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It’s official. This Brunswick Crossing project is officially Brunswick’s boondoggle and the developer’s dream. I am heartbroken that I even voted for this mess now that I know the truth. I had misgivings about this whole and my wife were on opposite ends of the spectrum. I was convinced to vote yes because the costs of upgrading the water treatment plant were going to be more than the entire city budget for three years. I just looked at the recent budget and the city is not very leveraged at all..i now know I should have voted my first!!

I also apologize to my fellow citizens of Brunswick. I was one of the founding members of the Brunswick Citizens Advisory Committee and I had to resign my post due to not having the time. I wish I would have made the time to at least be a voice against all of the backroom deals that are now going on.

to wit:
IKO now wants to eliminate the original 28 acre plot for senior living for two reasons:
1.) “Market Research”(always a fishy term…usually a lie) shows senior citizens want to be mixed in with the community. Let’s see this ‘market research’.
2.) because the units slated for the senior citizens count against the APFO..the developer said to forget the dedicated tract and now has no guarantees the housing for seniors will be low-cost and will have no age restrictions which means those homes will go first..just watch.

Dan Snyder shows the developer’s true colors when he told the Brunswick citizen that there’d never been age restrictions on the senior housing at any point in the process.


The layout pitched to the voters was that that tract was to be sold to senior citizens only. They are weaseling out because they did not specify an age restriction. Snyder also said this is an evolving thing. ROFL!!!!!

We voted for the original plan which the developer and the City planners have changed without consulting the citizenry. The city’s excuse? We have had planning hearings..nobody we aproved the changes.


What good is it for us to vote on something if the city government is going to end around us? I like the mayor and most of the council. If they keep approving crap like this it’s time for them to go!!

The CAC screwed the pooch here too. IMO they should have been holding the line against changes..or make them minor at best.

Moving the water tower I have posted about that already. This is yet another backroom deal..i don’t care how much it benefits the city the folks over in old Brunswick get to bend over while they get another water tower shoved into their midst. How about a referendum on all of these changes folks?’s all about the $$$ now.

You know what I say? Forget it! this is not what we voted on and approved. Get your acts together and stick the course as we voted..or get out of office so that hopefully we can elect some folks who will listen to us.

Check this out.

These folks are simply trying to keep their homeland that God originally gave to them and theya re labled extremists..Sharon has gone insane.

This is going to blow up in Cox’s and Adelphia’s faces. They have less than 50 megabits per node and folks are going to buy the new tiers..most importantly..they will USE the tiers. This is going to lead to dial-up network performance and less than dialup pings for the gamers. These are simply knee-jerk reactions to FIOS. AFAIK Adelphia is deploying DOCSIS 3.0 but slowly..however Adelphia has a slight lead in the DOCSIS 3.0 deployment in this area(Frederick county and surrounding area.). DOCSIS 3.0 can compete with FIOS..for now. All vz has to do is change their optical equipment at their fiber nodes and BANG! instant bandwidth. The cablecos cannot increase that easily. I hope you cable folks getting these rediculous tiers are ready for the inevitable headaches these shortsighted, marketing only stunts are going to bring.

More backroom deals about several frederick city projects are coming to light. It appears that severals possibly illegal deals were made to further the projects(no surprise to me). I recently heard about a similar backroom deal pulled by our mayor here in Brunswick. The new Brunswick Crossing development is beginngin to look like Brunswick’s boondoggle and the developer’s dream. Recently I found out that City decided to let the developer of BC move the water tower from where it was supposed to go int he new development and place it right next to the current one. The new water tower was supposed to be 600k gallons…the new one will be 1 million gallons. This opens up an acre of space for the developer and means residents of the older part of Brunswick get stuck with two water towers in close proximity. This would not have happened had the Mayor not set the parameters as he did spcifically: The tower must be 1 milion gallons..must be reworked to tie into the old city, and paid for by the developer. Sure the developer is going to pay for this and all of us will benefit..the fact that this was a backroom deal is what bothers me. I applaud our local paper The Brunswick citizen for bringing this out into the open.

Again BOTH kids should be charged with murder. The parents coddling their kids is only breeding more hedonism in both kids. Do the the time.

no charges for this? Planned parenthood should be raked over hte coals for this. Why? He’s 21 she’s 14..statutory rape in almost any state. Planned parenthood did not notify law enforcement of the sexual abuse..this makes them guilty of at least one state if not a federal crime. Then the abortion performed after notifying hte boyfriend’s parents? The girl’s parents are the ones who have to be notified.

Who knows if this is going to actually go through..but if it does..oh the irony.

This is going to become very very common. These reports will now start popping up like hotcakes. It’s interesting but htis gov’t behavior is very communistic in behavior.

Maybe the only way to fix this is something the majority of Americans do not have hte backbone to do..stand up and vote..but do not vote based on what the MSM brainwashers say..research your candidates..your party at all levels of government.

Spain has fully legalized this abomination..Canada is soon to follow in July. I hate to say this but our leftists(dems, liberals. some repubs) wil now start pressing for this as well. My Good Lord please come quickly.

