Sometimes Virtualization ISN’T the Answer

After some internal testing and research i can honestly say that virtualization may not be the best solution except for larger deployments.  For the same money(or less) than either upgrading one server to be able to host multiple vm’s or the purchase of a new server that’s capable of doing that I can build two machines around Intel Atom d510’s that together would draw less at MAX load than the new or upgraded machine will draw at half load.  When i do my own server refresh(and for client’s as well) i’ll be looking at the Atom solutions instead of virtualization.  If the client in question has a more cpu intensive workload than the Atom can handle then virtualization might be an option.  However, from what I am seeing in various forums the Atom based servers can handle quite a bit more than most folks give them credit for.

This guy doesn’t know anything about the 1st amendment.

I’m no fan of Islam, however if they are citizens they have every right to the Constitution I do.  Obviously if they are advocating a violent overthrow then that’s a cause for worry..but muslims have the same rights and protections under the ENTIRE Constitution that all other citizens of this nation do.  This guy needs to go back to civics class.

Comments by Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey suggesting that Islam might be a cult and that Muslims might not qualify for constitutionally guaranteed religious freedoms drew criticism from Islamic groups Tuesday and an eruption of national media attention.Ramsey, a Republican candidate for governor, said at a mid-July campaign event in Chattanooga that he is “all about freedom of religion,” which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.FAITH & REASON: Church to burn Quran”But you cross the line when they start trying to bring Sharia law into the United States,” he said. “Now you could even argue whether being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, a way of life or cult, whatever you want to call it? We do protect our religions, but at the same time, this is something that we are going to have to face.”

via Floridatoday – Tennessee politicians remarks on Islam raise uproar.

Windows Security Issues Causing Increasingly Diffulcult Malware Removals

This is the primary reason Unix folks remove the computer,  make an image for forensics, and then rebuild from a known good source.  Windows folks have yet to figure this one out.  I take the same philosophy towards malware that Unix admins do..nuke the box…because you can’t trust it’s clean once it’s been compromised.

In one incident, a sports bar in Miami was targeted by attackers who used a custom-designed rootkit that installed itself in the machines kernel, making detection particularly difficult. The rootkit had a simple, streamlined design and was found on a server that handled credit card transactions at the bar. It searched for credit card track data, gathered whatever it found and dumped the data to a hidden folder on the machine. The attacker behind the rootkit took the extra step of changing a character in the track data that DLP software looks for in order to identify credit card data as its leaving a network, making the exfiltration invisible to the security system.

via Persistent, Covert Malware Causing Major Damage | threatpost.

Many Folks Actually FEAR Freedom

This is so true.  Read this letter to the editor I found on

Why people fear freedom

Some years ago, on the Sean Hannity radio show, Mr. Hannity was interviewing KABC Los Angeles libertarian radio talk-show host Larry Elder. He asked, at the time, why was it that libertarians, when running for political office, only receive 3 percent of the vote. Mr. Elder was quick in his reply: “The reason is because people fear freedom.” I was taken aback by the response.  I fully accept it now. Americans, sadly, do fear freedom and what it entails.

Freedom means success, as well as failure; freedom means making decisions, which can include the wrong ones; freedom means taking responsibility and owning up; freedom means owning yourself, body and soul.

Freedom entails the right to associate with whomever you please, and not getting punished for it; freedom means to take risks in all human endeavors; freedom means to think and to speak your mind and not get punished by anyone or anything; freedom means living your life as you so choose it.

Freedom means tolerating others’ opinions, peculiarities, religion and lifestyles, and not wanting to punish them for their differences; freedom means falling down and having the courage to get back up again; Freedom means taking responsibility for your own welfare, family, business, property or other; freedom means working for a goal and having no obstacles or any impediments in the way.

Freedom means praise, as well as scorn; freedom means standing up and facing the consequences, good and bad; freedom means doing what you please, provided that you do not physically harm another; freedom means standing up and reminding the powers that be that there are limits.

Freedom means adhering to a Constitution and not deviating from it; freedom also means choosing the road on which you want to travel and doing it peacefully; freedom means taking responsibility for your words, deeds and actions; and, finally, freedom means standing tall and walking into the sunshine of liberty.

Yes, people fear freedom.  They fear freedom because it sometimes requires pain, instead of pleasure; they fear freedom because at times it means struggle and stress; they fear freedom because at times it can be burdensome; and they even fear freedom because then they cannot “pass the buck.” That is why some Americans who would like to surrender their freedoms and liberties to achieve and obtain security from government and the welfare state. To me, this is not only sad, it is very dangerous.  It would be the equivalent of surrendering one’s soul or being to Lucifer himself.  Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said that those who give up their liberties for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security. How true those words are today.

Alex Pugliese

via E-mail to the Editor.

H.R. 5741 Slave bill now in Committee

H.R. 5741 Slave bill now in Committee.

Read this carefully.  this is slavery plain and simple…force upon us by..a BLACK CONgressman.  Racism in America is dead?  Not at all.  If you are any color but white you have the full force of the gov’t behind up helping you leapfrog up the “ladders” of opportunity.  If you are white…well you have lots of feet to look up to.

