devles into the MS file systems and compares then against Linux/Unix file sytems and digs out why MS needs defragmenting but Linux does not. *UPDATE* Bryan has updaed the post with more XFS and clarifications

Emboldining the Jihadists

August 27, 2005 General 0

Jihad Watch: Like there ws any doubt this would going to be the exact result of Israel’s government turning tail and running?

Pat Roberton’s Ooopsie

August 24, 2005 General 0 – U.S. & World – Robertson: I Didn’t Say ‘Kill’ Chavez I watched the broadcast via Fox has this one nailed down. Pat most assuredly mentions assasination. Pat is eating some shoe leather right now. *Update* Pat apologizes for his remarks. Good man. Let’s remember none of us are perfect though. I am… Read more

Changes To Growth Policy Find Little Support

August 24, 2005 General 0

Changes to growth policy find little support Now this is a GOOD idea. tighten the APFO up so the adequate emergency services are also available as well..:)

Changes To Schools Test Sought

August 24, 2005 General 0

Changes to schools test sought Ah don’t you love it? We don’t have the space so I’ll pay to add the space to the schools if you throw out your APFO. Let’s hope the county commisioners are wise to this. With the way things have been going though, don’t hold your breath.

Militants Evicted From Gaza–WRONG!! Homeowners Evicted–The Insanity Builds Higher

August 24, 2005 General 5 People thought Oslo was bad. This is going to be much worse. I don’t have to say much just look at these quotes: “In Jerusalem Wednesday, Israel and Egypt (search) reached an agreement to have 750 Egyptian troops take control of a volatile Egypt-Gaza border corridor from Israeli forces, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said.… Read more

Bush: Iraq Withdrawal Would Weaken U.S. – Yahoo! News

August 23, 2005 General 0

Bush: Iraq Withdrawal Would Weaken U.S. – Yahoo! News Putting the troops on our border will strengthen our country. Leaving them in Iraq while our borders are totally uncontrolled is destroying this county..far from weakining it.

Intel Merom is designed from the ground up

August 23, 2005 General 4

The Inquirer: There are some shades of old Intel technology in the new chip such as: On the baggage side, the lower integer performance is more due to the shorter pipe length, and it looks like Merom cores will be faster than Opteron+’s in int, but lose a little to them in FP, quite the… Read more

ABC 7 News – I-Team: Pediatrician Sex Offender

August 23, 2005 General 0

ABC 7 News – I-Team: Pediatrician Sex Offender This is disturbing.

Fantasy Presidential Cadidates

August 23, 2005 General 0

Patrick Ruffini: I figured why not? Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

Bush Abandons Iraq

August 23, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner: Vox Day called it. The new Iraq draft Constitution is out and guess what the main religion is? Islam. Not just any Islam, sharia. So we went in and removed one borderline Islam dictatorship and we are going to allow another Iran to be born. Great job Bush. If this is… Read more

Vonage Whines Again

August 23, 2005 General 2

Advanced IP Pipeline | Vonage Claims Price ‘Blocking’ Of VoIP ASPEN, Colo. — Vonage Holdings, the poster child in the debate about how open Internet services need to be, claimed Monday that an unnamed service provider was forcing its broadband customers to pay a premium to use Vonage?s Voice over IP services. While it wasn?t… Read more

Hugo Chavez vs. America(Pat Robertson’s Fantasy)

August 22, 2005 General 1

CBN News: Well Chavez is a threat if we don’t shore up our borders and fast. It’s time for us to get our military back home and station them along our borders as I have posted earlier in my blog. However for Robertson to say something like this is unintelligent and does nothing to further… Read more

Intel starts to ctach up to AMD, Sun, and IBM in the processor wars.

August 22, 2005 General 0

The Register: Nough said. I recently had a client ask me why I am not reccomending HP instead of Dell since I am not a fan of Intel’s oven chips. I told him frankly, Dell is nearly untouchable in terms of cost. When i needed a server Dell is the only I could afford so… Read more

MSNBC gets it waaay left again and wrong.

August 22, 2005 General 1

In Gaza pullout ? democracy is the final victor – Mideast/N. Africa – Final victor? Democracy But the final headline ? “Settlers Lose Homes, Not Much Happens” ? is perhaps cruel, but true. So can Israel give up more land, this time in the West Bank, without too much resistance? That isn’t really the… Read more

New Structure

August 22, 2005 General 0

For anyone who finds previous trackbacks are broken the default post method was making the permalinks horrendously long. I have changed the structure a bit to shorten the uri’s. This will mean a dramatic decrease in the length of URI’s.