This is something definitly that is going away. These folks embody “till Death Do Us Part”

It appears these consoles..despite what MS and Sony say..are not all that and a bag of chips. I am not a big fan of consoles anyway. They throw these huge numbers out..but anand has pierced through the smoke and mirrors..and the realities are rather stark.

Now this is rich.


This is excellent for america. The cablecos are able to offer their high speed at the prices they do becuase dsl for the longest time sucked. The ILECS were clueless about how the real market worked because they were too busy sitting on their monopolistic butts. NOw that cable in many areas is spanking them..they are trying to keep their monopolies with gov’t interventions instea dof competing.

Guess what? VZ is going to compete..with FOIS. Fios if vz’s fiber based asnser to the cablecos and unlike the current phone network is not being directly subsidized by taxpayers money. NOw that VZ is building their own private network cable is going to have a fight. As a matte of fact in areas where FIOS is active cablecos hae either redueced fees or raised speeds or both. The tables have been turned. This is how competition works. NOt the gov’t socialistic views.

Now this idiotic ruling hits close to home. Surrounding municipalities love this ruling..and you can bet they are going to use it..again and again.

Sata went form a simple drive standard to a smoly hazy one very quickly. At least ATA-13e you knew hte feature set..with SATA the feature set is very broadly defined..even data trasfer speeds are not neccesarily defined.

If you want to keep your property rights..get involved with state and local politics and make sure you have them pass laws and ordinances limiting the power of emminent domain.

I love it!!

This is a very wise and sobering statement
WorldNetDaily: E-mail to the Editor: “Property ownership a sham already

Though the recent decision by the Supreme Court shows egregious disrespect for the People, the Constitution and traditions of property ownership in our country, it is by no means surprising.

I recently ask a woman I know if she owned her home. She proudly responded that she does. I gently corrected her that, in fact, she did not and that she was, like me, only a renter. She strongly reasserted that she in fact owned her home and that she and her husband paid a mortgage.

I was forced then to explain that like me, she may own her home, but she is renting her property. If she did not pay her ‘rent’ in the form of property taxes, her ‘landlord,’ the government, would have her evicted. If she resisted, she’d be jailed. This is the same thing that would happen if she rented an apartment or hotel room and refused to pay or leave.

She continued to assert that the difference was she was paying for the ‘right’ to do what she wanted with her property. To which I responded by pointing out the numerous housing codes that regulate how tall her trees could be, what ‘aesthetically’ pleasing colors she could paint her house, where her garbage cans could be and for how long they could be at the curb, how much water she was allowed to use in the flush toilet, etc.

The only real difference is that we elect our government landlords based on how little they say they’ll raise the rent.

ML Hawk”

Senate Dems Want Consult on Court Pick – Yahoo! News: “WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are urging
President Bush to consult with them on a possible Supreme Court nomination to help avoid the kind of controversy that engulfed his lower court picks.

‘The way to avoid the divisiveness and discord that occurred over past judicial nominations is through consensus and cooperation in the selection of future candidates,’ the Senate Democrats said in a letter sent to the White House on Thursday.”

The Dems want negotiations..what they really want to do is get the repubs to roll over once again so they do not have to show their true obstructionistic agenda.

This is a great article..:)

I am hanging out at Beans in the Belfry here in downtown Brunswick, MD.

I walked in and Buddy Rizer of WTRI Radio was doing his weekly morning broadcast from Beans. Buddy and I have chatted a couple of times as fellow business owners..:) He has some plans for additions to the weekend lineup but until the details are set i am going to keep them under wraps. More to come as it gets figured out. One neat thing WTRI is going to do is some PSA’s for the Ambulance company to help bolster membership. This is a great thing and i applaud Buddy for it. Buddy has been very helpfull to my business as well. *upate* ACK! buddy rightfully reminded me he also let Alessa(my daughter) on to sing her little song.. She has been bugging me for two weeks(i forgot to go to beans last week) so she could do it. Thanks Buddy for indulging a five year old..:)

I first talked to Clair Ebersole who is the current President of the Brunwick Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Company. They have lost 5 of their most active members in terms of runs responded to in the past few months. They are needing volunteers badly. All the training you need and all the equipment you neeed is provided by the county and company..all they need from you is your time and dedication. You can find their contact information on under emergency services.

More news regarding Ambulance Company:

Beth Johnson was spearheading an effort in conjunction with the ambulance company to get more folks to volunteer for the ambulance company. It was strictly for charity(the ambulance company is strictly a non-profit) to raise funds for the company and to increase the membership since the ambulance company has lost several key folks via a poker night. Jim Castle came to Beth and told her that poker night for charity was illegal since all card games and games involving chips are outlawed in Frederick County. Beth then went to Penny Wheeler of the Frederick County gaming commission who told her that you are not permitted in Frederick County to use dice or cards. Penny did say she would follow it up with a letter. After consulting with the state’s attorney’s office they have nothing that outlaws this type of events. So now we are going to call the county gaming commission and see what they have to say. More to come as I hear it.