I’ve Had This Snarky Feeling

All day long.  Then i got a song stuck in my head.  It’s called Kitty and it’s by The Presidents of the United States of America.  It’s off their self-titlted albums.  Here are the lyrics(with some bad language removed):

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow
Little bag of bones been out all night
Little bag of bones been out all night
Kitty, you’re scratchin’ at the screen door
Kitty, you’re scratchin’ at the screen door
Little bag of bones been out all night
He needs some pettin’ and lovin’ on his head
He needs some pettin’ and lovin’ on his rain-soaked hide
He’s circlin’ round my ankle
He’s circlin’ round my ankle
He needs some pettin’ and lovin’ on his hide
Oh kitty, won’t you come inside
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it
Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it
Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow
Pussy purrin’ and lookin’ so satisfied
Pussy purrin’ and lookin’ so satisfied
(Lost in his little yellow round eye?)
(Lost in his little yellow round eye?)
Pussy purrin’ and lookin’ so satisfied
Kitty ran up and scratch me through my jeans
Kitty ran up and scratch me through my jeans
, kitty you’re gonna spend the night
, kitty you’re gonna spend the night
, kitty you’re gonna spend the night
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it
Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it
Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it
touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
wanna touch it
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty
Touch it!
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty
Touch it!
Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty
Touch it!
Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it!

Hot Commodity

For the first time in my voting life, I am registered as unaffiliated.  This was formerly known as independent, but I suppose that Maryland felt this was just not acceptable, so we are now known as unaffiliated.   Now, I thought being registered with a political party held power.  Wow!  I was wrong.  This year, we have been graced by more politicians in this very short election season.  The most recent confirmed our party affiliation.  I have  a feeling this is going to be an interesting couple of months.

<getting ready to pop the pop corn for anyone who wants to sit back and watch>

Some of the Biggest Idiocy I’ve Seen *UPDATED TWICE*

It’s after 9PM here and I just had Co.5, Co 19 go by my house with a parade in tow loudly hitting their sirens and air horns as they went by.  I staunchly defended BOTH of you for your sirens a bit back and you folks pull this?  Luckily this suddenly, intrusive, and radical change in the local noise profile didn’t wake up my baby.  I AM however going to be publishing this to my blog, sending a copy to both the presidents of Company 5 and 19 as well as City Hall.  Please folks as much as i appreciate your service and I do still support the house sirens this type of activity so late at night has no place at all at this time of night.  do it before say 7PM or don’t do it at all.  This was a bad decision by all involved.

*UPDATE*  I jsut got an e-mail response from one of the Brunswick City Council members.  I quote:

This was a celebration by the railroaders winning a tournament.
It doesn’t justify it, just letting you know the reason.

Great news.. just not at 9pm at night..:)


Same said council person seems to think I DON’T like the house sirens..well that can’t be farther from the truth.  Here’s a letter to the editor i placed to the Brunswick Citizen that was subsequently published:

I have grown weary of the complaints about the sirens for the Fire Company and the Ambulance Company.  It’s time to address them.

1.  There’s no sure fire way to direct sound waves in one direction.  However the sirens are omni-directional which means they radiate equally in all directions.  The hill behind Brunswick across the river makes some of this energy bounce back.  However to say the sirens are “aimed” at us down here isn’t true and frankly is insulting to the dedicated volunteers who staff our emergency services.

2.  The sirens aren’t controlled fomr the stations…they are controlled from Central alarm in fredcerick.  The only siren that goes on longer than normal is the fire house siren and that’s only when it gets stuck…which is rare.  When that happens i have personally watched folks come to the station and do whatever needed to be done.  Therefore the sirens aren’t in any way related to a train whistle.

3.  Yes technology is changing but the topology in Brunswick really makes it challenging.  I have personally seen fire, rescue, and police have reception issues in various areas of Brunswick.  This would make pagers unreliable.  Also I’m sure they are willing to take up a collection for this…are you willing to be one of the first in line to donate a significant amount towards this technological wonder?

4.  I live less than two blocks from both houses and frankly the noise isn’t excessive.  My 22 month old can sleep through the times when both go off at the same time.

5.  I understand with your proximity it can seem excessive…but considering the services they provide…the high level of service they provide, for the low cost to us they provide, i think the current system works well.  If we try to “improve” things it’s going to cost us more money both directly and indirectly and might cost us in terms of the ability of these fine folks to provide the level of service they do.  The ambulance company’s siren doesn’t go off at all after 8pm.  I don’t know if the fire company could support the same thing.  i leave that to the members of the fire company to decide.

6.  Finally I am not a member of either company.  if i am wrong about anything i invite correction.

Wiliam Warren

Also same said council person is apprently wanting to see the house sirens disappear as this person is “rooting” for the fire hall to move as fast as possible.  How then are the vounteers going to get notified of a call?  I say to this and others who are not understanding the above about how i feel about the house sirens.  Also I don’t dislike all parades..nor all late-night ones.  Santa at 10pm is fine…i know it sounds contradictory.  I EXPECT this one in a rural area.  It’s a long standing tradition…having parades for local sports teams for victories past 9pm or heck even past 8pm?  Not something I have routinely experienced.  If it’s going to become about letting the folks along W. Potomac know about this?  We can then go along the street and see if folks mind it.  Many don’t mind the Santa ONCE a YEAR late night.  Many might mind this becoming a regular occurrence for any reason though.

Let me reiterate I fully support the house sirens as noted above….these late night parades(Santa not withstanding) really don’t need to be occurring this late.

BP and the Gov’t…what are they covering up?

Read the links and watch the video in the linked post..i’m not going to recreate it here.  However multiple times folks have told us that the gov’t figures are wrong and that BP is also being very restrictive with details.  If you stop and think for a moment we don’t know hardly ANYTHING about what is going on in the Gulf.  It’s time we stopped listening to the MSM(although they are just now starting tog et irritated and the reporting blackout at their “revered” leader’s hands).

