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Web companies shafted by GPL3

I don’t know what is up with the inquirer lately but this series of baseless articles is making me consider no longer reading their stuff anymore.


Heh. Let the whining begin. It appears at least for now the U.S. gov’t is going to remain resolute in keeping control of what is ours..:)

More details on the whining at

There’s a growing thread on as well. The agreement on us remaining in control of our internet is almost unanimous.

*Update 2*
The UN is really trying hard.

*Update 3*
Instapundit weighs in briefly. There are links however to other sites. One insightful post is from Meryl Yourish. I totally agree with her post. Whizbang also comments.

The Register
Let’s see what happens with this. So far it appears some of the most totalitarian countries in the world are trying to wrest control of the internet away from it’s rightful owners. Of course the only way anyone can get control is if our Gov’t gives it away or hacks the dns servers. Let’s see if the gov’t holds firm on this one.


Ok, I’ll make it very very clear..:) America invented the Internet and we funded it from the beginning. It’s ours. If you want control go build your own internet. Enough said.

Well it seems my host did something that broke my permalink structure. I had to reset it back to the way it was and then the blog worked again. With me working I did not notice it until i tried read something here. Sorry about that to anyone who reads this.

Absolutly not. It may be time to get a shotgun here. I like handguns but they are too problematic these days.


What’s sad is that folks allow this to happen. The main tenet of communism is make the people believe they are helpless and can only depend on the gov’t. Well we have seen this in full effect in Katrina’s wake. Guess what Galveston did in 1900? They did not go whining to the gov’t, they rolled up their sleeves and did it themselves. The stench of the entitlement culture will be spread far and wide as the folks see the gov’t could not handle this. Billions upon billions will be spent to add to this culture and the next disaster wil only show how inept the gov’t is in managing individuals lives. Gov’t was not designed for least not the one in our Constituion.

I managed to land a job!!!! I am with a local lawn mowing service. It doesn’t pay much and it hard work but I love doing this type of work..:) The posts could be few for a bit as the bulk of my day is now spoken for..:)

Democrats declare open season on Bush – Hurricane Katrina –

ROFL! They are going to go on the attack. I can’t wait for the next hurdle a Dem president has to face. We’ll watch them meltdown just like the gov’t did this time. Most folks don’t understand the gov’t cannot handle things like this in a timely manner. It’s simply not designed that way. – Politics – Byrd:

One day a year? That’s all? This is all you want to “protect” our Constitution with? This smacks of politicing just to raise his job approval and nothing else.

Tropical Depression SIXTEEN

Florida’s under the gun again..ick.
BPL or broadband over power lines is a unique idea with a serious drawback. BPL severely interferes with HAM radio. Right now HAMS are just about the only communications links in the devasted Guld Coast area. If BPL was online there HAMS would not be able to operate. The fact that the FCC is even allowing trials is distrubing since HAM radio is a fully lincensed spectrum and is NOT supposed to be interfered with. I hope for all those folks saying HAMs need to be swept aside in the name of “progress” remember HAMs contributions during this disaster.

TechEd 2005 – APC Magazine:

You haven’t seen anything yet. 2 GIGs of ram(i would bet 4) and more thn 256 megs of ram on the video card(more like 512). DRM rules the day. If you don’t have this monitor with this DRM you can’t watch hi-def. Your computer now rules do not rule it. Enjoy your Vista experience. Once support for 2k ends(in terms of software..i am not concerned about the security updates at my home systems) it’s linux time for good. vista will not be on my home network. I will build a vista box to learn vista..on its own network..but otherwise i won’t use it.

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:
Good Deal! Of course it also takes businesses to stop hiring illegal aliens as well. The rules are already in place for this to be tackled on the busniess side as well.

Thoughts Online says Herndon is building this for legal immigrants. Herndon itself refutes this argument.

But council members said they were helpless in the face of what they called a federal failure to police U.S. borders. They said it was their responsibility to bring order to a neighborhood nuisance that had become the town’s most divisive issue in recent history.

“Here we sit, expecting this local government to resolve a national immigration problem that is out of our control,” council member Harlon Reece said before the vote.

Just because the feds are not enforcing our immigraiton policy does not mean local gov’t can be allowed to ignore those same laws.
Dell Gines shares his thoughts on *tough crime* legislation and allowing illegals to come into this country unchecked.

****** Cosmic X ******:

Israel is also sending aid. You would never know it by watching our media though.