*Update* Well the county gaming commissioner gave us some rules to look at. So far The state does not bar poker nights provided they are charitable as far as i can see. I am not an attorney however. The only hitch could be at the county or local level. If there are any frederick county or brunswick city ordinances against this. If there are any Frederick County attorney reading hits care to comment?? The county ordinance says this:
(A) The following provisions regulate and control gaming within Frederick County. The purpose of these provisions includes the protection of the public.
(B) All types of gaming not specifically allowed within these provisions of state law are prohibited.
(C) The provisions of this article shall apply to all permitted gaming activities in Frederick County.
(Ord. 92-21-056, 9-22-1992; Ord. 93-02-066, 1-19-1993)
? 1-2-102. DEFINITIONS.
All terms used in this article shall have their ordinary meaning unless specially defined herein.
AMATEUR ATHLETIC ORGANIZATION. An organization organized and operated to promote nonprofessional sports or athletics.
BONA FIDE. True, correct, and genuine; in referring to an organization this requires an actual and
primary purpose of carrying out 1 or more of the types of purposes, or activities, specified within this article or under state law.
CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION. An organization, institution, association, society, or corporation that holds itself out to be a benevolent, education, philanthropic, humane, patriotic or religious organization and solicits or obtains contributions for charitable purposes. It does not include a political party, political committee, political club, or an agency of the state government or of a political subdivision.
CIVIC ORGANIZATION. A not-for-profit organization organized and operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. An organization is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare if it is primarily engaged in promoting in
some way the common good and general welfare of the people of the community. A civic organization is operated primarily for the purpose of bringing about civic betterments and social improvements.
CONVICTION. A finding by a trier of fact of guilt, a guilty plea, or an accepted nolo contendere plea. Probation before judgment does not constitute a conviction.
COUNTY. Frederick County, Maryland.
DIRECTOR OF PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS. The Frederick County Director of Permits and Inspections and any employee of the Department of Permits and Inspections designated by the Director to perform any act incident to these gaming provisions.
DISTRIBUTOR. Individual or entity providing tip jars, punchboards, chance games, boards, tables, or other gaming devices.
EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION. Entity or association concerned with or working to advance education, including, but not limited to, P.T.A.?s, band boosters, parent organizations, and student organizations.
(1) Any organization that:
(a) Is conducted solely for the benefit of its members and its beneficiaries;
(b) Is operated on a lodge system with a ritualistic activity; and
(c) Has a representative form of government;
(2) Includes a sororal organization; and
(3) Does not include:
(a) Any college or high school fraternity or sorority; or
(b) Any other fraternal or sororal organization the membership of which is restricted wholly or largely to students or graduates of an educational institution or a professional school.
GAMING DEVICE. Any game of chance played for money or prizes. Includes, but is not limited to, tip jar, punchboard, chance book, wheel of fortune, paddlewheel, or any other device or item where chance controls the results. Does not include bingo.
GAMING EVENT. Any bazaar, carnival, raffle, tip jar, punchboard, or other game of chance.
HOSPITAL. An institution that:
(1) Has a group of at least 5 physicians who are organized as a medical staff for the institution;
(2) Maintains facilities to provide, under the supervision of the medical staff, diagnostic and treatment services for 2 or more unrelated individuals; and
(3) Admits or retains the individuals for overnight care.
ISSUING AGENCY/ISSUER. Entity designated by the Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County to issue, approve, and review permits and licenses.
(1) PERSON. Individual residing in Frederick County.
(2) CORPORATION or OTHER ENTITY. More than doing business in the county. Having a substantial and significant place of business within the county. Includes any volunteer fire, rescue or ambulance company which has a first due response area in Frederick County or which owns property in Frederick County.
MEMBERS. Individuals belonging to 1 or more of the organizations who satisfy all requirements for acceptances as a full member of the organization.
Honorary members will not satisfy definitional requirements. In general, members must exist on membership rolls for a minimum of 6 months prior to the event to be eligible to participate in gambling endeavors. However, short-term members will satisfy membership requirements where special circumstances exist. (For example, a bona fide c
ritable organization which has only been in existence for less than 6 months.)
OFFICE. A place of business within the county. More than a mere presence indicated by a post office
box or telephone number. Actual, active working space, staffed at least part-time.
OPERATOR. Individual or entity conducting or operating the gaming event.
ORGANIZATION. Any bona fide, membership controlled group with a nonprofit status.
PATRIOTIC ORGANIZATION. An organization operated and organized to promote or demonstrate love and devotion to one?s country.
PROCEEDS. All receipts received as a result of a tip jar or punchboard minus only:
(1) Winnings paid to players; and
(2) The cost of the tip jar or punchboard itself.
RAFFLE. A purchased chance entitling the bearer to the right to a prize if the bearer?s chance is
randomly selected as a winner.
RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. An organization operated and organized to promote any church, religious society or congregation of any sect, order or denomination.
VOLUNTEER FIRE, RESCUE, AMBULANCE OR AUXILIARY GROUPS. Community entities providing volunteer services within Frederick County for fire and rescue protection or any entity attached to fire and rescue or a related service entity.
WAR VETERANS ORGANIZATION. An organization whose membership consists primarily of persons who have served in the armed forces of the United States during a period of war (including the Korean and Vietnam conflicts) and their spouses, widows or widowers. The primary purpose of the organization must be 1 or more of the following:
(1) To provide service or assistance to veterans, members of the armed forces or their spouses or dependents;
(2) To promote the social welfare of the community;
(3) To perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the armed forces;
(4) To conduct charitable, educational or patriotic services; or
(5) To provide social and recreational activities for its members.
50/50 GAME. A drawing entirely conducted at a single meeting or event of an organization from a finite number of chances or tickets which are sold only at the meeting or event and where the proceeds from the sale of the chances or tickets are evenly split between the winner(s) and the organization sponsoring the game.
(Ord. 92-21-056, 9-22-1992; Ord. 93-02-066, 1-19-1993)
? 1-2-103. GAME GENERALLY.
The following provisions apply to all permits, all bingo games, and all types of gaming events and devices. Additional requirements applying to bingo and to individual types of gaming events or devices are found in subsequent sections.
(A) Unless specifically allowed in these provisions or in state law, all gaming is forbidden in Frederick County.
(B) Provided all legal requirements are met, bingo games and the following gaming events are permitted under these gaming laws:
(1) Raffles;
(2) Tip jars;
(3) Punchboards;
(4) Wheels of fortune;
(5) Chance books;
(6) Paddle wheels;
(7) Door prizes and 50/50 games (no permit required).
(C) The organization receiving the money or other receipts from a gaming event or bingo game must use the money or other receipts for the organization?s benefit or other charitable purpose in Frederick County.
(D) No individual may personally benefit from an event except as provided for operators of tip jars/ punchboards described in ? 1-2-107(E)(2) and except for prizes awarded to participants.
(E) Persons, organizations, or operators are ineligible to apply for or posses a permit if the organization or any individual directly responsible for the operation of the gaming event or bingo game has been:
(1) Convicted of a felony; or
(2) Convicted of a misdemeanor in any way related to gaming or gambling within 5 years of the application submission.
(F) Only religious, fraternal, civic, war veterans, hospital, amateur athletic, patriotic, educational, or charitable organization, or a county volunteer fire, rescue, or ambulance company or its auxiliary may conduct gaming events under these
provisions except for a licensed food and beverage establishment authorized to conduct tip jars or punchboards under ? 1-2-107.
(G) All records regarding all bingo games and gaming events must be made available for inspection by the Director of Permits and Inspections and by law enforcement agents.
(Ord. 92-21-056, 9-22-1992; Ord. 93-02-066, 1-19-1993)

