September 2, 2005 General 0

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:

There is one thing many folks are overlooking. There’s no infrastructure to get the things to folks right now. The helicopters the military is sending in aren’t armed and they cannot risk the massive collateral damage that the cobra attack helicopters would unleash to protect the transport helicopters. The Navy is uniquely qualified to help. The ARG is able to generate thousands of gallons of water a day on top of what they need to operate and with their standby generation capabilites they can power a large town. Both are hard to deliver without infrastructure.

I am not going to defend FEMA since their ineptitude was shown during Andrew(and is still being shown). Some folks have asked where’s the UN? Remember we are the UN. Without the US the UN has no resources. Don’t expect the anti-american UN to lift one finger.

I agree the military should be sent in(why they aren’t there already is beyind me) but they wil be ineffctive. Why? PC will dictate they can only point their guns at a criminal and yell stop. If they are fired upon and shoot back they will be evicerated by the liberal media and in turn most of the public since the general population does not want to not think for themselves.

We need prayer. Tons of it. The gov’t is not our salvation. Jesus Christ is and we need to work through his Church. Adopt a church in the region down south and get your church involved. The gov’t is not going to be able to handle this. It is up to the body of Christ.

Also, what’s even more interesting, many federal, state, and local politicians are already vowing to rebuild. I am not sure that’s a good idea seeming as the areas hardest hit were gambling areas near the coast. Dennis Hastert isn’t sure if rebuilding in place is such a good idea either.