Confusion As to New Oil Cap … Relief Wells Halted | zero hedge.

*UPDATE*  msnbc has a story on this as well.  Embed is below.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Praise GOD!  It’s raining here!  It’s a light shower but it’s been going for about 20 minutes and if the radar holds true we’ve got more on the way.  Even if this is all we get it’s still a Praise GOD moment!

Idolatry up..Nation Down..Where’s Jesus in the Hearts of Men?

The sight of American citizens gathering to protest basketball player LeBron James’ decision to join Miami Heat last week, after Ohio Governor Ted Strickland joined celebrities to serenade James in a bizarre appeal video entitled “We are LeBron,” was a shocking reminder of how millions of Americans are more concerned about sports teams than the fact that their country is collapsing around them, and how potent a threat such wanton delusion is to the survival of freedom and prosperity in the United States.

In a You Tube clip that went viral after appearing on the Drudge Report website, Alex Jones explained how ominous it was to see Americans transfixed by bread and circuses while at the same time the New York Times reports on how the country is sinking into another depression.

via American Idolatry Intensifies as Nation Sinks in to Depression.

Are the Trumpets Getting Warmed up?

It’s coming..slowly but surely.  The frog in the pot of water that is slowly heated up is what the American people are.

“A customer chooses a wine on a touch-screen display, swipes an ID, blows into an alcohol sensor (no contact with the machine is required) and looks into a surveillance camera. A state employee in Harrisburg remotely approves the sale after verifying the buyer isn’t drunk and matches the photo ID,” reports the Associated Press.The zombie public, completely unaware of how having to prove that they are a good citizen before obtaining government permission to buy something has no place in a free country and is a slippery slope to draconian measures of control over the individual, expressed their approval at this new level of serfdom.

via Mark Of The Beast Rears Its Head In Pennsylvania.

Your Retirement Funds Are Not Safe

I am already telling my wife to get her money OUT of 401k’s and other vehicles specifically because of garbage like this.  The next step the gov’t is going to do is they will seize all tax free ira’s…convert them to US treasuries(aka bonds) and say if you want it that’s what you have to do.  These bonds will be effectively worthless since the gov’t is broke!!!!!

Listen to Paul opine:

What should it be doing? Conventional monetary policy, in which the Fed drives down short-term interest rates by buying short-term U.S. government debt, has reached its limit: those short-term rates are already near zero, and can’t go significantly lower. (Investors won’t buy bonds that yield negative interest, since they can always hoard cash instead.) But the message of Mr. Bernanke’s 2002 speech was that there are other things the Fed can do. It can buy longer-term government debt. It can buy private-sector debt. It can try to move expectations by announcing that it will keep short-term rates low for a long time. It can raise its long-run inflation target, to help convince the private sector that borrowing is a good idea and hoarding cash a mistake.

The Fed has done pretty much all but the last.  It bought government debt.  It bought private (Fannie and Freddie are not government “agencies” as the law defines them) debt.  It announced that it would leave short rates at 0-0.25% for “an extended period.”

But now Krugman crosses a particular line in asking that The Fed explicitly raise an inflation target – that is, intentionally seek to destroy the savings and investments of all Americans.

What Krugman refuses to understand (because he is a hard-core lefty collectivist) is that capital formation comes from savings.  That is, new businesses form from surplus capital excess of requirements.

via Krugman Tells Seniors (and Businesses) To Die – The Market Ticker ®.

Law: eBay and other resellers endangered by court ruling – Court says First Sale doctrine doesn’t apply to foreign copyrighted items | TechEye

I’m curious to see if this stands SCOTUS scrutiny.  Keep in mind this is the SCOTUS that has said eminent domain trumps all other property rights so I am NOT counting on a business friendly ruling form the SCOTUS.  We can only pray the most overturned US circuit court is overturned again.

eBay and other websites where second-hand goods are sold, not to mention car boot sales, may soon be a thing of the past after a new court ruling that products made outside of the US with a copyrighted logo will not be allowed to be resold without prior permission or licence payments to the copyright holder.

Article 109(a), otherwise known as “the First Sale doctrine”, of the US Copyright Act gives those who have bought a product the right to resell their copy or get rid of it in whatever manner they choose. This is what people have been doing across the globe for centuries and has given rise to a number of websites where users can resell their goods, such as eBay and Amazon.

However the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, in a case involving Costco reselling second-hand Omega-branded watches, that if the product has a copyrighted logo then reselling it is an infringement of the copyright and so illegal. which defies all common sense on the subject altogether

via Law: eBay and other resellers endangered by court ruling – Court says First Sale doctrine doesn’t apply to foreign copyrighted items | TechEye.

Talking about total idiocy for a relationship basis

How can you form a long lasting, dedicated, long-term relationship from an encounter(and that’s all it can be called) that’s designed from the start to NOT generate that kind of relationship?  Simply?  You can’t.  That’s akin to lighting a hand grenade into a disorganized library and expecting the explosion to reorganize everything.

Hooking up has replaced traditional dating on college campuses, and has also become prevalent in the general population and culture.  The hallmark of hooking up is the clear understanding between both parties that the encounter will be free from any expectations for further contact.  It is designed to avoid the possibility of commitment.  However, hooking up is still the primary pathway to a potential romantic relationship.

via About | Hooking Up Smart.