So does this mean darts, go fish and all other things not mentioned are illegal for a charitable event? That means most carnival events would be illegal by the strict definition of this rule.

Later in the Ordinance it specifically mentions ambulance companies:
(A) An organization may hold a gaming event, other than a bingo game, raffle, tip jar, or punchboard, for its own benefit in compliance with this article and all other applicable law, provided that:
(1) Only 1 major prize may be awarded at each gaming event;
(2) During each calendar year, an organization may hold or receive the proceeds from only 1 event where the major prize has the fair market value of $5,000 or more.
(B) Before conducting any gaming event, the organization must obtain a permit as described in ? 1-2-104.
(C) The annual permit issuance fee for a gaming event other than a bingo game, raffle, tip jar, or punchboard shall be $50.
(Ord. 92-21-056, 9-22-1992; Ord. 93-02-066, 1-19-1993; Ord. 03-15-338, 10-7-2003)
(A) A volunteer fire, rescue, ambulance or auxiliary group (as defined in ? 1-2-102) is subject to the fee schedule provided in this section notwithstanding any other provision of this article.
(B) A volunteer fire rescue, ambulance, or auxiliary group shall pay $100 for an annual gaming permit entitling it to operate for its own benefit:
(1) Bingo games;
(2) Tip jars and punchboards in conjunction with bingo games;
(3) Raffles, to a maximum of 6 in a calendar year;
(4) Any gaming event as specified in ? 1-2-108;
(5) Any or all of the above for a 1 week period once annually in conjunction with a volunteer fireman?s carnival.
(C) Any permit issued under this section during 1992 shall be valid until December 31, 1993. Permits issued after January 1, 1993, shall be valid for a calendar year.
(D) Tip jars and punchboards not operated by the organization but for its benefit shall be subject to the issuance fee established in ? 1-2-107(C)(2).
(E) The issuance fee provided in ? 1-2-107(D) shall be due on all tip jar bags and punchboards used by a volunteer fire, rescue, ambulance or auxiliary group.
(Ord. 92-21-056, 9-22-1992; Ord. 93-02-066, 1-19-1993)

Any legal comments?

Bush wants to expand the anti-american NAFTA to central america. This country cannot be a welfare state for the entire hemisphere..however aparently this admin and congress thinks it can..

Remember this SCOTUS ruling
Frederick city may have to use ID to fix a road plan they screwed up. While this falls under the ID abilities of hte Gov’t because it is a road, I do not think the gov’t should be able to use ID to fix their first ID usage.