Leftists Try To Capitulate: WMAL Fires Michael Graham

August 22, 2005 General 2

La Shawn Barber?s Corner: This is not a surprise. The cowards at ABC fired Michael Graham. I disagree his first amenment rights are violated as ABC is a non-gov’t corporation that is perfectly allowed under the Constitution to censor it’s employees as it sees fit. It’s disgusting what ABC has done, but not unexpected in… Read more

Opportunity Long Lost

August 21, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner : I agree Bush has squandered the Conservative momentum. I am not going to doubt his salvation. That’s between him and God. On the other hand, Bush I bet has some massively terribly advisors. He did not surround himself with fellow Christians and they have led him astray. Honestly, I am… Read more

Liberalism Gone Amock: Herndon Taxpayers To Shell Out More Money to Subsidize Illegal Aliens

August 20, 2005 General 2

La Shawn Barber?s Corner: This is beyond stupid. Herndon’s taxpayers are paying money to subsidize illegal immigrant employment which is also illegal for the employers to even have these “Day Laborers” work for them. WJLA has two stories. One about Herndon’s approval and then another on Loudon County’s plans to possibly fight this insane action.… Read more

More Thoughts

August 19, 2005 General 1

The temporary sheltering these folks are getting is pathetic. They get two week’s lodging and then they are out on the beggars!! Lord, Please forgive them who do these heinous acts. Lord protect your children who are being abused like this and provide for them. I know you will Lord. Open your heart to… Read more Blogging From inside Israel)

August 19, 2005 General 0 Check this’s amazing.

My Troubled Spirit

August 19, 2005 General 0

I have a very troubled spirit today. Watching what Jews are doing to other Jews is heart wrenching. I can only imagine the pain in our Lord’s heart watching this go on. Now the question is: Is this the beginning of another Jewish scattering Like the Lord has done many times? Or is this the… Read more

Some Expulsion Blogging

August 19, 2005 General 0

****** Cosmic X ****** I stumbled across this blog a bit ago. I read it every day via the rss feeds inside my thunderbird client. He has several posts about the near civial war going on in Israel: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Vox Day correctly calls this ethnic cleasing.… Read more

Two If By Sea

August 19, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner: Well it’s now the Navy folks who are getting attacked. First hte cole and now this botched attempt. Being a former USN member myself I can udnerstand what those folks are feeling. Let’s pray the Lord keeps them safe whiile they are following the orders of the president.

FCC gives DSL providers the authority to deny leasing of their lines

August 12, 2005 General 0

FCC gives DSL providers the authority to deny leasing of their lines Well DSL is now going to be incumbent only. How lovely. VZ has been a good provider..but that may not last long as it never does with an unregulated monopoly. I supported the Brandx decision because the pots(copper phone lines) were built almost… Read more

Lack of posting

August 12, 2005 General 0

I have some things going on. My mother is coming in from texas on a last minute thing due to an awesome deal she got. Also during the day I am staying off the computer to coencide with our turn off the tv fast for the month of august. When i get an hour or… Read more

Media Duped By Urban Legend?

August 11, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner: This has been going around the online hardware enthusiast and gaming media as well! Frankly, I dismissed it as bogus just on my own feelings when this “story” first broke.

Business is breathing

August 10, 2005 General 0

Well my business Emmanuel Computer Consulting, L.L.C. is still around. I have two regular clients right now. I am hoping to add more soon. If you need anything and you are in my service area(web design is not limited to my county) let me know.

Bus route changes mean some will have longer walks

August 7, 2005 General 0 “The worst thing in our book is to take kids [who normally ride buses in cars] to school the first day,” she said. “We encourage parents to put their kids on the bus so that we can account for them. And it’s the safest place to be.” ROFL!!!! The safest place to be is… Read more

Final Fantasy XII producer steps down

August 5, 2005 General 0 Man this is a blow to the FF franchise. Can square continue with the quality without him?

New Might and Magic game to use Valve’s Source engine

August 5, 2005 General 0

The I was wondering who grabber 3DO’s IP. Now we know.

Your new hardware is already broken

August 5, 2005 General 0

The How true. All of this hardware that is being sold now is junk. Vista is going to usher in a new wave of computer upgrades due to its amazing infestation of DRM. You just bought a brand new 3k computer? It sucks to be you because vista will cripple itself and you’ll have… Read more

Microsoft Vista creates DRM insanity

August 4, 2005 General 0

The There’s more. Just wait..:)

Cisco security flap leaves millions scrambling for help | The Register

August 3, 2005 General 0

The Register AND their website had an issue. It jsut gets better doesn’t it?

Microsoft Vista means you need new monitors

August 3, 2005 General 0

The yes the wonderful world of Vista. Whre your computer controls you..not the other way around. Vista is going to usher in tons of DRM that is going to say what you can’t do with the computer. I have to dig up some more links..they are few and far between but keep watching..the details… Read more

eEye Flags Another IE Code Execution Flaw

August 2, 2005 General 0

eEye Flags Another IE Code Execution Flaw Yet another Execution flaw in IE.

Huge Cisco Mess

August 2, 2005 Open Source 3

*NOTE*” If i forgot to trackback you and i used your post let me know and i will correct it as soon as possible. Everyone i have linked to deserves proper credit..:) Cicso and ISS have created quite a mess for themselves. First, Mike Lynn showed at the BlackHat conference how to get the equivalent… Read more

Huge Cicso flaw controversey

August 2, 2005 General 0

There has been a ton going around about this. I intend on doing my own roundup as well as posting my thoughts on this whole thing. Watch here as it will take some time for me to build. I am hpoing to have it done by tonight.

Pizza Party – Command Line Pizza ordering program

August 2, 2005 General 0

Pizza Party – Command Line Pizza ordering program I love it!!! Never underestimate the power of the Unix command line and the geeks behind it! ROFL!!! *HAT Tip* via SirThom’s post on the Christian Gamers Alliance forums.

My abscence

August 1, 2005 General 0

My hosting company was having some issues with the server this site is on. It’s back online now..:)