NewsCom .com:

Everyone is focusing on New Orleans. Take a look at this satellite photo of the total destruction of parts of Mississippi. Once you look at the big picture you can see why aid is slow to come. There is simply no infrastructure for the aid to come into and the area of destruction is so huge it is simply overwhelming. I am not excusing any lack of planning. The media is not showing the whole story(not surprising to this blogger).

KRT Wire also has an article about the seemingly forgotten folks in Mississippi. :
A Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order yesterday barring the city from transferring the Mount Soledad cross to the federal government under the deal voters overwhelmingly approved in San Diego’s July special election.

Judge Patricia Yim Cowett
Judge Patricia Yim Cowett’s tentative, 34-page ruling in the case questioned the constitutionality of Proposition A. The measure called for the city to hand over the cross to the federal government as part of a national veterans memorial.

Excuse me? This was voted on and approved by the voters. Where does this judge get off overriding the voters? Time for this judge to be impeached and removed form the bench.

The Intellectual Activist:
This is a very thought-provoking essay on the dangers of the welfare state.

Sea Creatures

This was awesome to find out. Just image, leaving something alone for a prolonged period and poof look what happened. It seems almost like a Christmas present. I have to wonder what else could be discovered if scientists were a bit more patient with their studies. Maybe that is what a cure for cancer has not been been discovered…a lack of patience. This is not to slam those who are working on a cure. I have a great deal of respect for those individuals. It is just something to ponder

It seems like we live in a microwave society more and more every day. Solutions need to be immediate. And when they are not or are not what is expected, the frustration levels grow. Now, I find myself pondering how much more productive we would be if we stopped trying to provide a microwave solution

I will leave it at this, before I turn this into a rant. Back to the story…what an incredible discovery.



don’t miss this it very very carefully:

“Call it biblical. Call it apocalyptic. Whatever you want to call it, take your pick,” said Robert Lewis, who became marooned by floodwaters in his downtown New Orleans home where he and others had sought to ride out Hurricane Katrina.

They chose to ride out the storm..they have no cause to complain. That being said, I hope a church is able to help them soon and can show them the love of Christ.

Vox Popoli:

They may have been..:(


You know those EULA’s that popup with every bit of software? Better read them(or get your lawyer to) as they are now enforceable. So installing winders means you have no right to the winders software you jsut “bought”..oh wait..licensed(bleh).

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:

There is one thing many folks are overlooking. There’s no infrastructure to get the things to folks right now. The helicopters the military is sending in aren’t armed and they cannot risk the massive collateral damage that the cobra attack helicopters would unleash to protect the transport helicopters. The Navy is uniquely qualified to help. The ARG is able to generate thousands of gallons of water a day on top of what they need to operate and with their standby generation capabilites they can power a large town. Both are hard to deliver without infrastructure.

I am not going to defend FEMA since their ineptitude was shown during Andrew(and is still being shown). Some folks have asked where’s the UN? Remember we are the UN. Without the US the UN has no resources. Don’t expect the anti-american UN to lift one finger.

I agree the military should be sent in(why they aren’t there already is beyind me) but they wil be ineffctive. Why? PC will dictate they can only point their guns at a criminal and yell stop. If they are fired upon and shoot back they will be evicerated by the liberal media and in turn most of the public since the general population does not want to not think for themselves.

We need prayer. Tons of it. The gov’t is not our salvation. Jesus Christ is and we need to work through his Church. Adopt a church in the region down south and get your church involved. The gov’t is not going to be able to handle this. It is up to the body of Christ.

Also, what’s even more interesting, many federal, state, and local politicians are already vowing to rebuild. I am not sure that’s a good idea seeming as the areas hardest hit were gambling areas near the coast. Dennis Hastert isn’t sure if rebuilding in place is such a good idea either.

Fats Domino chose to ride the storm out and is now missing. Some evacuated. Let’s pray for everyone in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

*UPDATE* Fats Domino has been found. I can only imagine how many others were washed out to see when the surge pulled back out to sea. They will give an estimate but we will never truly know how many were killed in this storm.
Wow. Server 2k3 was suposed to be more secure. Vista is based on 2k3 so is the security really going to be enhanced? Not if MS does not patch their unpatched holes.

New Orleans is such a historic city. Myabe it’s time to consider saving the artifacts and not rebuilding the current New Orleans. Maybe moving to higher ground? An interesting thought.

This Week In Tech:

Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson talk about software firewalls and the benefits of a NAT router and the security benefits of a NAT router.