June 26, 2005 General 0

This is a very wise and sobering statement
WorldNetDaily: E-mail to the Editor: “Property ownership a sham already

Though the recent decision by the Supreme Court shows egregious disrespect for the People, the Constitution and traditions of property ownership in our country, it is by no means surprising.

I recently ask a woman I know if she owned her home. She proudly responded that she does. I gently corrected her that, in fact, she did not and that she was, like me, only a renter. She strongly reasserted that she in fact owned her home and that she and her husband paid a mortgage.

I was forced then to explain that like me, she may own her home, but she is renting her property. If she did not pay her ‘rent’ in the form of property taxes, her ‘landlord,’ the government, would have her evicted. If she resisted, she’d be jailed. This is the same thing that would happen if she rented an apartment or hotel room and refused to pay or leave.

She continued to assert that the difference was she was paying for the ‘right’ to do what she wanted with her property. To which I responded by pointing out the numerous housing codes that regulate how tall her trees could be, what ‘aesthetically’ pleasing colors she could paint her house, where her garbage cans could be and for how long they could be at the curb, how much water she was allowed to use in the flush toilet, etc.

The only real difference is that we elect our government landlords based on how little they say they’ll raise the rent.

ML Hawk”