July 8, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order 0

One local government is taking recycling enforcement to a whole new level. The City of Laurel has launched a pilot program in the Patuxent Glen neighborhood and electronic chips have been implanted in every resident’s recycling bin

Other than the obvious privacy issues here’s the best part.  First they say:

“We will have the highest rate of recycling, in the state, voluntarily,” added Laurel Recycling Coordinator Michele Blair.

However if you don’t participate in this “voluntary” program:

But if you don’t recycle, first you’ll get a warning letter or a personal visit and then a fine. Fines start at $25 and go up to $100.

Jones told us, “I’m hoping that it’s something we’ll be able to vote on, because I’ll vote no.”

In all likelihood, it won’t come to residents for a vote. The council will take up the measure this fall. If, as expected, it passes, then residents throughout the city could be participants by the spring.

So much for it being a voluntary program.  That’s a mandatory program.  Stop lying and tell the truth for once politicos…although most aren’t capable of that.

via Residents Say No to Chip-Using Recycling Program | ABC 7 News.