It’s that time of year again

I came home the other day and found a flier sticking in my door.  The color scheme puzzled me because it did not look like the regular carry our fliers that regularly grace the front of our house.  I pulled it out of the door and found it was for a local political candidate.  Great.

So, since she was kind enough to leave this unwanted literature in my front door, I figured, the least I could do was read what she wrote.  She did invest money into creating this flier, the least I could do was honor her investment.  I should have just mailed it back to her.  It would have been a better investment of my resources than taking the time to read what she wrote.

For all of the other candidates who are our there trying to bring about change (not necessarily improvement), please consider the following points (especially if you are interested in my vote):

1. We have quite enough regulation thank you very much.  Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion in our country, I do not need the government on any level telling me I have to:

-Recycle (This is my responsibility living in this community and I will be happier about doing it if I am not told I have to recycle

-Be a responsible parent (I know my children need to wear helmets for their safety.  I do NOT need you tell me I have to make them wear it.  I am adult and have been for some time now.)

-Have my water rate determined for me.  (Again, this probably falls into the recycling category of responsible resource allocation, but with all do respect, you, the government, really do not know what is reasonable for my        household. )

2.  Please stop spending my money in irresponsible ways.  That is, unless you would like to turn over your personal accounts, including your retirement account me.  Then we can talk.

3.  The Constitution was fairly clear in what can and cannot be done on Federal and State levels.  Please respect it.  I think our founders had a better moral base and sense of what is right compared to a majority of the politicians now.

4.  Abortion is wrong.  Life begins at conception.

5.  My health care is my choice.  If I make bad choices, I have to reap the consequences.  Telling me I have to have health care is a joke.  All you are doing is raising my rates.  If you support our President’s health care farse, please be assured, you can stop reading here because I will not vote for you

6.  Actually, if you support anything that our current president supports, you can stop reading now.  First, I am not sure if you will really understand the points I am addressing and I will not be voting for you anyway.  I would suggest re-reading the Constitution and also look up the meaning of change vs. improvement (just for reference).

7.  Instead of trying to fight this with children and that with children, try supporting families.  For the most part, families will provide children with what they really need.

8.  Stop coddling those who will not work.  Even though our country has degraded considerably in the past two years and slide so far away from its strong foundation, it is really scary to ponder, continuing to allow those who want to have everything for nothing is not in the best interest of anyone.

Please do not continue to validate what Ben Franklin said so many years ago.  Please also be assured that if you do, I will do whatever I can to ensure you are not elected again

In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution, with all its faults, — if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of government but what may be a blessing to the people, if well administered; and I believe, farther, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.


Just looking at the symptom I suggested the problem was electronic with these cars with sudden accelaeration.  Consider as well that the gas pedal is not mechanically coupled to the engine anymore gives it more credence.  Read this story from Yahoo news.  It it’s gone poofies(which they tend to do on Yahoo) i have the full story copied below.

Toyota lashed out at instructor during big recall

By JIM SUHR, Associated Press Writer Jim Suhr, Associated Press Writer Sat Jul 10, 7:46 pm ET


CARBONDALE, Ill. – It’s the kind of publicity any university might dream about: An instructor uncovers a possible flaw that’s causing some of the world’s most popular cars to accelerate suddenly. His ground-breaking work attracts interest from Congress and reporters worldwide.

But as Southern Illinois University’s David Gilbert sought to show that electronics might be to blame for the problem in Toyotas, the world’s largest automaker tried to cast doubt on his findings. One Toyota employee even questioned whether he should be employed by the school, which has long been a recipient of company donations.

Electronic messages obtained by The Associated Press show the automaker grew increasingly frustrated with Gilbert’s work and made its displeasure clear to his bosses at the 20,000-student school.

“It did kind of catch us off-guard,” university spokesman Rod Sievers said.

So did the fallout. Two Toyota employees quickly resigned from an advisory board of the school’s auto-technology program, and the company withdrew offers to fund two spring-break internships.

“I didn’t really set out to take on Toyota. I set out to tell the truth, and I felt very strongly about that,” said Gilbert, who was among the first to suggest that electronics, not sticky gas pedals or badly designed floor mats, caused the acceleration that required the Japanese automaker to recall millions of vehicles.

Toyota insists its relationship with the school remains “strong,” and company officials say they have no plans to stop contributing to SIU. They also say the two Toyota representatives who stepped down from the advisory board did so merely to avoid any appearance that the company was exerting influence over Gilbert’s testimony.

“We have absolutely no issues with SIU and retain an excellent relationship. That won’t change,” Toyota spokeswoman Celeste Migliore said.

Driven by his own curiosity, Gilbert in January found he could manipulate the electronics in a Toyota Avalon to recreate the acceleration without triggering any trouble codes in the vehicle’s computer. Such codes send the vehicle’s computer into a fail-safe mode that allows the brake to override the gas.

Gilbert said he reported his “startling discovery” to Toyota, and the automaker “listened attentively.” But Gilbert said he never heard back from the company, which has steadfastly maintained the problems were mechanical, not electronic.

Next, Gilbert told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, then made plans to tell Congress.

“I didn’t feel I could just be passive in this,” he said.

Along the way, Gilbert told the university in writing that he had been tapped as a consultant for a company called Safety Research & Strategies Inc., which asked him to study the safety of electronic throttle controls.

Gilbert’s boss, Terry Owens, wished him well: “Good luck in your investigation,” Owens wrote in a Feb. 10 e-mail. “I hope it leads to public safety and publications.”