SLI on the cheap. Sounds like the good old 3DFX days..:)

It’s about time. Since so many of my friends know me as Hescominsoon or HCS, i figured it was only appropriate i get my own domain. Since my name is taken(as in my real, .net, even .name) so my family’s personal site will be at I just bought it and i have to install some stuff and it is going to take some time. My blog will also be moving here..:) I will let everyone know when the new HCS family site goes online..:)

This country is now one step from socialism if we aren’t already there. sure we can vote..and i will continue to do so..but so many ruling like this and laws passing that erode are fundamental rights are now in effect. Research your condidates very very closely now. Make sure they are not part of this socialistic movement that our country is moving too. fi you care about your freedoms do not simply vote the candidate. do not depend on the MSM to give you the truth..the truth is only in your own research.

Amerika watch continues.

Homes may be ‘taken’ for private projects – U.S. News – “WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people?s homes and businesses ? even against their will ? for private economic development.

It was a decision fraught with huge implications for a country with many areas, particularly the rapidly growing urban and suburban areas, facing countervailing pressures of development and property ownership rights.

As a result, cities now have wide power to bulldoze residences for projects such as shopping malls and hotel complexes in order to generate tax revenue.”

*Update* Other bloggers are on this as well:
Michelle Malkin

There’s a link inside the Michelle Malkin post worthy of independant mention and i quote:
Another keen observation: “While You Were Busy Protesting The Patriot Act…
…the government took your house. I’m sure the residents of New London, Connecticut will be happy to know that while their houses are being demolished, their library records will be safely locked away.

Right Wing Howler
Jeff Jacoby at Jewish World Review
The Institute For Justice has a press release.

*update 2* This also means that non-profits land is especially vulnerable to being taken over.
There are folks calling for a constitutional ammendment but heck the SCOTUS has already said they do not use our constitution as the sole basis for their rulings but use other countries law as well. The only way we are going to get things back under control is to impeach and remove the judges who are not sticking only to the constitution in their rulings.

Vox Day chimes in and as usual..nails it.

Here are some letters has put on their site:
Supreme treason

The incremental erosion of our rights has now turned into a downward spiral ? all thanks to a few particular Nazis on the highest court of the land.

Those Supreme cowards who favor these anti-constitutional decisions are all guilty of treason and in taking an active role in destroying our nation and our once-free way of life.

We have turned into an unfree, socialistic police state where the rich and politically connected do as they wish to the rest of us, yet no one does anything about it except

We revolted against the English for far less than this ? what gives sheeple? Have we all turned into a nation of lazy, fat submissive dolts?

Andrew Martinez

What’s next?

What’s next, relocation of whole communities? A Soviet-style police state? Just as Sharon should be overthrown, it’s time for Americans to throw out these five socialist judges in D.C.

Our Bill of Rights is slowly being eroded by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Patriot Act, and anti-American activist judges …

Clyde Becknell

Impeach the judges

Once again a majority of our Supreme Court tramples the Constitution. If the Republican majority in Congress had any guts, they would overrule this out-of-control court. In fact, impeachment of a few of these internationalist justices would be appropriate.

David W. Blake

First taxes, now land

I don’t know why everyone is so surprised about the Supreme Court Of The United States decision regarding eminent domain in Connecticut. The notion of private property died in 1913, with the ratification of the 16th Amendment. (Some dispute the ratification. I won’t get into that argument.) The only difference here is the form of the property ? I’m surprised it took so lon
g for SCO
TUS to formally extend this from liquid assets like income to real property …

This is just one more in a long chain of judicial abuses. We need to see some justices impeached. They have life tenure only under conditions of “good behavior.” I’d say that ruling contrary to what any plain reading of the Constitution says certainly qualifies!

T. Larson

America changed overnight

I am still recovering from the horror of waking up to a Supreme Court decision that essentially erases the fundamental right to property ownership. Apparently in America there is now more official regard for the wishes of the greedy mob and the myth of the “general good” in the form of one more Wal-Mart than there is for individuals and their freedom …

This is an urgent matter. It will not be too far down the road before this new law is used to force churches out of coveted downtown locations in cities that are hostile to their message. It will not be too far down the road before this will expand to include the seizure of private property for any reason at all, even beyond the local level.

Elizabeth Moskowitz

*UPDATE 5* It is already beginning. While this action in Florida was happening before this Scotus is now going to become more common. Much more common. It is also being used in Texas along the Brazos river.

*UPDATE 6* The guys at Powerline have commented. John Hindracker’s post adds this very insightful update: UPDATE: Bob Cunningham adds: “[T]he irony is that the case defers to the political process in Connecticut, where the governor has just been convicted of malfeasance from undue influence by….real estate developers!”

Scott Johnson also chimes in. He details how this abuse has been going on in Minnesota for quite a while. it is also disturbing tos ee the SCITUS endorse this behavior. Though, like Scott and Vox, I am not totally surprised.

*UPDATE 7* The Cap’n chimes in as well..:)

I was hoping for and MacOS side by side. I am hoping now that since the architecture is x86 gaming companies iwll build games for MacOS which puts me firmly in the MacOScamp. The MacOS is so far ahead of windwos anyway I would love to game on it..:)

Hot dog!

