August 28, 2005 General 0

Yahoo! News

Like I did not see this one from a mile away.

The bombing raised pressure on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on militant groups. Israel has said any progress in peacemaking after the Gaza withdrawal will require Abbas to disarm the militants ? a step he so far has been unwilling to take.

Abbas denounced the bombing as a “terror attack,” and called on Israel to show restraint and continue to respect a shaky, six-month-old cease-fire. “We condemn such attacks. We don’t accept them, and we call on everyone to refrain from retaliation,” he said.

He’s going to do as much as Arafat did..which is nothing. He’s a terrorist himself so why would he do anything to stop this? He has already stated that this retreat by Israel is only a start. His objective is the same as hamas and the others: Destroy Israel. He will also let the palestinians live in poverty and misery which breeds terrorists as well to further his murderous goals.

Pushing forward with the withdrawal, Israel’s Cabinet approved a plan to allow Egypt to deploy 750 troops along the border between Gaza and Egypt to prevent weapons smuggling into the Palestinian territory. The plan will allow Israel to withdraw its troops from a security strip on the Gaza-Egypt border, a key step in the pullout.

Israel also began exhuming on Sunday the 48 bodies buried in the Jewish cemetery in Gaza for reburial inside Israel. The reburials are expected to be finished by the end of the week.

Egypt, an ally by lip service only, gets to control the southern gaza border to prevent weapons smuggling? Oh my, that’s a good one and only shows how much Sharon and the Israeli Gov’t are truly out of touch with reality. What’s sad is our own gov’t is just out of touch with all reality by praising Sharon for this greivious error.