One of Gilbert’s research partners, an assistant professor named Omar Trinidad, nervously asked Owens whether the findings would “negatively affect my tenure track or even jeopardize my tenure with SIUC? If you have any reservations on what we are doing, please do not hesitate to inform me.”

Owens tried to reassure Trinidad: “If your investigations are upheld and have major impact resulting in papers, presentations, and national recognition of expertise, these are all factors that will benefit your research productivity.”

Hours later, on the eve of his congressional testimony, Gilbert appeared in an ABC News “World News” report showing correspondent Brian Ross driving a Toyota rigged to quickly accelerate. When it did, a shaken Ross said he had a hard time getting the car to come to a stop.

ABC News later acknowledged that a picture in the segment showing a tachometer with its needle zooming forward was taken from a separate instance in which a short-circuit was induced in a parked car.

But almost immediately after the ABC report, media outlets began calling the school looking for Gilbert. By then, he was headed to Washington — without a cell phone.

Hardly anyone at the university knew Gilbert was going to Washington to testify, Sievers said.

The next day, Gilbert made his case to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and lawmakers seized on the testimony as proof Toyota engineers missed a potential problem with the electronics.

Gilbert’s appearance unleashed a publicity firestorm that Southern Illinois scrambled to control. E-mail chatter among administrators talked of the need to tout Toyota’s “very productive relationship” with the university.

Within days, a product-liability attorney representing Toyota said company attorneys wanted to meet with Gilbert and university officials to discuss Gilbert’s use of donated Toyota vehicles and “related matters.”

“We would like to explain our analysis of the situation and what we believe is a reasonable solution,” Vincent Galvin wrote.

At the meeting four days later, Gilbert said, the visitors pressed him to justify his testimony — something he refused to do, saying he stood by his sworn statements to Congress.

Gilbert, who owns a Toyota Tundra pickup, believes the meeting “was meant to maybe intimidate me.”

The university asked Gilbert and Jack Greer — director of the auto-technology program — to fly to California to see a demonstration at Exponent Inc., a consulting firm hired by Toyota.

“I wasn’t really sure what the point of the trip was, but to keep the peace, I agreed to go,” Gilbert said.

Toyota did not wait for that visit to fire back. Six days later, a group of experts assembled by Toyota to refute Gilbert’s findings told reporters his experiments were done under conditions that would never happen on the road.

Gilbert’s work “could result in misguided policy and unwarranted fear,” Chris Gerdes, director of Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research, told reporters. His organization is funded by a group of auto companies that include Toyota.

To Gilbert, “it seemed like an awful large amount of effort to be extended by a company to dispel something.” He was unswayed by what he saw in California.

The pressure on him continued to build. On March 8, Mark Thompson — identifying himself as an SIU alum and, without elaboration, a Toyota Motor Sales employee — voiced in an e-mail to the university’s then-chancellor, Sam Goldman, his “great concern and disappointment” about Gilbert. Thompson said he was “deeply disturbed” by what he called Gilbert’s false accusations about the automaker.

Thompson reminded Goldman that he and Toyota regularly contributed to the university — including a $100,000 check to the auto-tech program in late 2008 — and “due to the outstanding reputation your automotive technology program has, we donate much more than money,” including cars.

“I ask you why your organization allows such activities to be performed by one of your professors and most importantly allowed to be reported to the media in a false manner,” Thompson wrote. “I believe he should not be an employee of our fine university.”

Goldman later assured Thompson that “we are taking this matter very seriously for the reasons you cite in your e-mail and for our very strong desire to maintain our relationship with Toyota.”

As a research university, Goldman added, faculty are allowed to research independently and publish their findings, while observing ethical and conflict-of-interest guidelines.

Gilbert insists he never felt his job was threatened, though “there were some moments where I kind of felt I was standing alone.”

Still, he said, if his work “can somehow make a car safer in the very narrow scope of electronic throttle controls … then to me it’s worth it. Because that could be someone’s life that I could be saving.”

Bookkeeper to plead guilty to stealing from the needy

All i can say is this is despicable.  Stealing from the mentally and physically  handicapped is jsut totally slimey.

CSAVR is a national nonprofit organization that advocates for vocational training to help the mentally and physically disabled get jobs. The nonprofit was formed in 1940 and is composed of the chief administrators of state rehabilitation agencies that provide vocational training to the mentally and physically disabled. CSAVR is funded by membership dues.

Bookkeeper expected to plead guilty in $700k theft | Washington Examiner.

Delegate candidate claims model home as legal residence – The Frederick News-Post Online

THis is such baloney.  Hey Blaine and WFMD let’s get on this guy…he’s trying to scam the citizens of Frederick and the state.

State delegate candidate Scott Rolle is registered to vote at a house being used as a model home.

Rolle, a Republican, is living in an apartment temporarily while the new house is being finished, he said.

In order to qualify as a candidate for state delegate, Rolle must be a resident of the district he seeks to represent for six months prior to the election. The apartment is located outside District 3A, the seat he is running for.

Rolle, a former Frederick County state’s attorney, said he thinks the model home on West Greenleaf Drive in Whittier qualifies as his legal residence, and he considers the house and not the apartment his primary residence, even though he doesn’t live in the house.