Nvidia has launched their G70 series card called the 7800GTX. Every review i have seen says the card is horrendously faster than the 6800. Let me explain one is not about frames anymore but how high you can jack the resolution AND the FSAA and Anisotropic filtering. In other’s all about image quality. This is the route things should have gone for a long time. If you have a 6xxx series card and are thinking about SLI…dont. Save up for the G70. One g70 can outperform 6800 SLI in quite a few scenarios. Nvidia just killed their 6xxx SLI market unfortunatly. What’s more unfortunate is that folks will still buy 6xxx SLI cards when the g70’s are so much better.

Don’t forget ATI. They have been holding onto their new cards waiting to see what Nvidia is doing. Let’s see what ATI can pull out.

One more thing. According to nvidia, these card require a minimum 300 watt power supply. Make that 350 in my book. If you want to pair this card up with a p-4./.make it at least a high quality 400 watt power supply. Iif you want SLI i would make it 500 watts.

Where W. Va. went wrong Maryland goes the right way.

WorldNetDaily: Lesbian declared ‘psychological parent’

This article on msnbc is amazing. According to the article because the family did not folllow doctor’s advice exactly to the letter..the state can now take this teen away from her parents and subject her to treatments she doesn’t want. So not hte doctors ar the ruling class? Ths is so insane it is not even funny.

Here are some quotes from the article:

It’s not an ideal situation, the judge couldn’t really let her go home because this is a home in which the mother has disappeared with the daughter, in which the father they say has refused a number of physicians who said it was very important that she undergo the radiation treatments. It is a very complex situation because there’s some indication that when you have the chemotherapy it can affect the child’s learning. That makes it more difficult for the child to learn and remember.

Brewer: Is there something that the distance can do in this case to facilitate an easier relationship between the medical staff, the parents, and the sick little girl?

Brothers: She’s going to be in the hands, so I’ve heard of M.D. Anderson (Cancer Center in Houston, where the girl is being treated). It’s one of the most wonderful places in the world.

One would hope they’d encourage the family to spend more time with her there and to be there when she has the treatments because they are difficult with all the nausea and vomiting and misery.

Brewer: From your perspective, as a professional, do you think these parents are just in denial about how sick their daughter really is or is there something else going on?

Brothers: I really think that they are trying to make a decision. Plus there are so many factors involved. There were genuinely trying to make a decision about what’s right for the child and they believed the cancer had gone and it is back again. So some of the objections they would have later on — they didn’t want her to have problems with growth, they didn’t want her to have problems later on with her ability to think or study. But those are off in the distance. What really matters is if the children can survive this terrible time.

I have blogrolled on the left..but this blog deserves so much more attention. this from a journalist who is witht he the thick of firefights..dodging bullets witht he ints he’s ebedded with.

Now this breach was at a card processing company not neccessarily mastercard. Only 13.9 million of them were mastercards. That means that more than 22 million were other card brnads. Be watching for hte true details of this breach to be coming out in the following days and weeks.

The security breaches continue. Even the FDIC who is supposed to set security policy for banks is leaking. it is high time proper security is utilized.


The Gestapo Nation continues its march.


Global warming is such a non-issue. Wait 50 years and they will suddenly go into apoplectic shock when the earth suddenly reverses itself and begins cooling.

Now this is interesting.

This is not surprising considering what else has been going on with the radical homosexual movement in Mass. I hope the majority of resident there get off their duffs and use their voting powers.

I have some issues with this commentary:

The 18-year-old was last seen late at night, May 30, getting into a car with three men ? men described by some as “locals.”

I’m sorry. Is it rude to ask where were the chaperones? On the last night of a short trip to a tropical island, which can clearly mesmerize the best of us on vacation, how does it happen that a young girl is seen getting in a car with three strange men and no one tries to stop her or report the situation? Perhaps, I’m just old fashioned.

Sorry, she’s 18 and an adult. If she was still living at home then she still falls under her father’s biblical authority. That decsion to let her go rests on her father’s shoulders with godly counsel from his wife.

Her uncle, Paul Reynolds, on the island to help the search, told the Associated Press that Natalee was a levelheaded, churchgoing girl who wouldn’t have done anything rash and that she wouldn’t ever run away.

He noted her almost childlike side saying, “Natalee’s naive. She hasn’t dated a lot. She doesn’t party a lot.”

Seems to me, that’s just the kind of kid you’d allow to go with 124 other teens and too few chaperones to a tropical island for a music festival attracting 8,000 people, where there’s legal drinking and casinos, plus all the illegal temptations.

“Can I go Mom, huh? Can I, huh?”

They should have said no.

Again..she is 18. If she is living at home and her parents knew she was totlaly immature then her father should have said no for sure. We do not know that point sof for this solumnist to stand in judegemnt is wrong.

Well the Lord answered my prayers in a way that astounds me. I have been able to retire all of the p-2 350’s. Here is my current server hardware.