“I own the house, I am going to move in there as soon as it’s finished, that will be in two weeks,” he said.

via Delegate candidate claims model home as legal residence – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Residents Say No to Chip-Using “Voluntary” Recycling Program

One local government is taking recycling enforcement to a whole new level. The City of Laurel has launched a pilot program in the Patuxent Glen neighborhood and electronic chips have been implanted in every resident’s recycling bin

Other than the obvious privacy issues here’s the best part.  First they say:

“We will have the highest rate of recycling, in the state, voluntarily,” added Laurel Recycling Coordinator Michele Blair.

However if you don’t participate in this “voluntary” program:

But if you don’t recycle, first you’ll get a warning letter or a personal visit and then a fine. Fines start at $25 and go up to $100.

Jones told us, “I’m hoping that it’s something we’ll be able to vote on, because I’ll vote no.”

In all likelihood, it won’t come to residents for a vote. The council will take up the measure this fall. If, as expected, it passes, then residents throughout the city could be participants by the spring.

So much for it being a voluntary program.  That’s a mandatory program.  Stop lying and tell the truth for once politicos…although most aren’t capable of that.

via Residents Say No to Chip-Using Recycling Program | ABC 7 News.

Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan

These CFL bulbs(and any fluorescent bulb) contain more than 300 times the legal EPA limit for mercury.  You break one of these in your house and you effectively have turned your home into a highly toxic, unlivable area until you have special cleanup companies com in.  Start hoarding incandescents folks.  I’m doing that right now…and hoping the upcoming wave of LED lights don’t have this mercury problem.  Of course this only one of many ways being “green” is actually killing us.

But far more importantly, CFLs are loaded with deadly mercury, one of the most toxic elements on Earth. In fact, all CFL bulbs contain – at least – four to five milligrams of mercury, about 200 times the amount of mercury in a flu vaccine shot. There is enough mercury in each CFL bulb to contaminate 6,000 gallons of clean water. To break one of these CFL bulbs is to risk ruining the health of one’s entire family, or office staff, with enough released atmospheric mercury to best require the expensive, professional services of a Haz/Mat Removal Team.

Believe not the “clean-up” methods for broken CFL bulbs offered by those in the mainstream media, which tell us to open a window, then leave the area of the broken bulb for 15 minutes; then return with duct tape to pick-up the broken glass.

Then what is one to do? Put the broken glass and duct tape into a glass jar and screw on a tight lid.

What is one to do with the glass jar? Take it to a special toxic dump.

Where are such dumps? Check your local listings.

All of the above, of course, is sheer nonsense. Want proof? Ask your dentist about the Haz/Mat teams that come into their offices to remove their old, used collection of mercury-laden dental amalgams, which dentists keep in little lead lined boxes.

All Americans will be well advised to practice a “mercury escape plan” in the case of an accidental breakage of one of these CFL bulbs: Grab your cell phone, babies, dogs, cats, and parakeets (if they aren’t already dead), and get well away from your house. Call a Haz/Mat company to completely clean your house before re-entering it. Such are the serious dangers of mercury.

via Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan.

Your privacy was already gone

I hate to say it but the concept of privacy on the internet is really a smokescreen.  once your ip is logged it’s a trivial matter to trace it back to your isp then get a court order to reveal the account details.  REALID by activision is just making it easy for them so they can sell your information even more.  Of course they probably already have it…so this just makes it truly transparent.

B.Net Forums moving to RealID only…goodbye privacy? – Christian Gamers Alliance Forums.

Waiting for the “right” job

Karl’s comments are italicized.  I have to agree this kid is voluntarily unemployed.

The daily routine seldom varied. Mr. Nicholson, 24, a graduate of Colgate University, winner of a dean’s award for academic excellence, spent his mornings searching corporate Web sites for suitable job openings. When he found one, he mailed off a résumé and cover letter — four or five a week, week after week.

A bit late, no?  Graduate eh?  Don’t you usually look for a job before you graduate?  Well, yes.  You’d think that someone with a degree would, after a large number of trials, change his strategy somewhat.

Over the last five months, only one job materialized. After several interviews, the Hanover Insurance Group in nearby Worcester offered to hire him as an associate claims adjuster, at $40,000 a year. But even before the formal offer, Mr. Nicholson had decided not to take the job.


Rather than waste early years in dead-end work, he reasoned, he would hold out for a corporate position that would draw on his college training and put him, as he sees it, on the bottom rungs of a career ladder.

Waste, eh?  Waste?

How is earning a living – you know, something you’re supposed to do somewhere around your 18th birthday, “waste”?

Is it nice that one’s parents will fund your mealy-mouthed existence into what appears to be perpetuity?  Well, yes.  But do you have a right to expect such a thing?  Well, no.

And while $40,000 might seem “beneath” a college grad, it is nearly double what my first “real” (that is, W-2) job earned – as a programmer.  That offer was $18,000, and I took it.

via Bulls Get Fat, Bears Get Fat, PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED – The Market Ticker ®.

Finance reform? I don’t think so

Super-low interest rates also ensure that the big banks, fated to be wards of the government if the new financial reform becomes law, will have generous margins between their borrowing costs and lending revenues. This will enable them to further pad their balance sheets and correct the mistakes of yesteryear.


There’s a flip side, however. It only takes simple math to know that when interest rates are kept low, so are returns on savings and investment.

via No, Really? (Hard Knocks From Easy Money) – The Market Ticker ®.

What are we NOT being told about the oil spill?

It’s ironic..the poster children for obama are now getting stabbed in the back by his tele-promptness.  The video in the linked post is from a CNN piece where they are complaining about obama-trons shutting them out of oil cleanpu sites.  Not surprising considering hits man bows to foreign monarchs and dictators.  Did folks REALLY think he cared about this country?  His oratory style reminds me of former German leaders that we fought a world war over.