Now, of course, I want to make it bigger. I was playing with the idea of adding a windows server 2k3 domain controller..and i do need to do that so i can learn it..and it is stilll on the agenda..but I have a new thing as well. How? I want to install a MYTHTV server in my server room. I got the idea from one of my favorite online tech shows called systm(pronounced system). They use one tv tuner card..however I am looking to put three in. I would then put thin client knoppmyth clients in each rooom that currently has a tv plus the guest room. oops..i need 4..have to have one for the bathroom too..:) . They would not actually do the encoding or tuning..they would be simply controlling one of the tuners in the knopmyth primary server updtairs in the server room. The server upstairs would have an idiotic amount of hdd space to be able to hold the shows that were recorded..:)

As soon as i figure out how Kevin built his one tuner system for 300 bucks i can build a four tuner system for aobut 600 bucks..:)

It may take me a bit to pull off..but Lord willing I will be able to transform our tv/music to ip over the network with all the incoming content concentrated in my server room..:)

Then my next project..VOIP PBX for the house..:)

My Way News: “JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel is considering using an unusual new weapon against Jewish settlers who resist this summer’s Gaza Strip evacuation – a device that emits penetrating bursts of sound that leaves targets reeling with dizziness and nausea.”

What the heck is going on with sharon? This man seraiously needs to fix his anal-cranial inversion problem. You are going to use weapons against your own people?!?!?!?

Ah yes. Bush while trying to throw the occasional bone to the Christians he has managed to nsow he turns right around and continues the power grab for the government. DO NOT LET THESE PROVISIONS BE RENEWED!!!!

Ah yes. The march of communism/socialism continues. The state knows what is best for you and your children..the parents are mearly the vessels of producing children for the state’s use.

*Update*I just came across this related story in Utah. The conclusion of the story follows.

The lodi, California arrests may be an interesting case. time to watch this one closely.

I have watched this for years all around the country. It not ethical..but it is legal. The Dems have done it as well..they are just whining becuase they are not the ones drawing the districts in THEIR favor.

So much for WMP being “an unremovable and core facet of windows that would leave hte system unuseable”. Win98Lite proved IE can be removed. Its amazing our gov’t believed MS’s lies in this area.

Dean the Demos head talking head is making his own liberals run away. Isn’t this interesting?

It is good to see a young person waking up to what is really going on with illegal immigration and not catering to the open borders elite.

Bush will all his faults at least holds steady on keeping us out of hte further power grab by the UN via the kyoto protocol. Global warming is a sham which i have blogged about in a much earlier post(check the archives)
News: “An unprecedented joint statement issued by the leading scientific academies of the world has called on the G8 governments to take urgent action to avert a global catastrophe caused by climate change.

The national academies of science for all the G8 countries, along with those of Brazil, India and China, have warned that governments must no longer procrastinate on what is widely seen as the greatest danger facing humanity. The statement, which has taken months to finalise, is all the more important as it is signed by Bruce Alberts, president of the US National Academy of Sciences, which has warned George Bush about the dangers of ignoring the threat posed by global warming.

It was released on the day that Tony Blair met Mr Bush in Washington, where the American President was expected to reaffirm his opposition to joining the Kyoto treat to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Over dinner at the White House last night, Mr Blair appeared to make little progress on one of his main priorities for Britain’s year chairing the G8 – a new international effort to combat climate change. The Prime Minister is trying to draw the US, China and India into the discussion, but there is little sign that the Bush administration will accept the growing scientific evidence about the problem.”

The Idendendent:
Bush will all his faults at least holds steady on keeping us out of the further power grab by the UN via the kyoto protocol. Global warming is a sham which i have blogged about in a much earlier post(check the archives)
News: “An unprecedented joint statement issued by the leading scientific academies of the world has called on the G8 governments to take urgent action to avert a global catastrophe caused by climate change.

The national academies of science for all the G8 countries, along with those of Brazil, India and China, have warned that governments must no longer procrastinate on what is widely seen as the greatest danger facing humanity. The statement, which has taken months to finalise, is all the more important as it is signed by Bruce Alberts, president of the US National Academy of Sciences, which has warned George Bush about the dangers of ignoring the threat posed by global warming.

It was released on the day that Tony Blair met Mr Bush in Washington, where the American President was expected to reaffirm his opposition to joining the Kyoto treat to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Over dinner at the White House last night, Mr Blair appeared to make little progress on one of his main priorities for Britain’s year chairing the G8 – a new international effort to combat climate change. The Prime Minister is trying to draw the US, China and India into the discussion, but there is little sign that the Bush administration will accept the growing scientific evidence about the problem.”

La Shawn Barber?s Corner ? Janice Rogers Brown

I think the female(if you can honestly call her that) should be given the same sentence as her companion. Man Gets Life Under Fetal Protection Law: “Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy; she could not be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion.

The defense contended that Basoria punched herself while Flores was stepping on her, making it impossible to tell who caused the miscarriage.