We are under British rule once again | Photography is Not a Crime.

Bad air day

Code red.  Of course with my asthma I can already feel the bad air.  Luckily we are cleaning up the air inside the house.  We bought a new vacuum and were astonished at the amount of stuff it’s pulling up that our old one missed.  This new one also has two filters..a primary and then the HEPA.  We have noticed a marked decrease in the dust in the house already.  I also turned on the county emergency dispatch feed.  since 9am there’s been three trouble breathing calls.  If it gets any worse i’ll keep my inhaler nearby and close up the one window we are using for the dryer.  It’s supposed to be this way most of the week..high in the 100’s(that’s NOT heat index folks) and code red or worse air quality.

Exactly what are you celebrating?

This is a very interesting read…and much truer than most folks will ever admit.

Regardless of what one thinks of the left-leaning Obama voters, it is eminently clear that they did not vote for a Vietnam-like expansion of the war in Afghanistan. Nor did they vote for the assassination of American citizens without trial, government kidnappings on foreign lands or the continued use of an extra-constitutional jail on foreign soil. Obama has betrayed their trust as well as the most basic principle of representative democracy, just as George W. Bush betrayed the votes of the small government conservatives who made him president.

So, the Constitution lies in tatters, the politicians have successfully constructed a system that renders their collective will unopposable, the economic system is designed around the fundamentally Marxist principle of centralized credit and the courts and executive-branch agencies are regularly legislating from the bench and the bureaucracy.

Where is this freedom of which Americans so proudly speak?

As Ben Franklin said, the American people were given a republic, if they could keep it. And they have not kept it. Instead, they mortgaged it for the meager benefit of a few decades of material prosperity enjoyed on credit. Not since Esau traded his birthright for a pot of stew has anyone made such a foolish, short-sighted bargain.

But the cold winds of the Kondratieff Winter are already blowing, and on them rides the four horsemen of economic contraction, default, unemployment, disease and unrest. Perhaps Americans will rise to the occasion and claim their lost independence once more. Unfortunately, it is much more likely that a once-great nation will sink into the lost seas of history like so many great societies before her.

via Exactly what are you celebrating?.

Hitting the nail on the head about the modern church.

I found this on’s letters to the editor page:

Sins of the church

Jane Chastain is right [“Christians are slackers”], but her singling out failure to vote is simply emphasizing the gnat over the camel. Any idiot over the age of 18 can vote – and whole hordes of idiots do, both Christian and pagan.

Here are just a few of the bigger sins against freedom that today’s ignorant Christians are guilty of:

  1. Voting for evil. Yes, you read this right. As a group we have bought into the lie that voting for the lesser of two evils is somehow going to stem the tide of evil in our country. Christians should not support evil, whether it’s Republican evil or Democratic evil.
  2. The Social Gospel. Jesus never said to feed the poor and house the homeless by starting a government program funded by theft (taxation). He commanded us to take care of our neighbors of our own free will and out of our own pocket. Opting for government social programs over church/individual assistance is nothing more than buying a conscience at someone else’s expense. Even worse, corrupt politicians use your tax dollars to buy votes from special-interest groups and support causes that are completely antithetical to our faith.
  3. Misapplication of Romans 13. This chapter of the Bible is misused by apathetic, lazy and stupid Christians to justify not taking action against fraud, unjust taxation, unconstitutional mandates and a host of other evils perpetrated by government. When government ceases to be a force for good, when it commands us to do evil, it becomes our duty not only to disobey government, but to abolish it. The Bible is replete with examples of prophets (i.e., Elijah, Jeremiah) and the apostles themselves willfully disobeying civil authorities to do what they were commanded by the Lord to do. While the Bible does teach us to be good, law-abiding citizens, it does not teach blind obedience to government.
  4. Poor constitutional knowledge. Take the phrase, “separation of church and state,” for example. Ask your average Christian where that phrase comes from, and most will tell you it’s in the Constitution. Dead wrong. It’s not there. In fact, the founders alluded often to God and the idea that our republic was only as good as our faith in Him. The church has earned a failing grade in civics and history. The Federalist Papers should be required reading for every Christian.
  5. The church as a social club. Does your pastor water down the Word so as not to offend anyone? Is he politically correct in order avoid desertion by his flock? Where is his focus? If it is on buildings, programs and filling the collection plate as opposed to unashamedly speaking God’s Word, find a new church immediately. The church is not a social club. It is a place to fellowship, learn, study and grow in the faith. Look at today’s megachurches and mainline denominations. They have all the appearance of wealth but are wretched and poor, spiritually.
  6. False doctrine. Most Christians don’t know their Bible well enough to spot erroneous doctrine, whether it comes from a neighbor or their pastor. New-age philosophy pollutes the literature found in many Christian bookstores. Whether it’s “The Shack,” “The Secret,” the Prosperity Gospel, Liberation Theology, Replacement Theology or what have you, the church has embraced it all, much to our detriment.
  7. Public education and the myth of salt and light. Christians should do whatever is necessary to pull their kids out of government schools. Anyone believing that their children are to be salt and light in the public system might as well throw their kids into a lion’s den or a pit of vipers. Young children are not equipped to fend off the barrage of anti-God propaganda they will receive six to eight hours a day in the government education system. Sending your kids to a government school is nothing more than abdication of your responsibilities as a godly parent. It is insane.
  8. The 501(c)(3) corporation. This is probably the most insidious enemy of the church in America. Acceptance of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is nothing more than your pastor and/or denomination accepting a bribe to keep its silence on issues of social and political importance. The government knows what a powerful enemy of tyranny the church can be. Instead of fighting a losing battle against us, the government simply paid us off.