Basoria told authorities that, after about four months of pregnancy, she regretted not getting an abortion and started jogging and hitting herself to induce a miscarriage. When her efforts failed, she said she asked her boyfriend to help. “

go Vox! While you’re at it..start looking into the AU(American Union) Bush and Co. and the republicrats and Demopublicans are pushing.
WorldNetDaily: 2 to the tushy: “
? 2005

From the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Brussels, one would think the two failed referendums on the so-called constitution of the European Union were two stakes through the vampire’s chest. But as the Danish vote on Maastricht and the Irish vote on Nice previously demonstrated, European voters can stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast.

Born in shadow, nurtured in deception, the European Union has been a pack of lies from the very start. Intentions of a monetary union were denied when it was nothing but a free-trade zone. Once that was accomplished, the Europhile political elite swore up and down that the slightest inkling of a notion of political union had not even dreamed of crossing their collectivist mind.

But soon enough, it became clear that this, too, was a lie. It’s hard to say when Europeans ? always slow to recognize tyrants ? began to realize this. It might have been when it was reported that 80 percent of the United Kingdom’s new laws were being dictated to the British Parliament by the unelected European Commission. Or perhaps it was when the citizens of Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Latvia, Greece, Italy and Germany learned that they would have no say in accepting the complete surrender of their national sovereignty, except through those trustworthy voices of their national legislatures.”

The duplicity of the euthanasia movement is shown quite cearly here. They want to kill the disabled but a convicted criminal is forced to eat..interesting indeed.

ID teft made easy by the very corporations that say we will protect your privacy.

Why is this happening? Take a look at what they are watching on TV. Take a look at the video games they play. Factor in the lack of parental invovlement..and you have a generation of ticking time bombs.

Rice advocates bigger role for OAS – International News – “The Associated Press
Updated: 8:33 p.m. ET June 5, 2005

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday night the Organization of American States must act to strengthen weak democracies to protect them against the possibility of a return to authoritarian rule.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rejected the proposal as an attempt by the United States to dominate Latin American countries through the OAS.

Rice, here for a meeting of OAS foreign ministers, said there is a consensus among the 34 nations in the OAS for a stronger presence in Latin America to deal with various challenges.”

Ah yes. The American version of the EU. The march towards the eventual one world government continues. Bush is not doing anything to stop it which is totally oppsite his campaign. He is doing everything to help it along.

Now i wonder what Mr. Ehrlich has to hide that he is willing to stopo to this level over?

Check this earlier post for the prequel. Here we go. Now folks from walkersville and emmitsburg..not even frederick residents..are now able to run. This is a massive mess.
heck, I autta run jsut to show how much of a mess this is going to be.

“I have to admit, it wasn’t something I had planned on,” Alderman Joe Baldi said of his competition.

This is what you get for trying to use the legal system to usurp the democratic process. The judge simply said, “i’ll see your lawsuit and raise you anarchy”.

Mr. Baldi was one of three board members who voted in January to reduce the residency requirement to one year. Ms. Dougherty vetoed the motion.

The matter found its way to court when

Mr. Young sued the city in an attempt to overturn the three-year requirement. He said the requirement, which would have barred him from a spot on this year’s ballot, was unconstitutional.

The courts agreed.

Just watch. Soon the supreme court of the US will say the constitutional clause barring anyone who is not born in the US from holding the Presidents office is unconstitutional..:)

“The Judge said “no residency requirement” is most appropriate despite the wishes of the residents,” Ms. Dougherty wrote in an e-mail. “It will be up to the people to decide who is best able to manage the City’s issues, if the Judge allows that.”

Mr. Baldi said he hadn’t expected the matter to go this far.

Can we hear the pop sir?

“Reducing the residency requirement was what I had in mind,” he said. “It never occurred to me that you’d have somebody who is not a resident applying (to run for mayor). I don’t even know what to call that.”

ROFL. Somebody walked into the courtroom(where this never should have gone to) with a severe anal-cranial inversion and wonders why things are haywire now..:)

Alderwoman Marcia Hall said the election could prove interesting. The decision is truly in the hands of the voters now, she said.

But not all residents are comfortable with the idea of a campaign without a residency requirement. Several said Thursday they didn’t like the idea of an outsider running their city.

So the judge says irregardless of the wishes people who live in the residency requirement is what is going to be handed down. Of course the person who started this mess is surprised at the monster he created. Too Frederick is going to become an even bigger mess.

So what happens if a Holy bible is desecrated? do these PC idiots give it a second thought? Nope.

TERRY MATTINGLY: Evangelical mogul shaking up Hollywood | | Tacoma, WA

REad this closely. Especially the part about home loans..then go back to previous posts about the real eastate market. The tech crash may be dwarfed by the housing crash.

If you have an ARM..get it changed to fixed..yesterday.

No comments needed.

This is a bad idea. Luckilly for us, our daughter only has to go through kindergarten as when she hits first grade we have a Christian private school lined up..:)

Well the hallmark has been around for a while. I wish they could hang round a bit longer as when Brunswick Crossing comes online in a few years the demographics are going to change..quite drastically for the better.

This was so needed. It’s sad that is was so needed though.

Intel has DRM built into their new chipsets and cpus..namely the p-4D(dual-core). Now not only can you fry an egg on one of their chips..but the processor can now be used to further wrest control on your computer away form you.

Your taxdollars at work..:)