Just because your neighbor, a cop, a politician or even a pastor states something as fact does not make it so. We must be biblically and constitutionally literate. We must be wise as serpents. Christians must stop equating Republicans with biblical principles. The Republican Party has done every bit as much damage to our republic as the Democrats. Just because a politician carries a big, black Bible to church every Sunday does not make him our brother. Photo opportunities and speeches are no substitute for sound principles and an impeccable legislative voting record. We must stop falling for the same old lies every election cycle.

When Christians put aside the frivolity of “doing church,” stop attending religious social clubs, stop accepting unsound doctrine, pull their heads out of the sand and return to the One True God, we may see a revival spiritually and politically, but not until then.

Ken De Vries

It did not take long for the rationing to take effect now did it?

Here we go.  It’s not on the “major” sites yet because the gov’t doesn’t want to scare everyone like they should be.  It’s the frog in the water on the stove.  They’ll let these little leaks to smaller outlets come first then the “big news” will hit and by then…it’s too late to stop it.  Time to wake up folks.

Health law risks turning away sick –


Health law risks turning away sick

By Julian Pecquet – 07/01/10 07:13 PM ET

The Obama administration has not ruled out turning sick people away from an insurance program created by the new healthcare law to provide coverage for the uninsured.

Critics of the $5 billion high-risk pool program insist it will run out of money before Jan. 1, 2014. That’s when the program sunsets and health plans can no longer discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions.

Administration officials insist they can make changes to the program to ensure it lasts until 2014, and that it may not have to turn away sick people. Officials said the administration could also consider reducing benefits under the program, or redistributing funds between state pools. But they acknowledged turning some people away was also a possibility.

“There’s a certain amount of money authorized in the statute, and we will do our best to make sure that that amount of money insures as many people as possible and does as much good as possible,” said Jay Angoff, director of the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “I think it’s premature to say [what happens] when it’s gone.”

The administration has not discussed asking Congress for more money down the line if the $5 billion runs out before Jan. 1, 2014. Uninsured sick people could start applying for participation in the high-risk insurance pools on Thursday.

Healthcare experts of all stripes warned during the healthcare debate that $5 billion would likely not last until 2014. Millions of Americans cannot find affordable healthcare because of their pre-existing conditions, and that amount would only cover a couple hundred thousand people, according to a recent study by the chief Medicare actuary.

Republicans continued to hammer that point on Thursday, asking HHS officials to brief them about the program.

We are “deeply concerned that these pools may not provide quality coverage or will limit enrollment,” Reps. Joe Barton (R-Texas), John Shimkus (R-Ill.) and Michael Burgess (R-Texas), the ranking members on the Energy and Commerce panel and its health and oversight subcommittees, wrote in a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

The letter requests a briefing on high-risk pools by July 15, particularly on three topics: protections and services in place “to make sure that access is efficient and unimpeded; whether HHS believes the program is financially sustainable through 2013; and details about how each state’s pool will be administered and what options they’ll have available.”

Leading health reform advocate Ron Pollack, founding executive director of Families USA, said the pools were a “very imperfect tool that could be implemented quickly” but were the best option available for the interim period before 2014.

“The pools are going to be helpful for a significant number of people,” he told The Hill, “but nobody thought they’re the ultimate answer for helping people with pre-existing conditions.”

Still, he didn’t rule out that Families USA could press lawmakers to allocate more money in a few years if it looks like the program needs it.

Each state has a certain budget allocation for its pool, and the first step to stay under budget would be to shift money around between states that don’t see a lot of applicants and those that do, said Richard Popper, deputy director of the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at HHS.

“If we have that situation where we have strong demand in one state and not as strong demand in another state, the secretary of HHS after a year or two has the authority to reallocate the funding,” said Popper, who used to run Maryland’s high-risk pool.
“Along with that, we can work with the states to adjust their benefit structure, the deductibles, the co-pays, the overall plan structure to address some of those cost drivers, again to help the plan make it to 2014, when it will no longer be needed.”

In addition, Popper said, many people won’t be able to afford to participate in the program since premiums will range between about $140 and $900 a month, depending on applicants’ age and where they live. HHS estimates that at least 200,000 people will be in the program at any one time. To be eligible, applicants have to be citizens or nationals of the United States or be lawfully present; have a pre-existing medical condition; and have been uninsured for at least six months before applying for the high-risk pool plan.

“There are going to be meaningful premiums that are going to be required to stay in this plan — premiums in the hundreds of dollars every month,” Popper said. “There are a significant number of people out there with pre-existing conditions who are uninsured, but a significant number of those people … also have limited income. And some of them, while they may need this plan, the premiums may not be something they can afford.

“We have that to think about as well,” he added. “But for those who can afford it, this is going to be a great, great plan.”

If it looks like too many people are signing up — states will get monthly updates on how many people they can cover with the money they have left — there’s always the option of turning people down.

The bill “does give the secretary authority to limit enrollment in the plan … nationally or on a state-by-state basis,” Popper said. “So that is present, but at this point, we’re starting with no one in the plan as of today … so we don’t see that happening anytime soon.”