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This is moronic. TO has made a complete fool of himself on multiple occasions. He has also purposefully attacked every team he has been on and the management of said teams. Spector, this is nothing you need to be involved in. TO made his bed, let him sleep in it. If you stick congress into this you’re acting like a communist.

Unpatched IE Flaw Is Worse Than Expected

Ouchies. This one was considred minor. However it appears to be a remote code excution hle in IE. This affects XPSP2 so turn off active scripting…or don’t use IE.


Oh yeah this is going to be fun. Search my blog for previous posts about Vista. This is something that is going to be a support person’s nightmare..:)


AMD for a while now with it’s Athlon64/Opterons have been spanking Intel in nearly all areas. Well CNET shows how much spankage is going on with dual cores. The results are ugly. CNET IMO is not the best review site out the fact that the results came out like this shows that AMD is way ahead of Intel in technology and performance right now. Merom however MIGHT be interesting..however Intel is still using some old technology in that chip so it will be interesting to see how it performs. The bigger question is…does AMD have a merom killer just waiting in the wings?

Talk about our porus border. This is reported openly. There are pictures of htis openly. What is hte government doing about this? Nothing. The minutemen need to be armed. If the Gov’t won’t enforce our borders, it appears we have to ourselves.

Vox Popoli:

Actually there’s three sites on all of them and make up your mind about this.

Michelle Malkin:
Michelle links to Darleen’s Place about the war on Christmas. It continues iwth Target, Wal-Mart, and other large shows not using the Christmas term..instead using Happy Holidays. I am going to be watching this one. Keep an eye on this post as i’ll udate it as i run across stuff.

More details come out now. I wnated to give David the benefit of the doubt in terms of why he would do something like this. The fact that he killed the parents is going to kill him..either on death row or behind bars for life.

New details have emerged that tell me this guy knew he was going for a confrontation and came armed and with motive. The fact that he shot the father in the back jsut mkaes me have no more sympathy or compassion for him. As my wife put it, “The death penalty is too good for him. he needs to be buried under the jail.” I could not have said it better myself.

Ludwig will get tried and most likely convicted for murder. The one thing the MSM is missiong(and a ton of the blogosphere) is the rape part. Ludwig was 18..she was 14. Will he get procescuted for statutory rape as well? I doubt it considering authorities knew about the sexual side of the relationship for some time. Let’s see what happens.

The Register

ROFL!!!!! So this malware which does nothing but harm honest folks is easily defeatable by pirates and tech savvy folks. I have been saying to folks i know this DRM junk doe sot stop pirarcy..this is just another example of how DRM is a failure and always will be.

Sony is trying to cover themselves now only after all their previous smokescreens were exposed. Frankly for me and a few others i know the damage is done and is permanent. Too late for recovery. Had they just come out with at first and offered the free cd’s and unrestricted mp3’s like they are doing now in the first place the damage to their rep would have been temporary and reduced. For the complete background check the previous posts here, here, here, and here.

Betsy’s Page

It’s too bad we have folks like this continuing to embolden those who wish to do us harm.

Freedom to Tinker
This post detials a program that can remove the nasty uninstaller AND prevent it from being reinstalled. Use this at your own risk though.

Freedom to Tinker ? Blog Archive ? Not Again! Uninstaller for Other Sony DRM Also Opens Huge Security Hole

For a background check the previous posts here and here.

Hat Tip J. Alex Halderman: Apparently the other Sony DRM by suncomm also swiss chesees windows as well. It is based on….drum rol please…activex. Surprised? You shouldn’t be with activex’s security record. of course badly written softwre doesn’t help either.

We here in the US designed the very things that the inet has to have to even run. Sorry folks it’s ours. If you want your own and get out of our property.

Schneier on Security

This is an excellent summary about what has been going on with the Sony Rootkit debacle right down to the complete ineptitude and sometimes indifference of the a/v companies. I have already posted about this before but this continues to get better and better..:)

According to First4Internet, the company that made this despicable software, they had hashed a deal(Groklaw) with the a/v companies to NOT detect and remove the rootkit. How’s about them apples? It gets better. Apparently some folks have been looking at the source code and the Lame code was found. reports on several interesting aspects not the least of which is the LAME code theft. The EFF is compiling a list of infected Sony Cd’s. It also turns out these cd’s are intentionally encoded in a way that programs that use the standard windows cd-rom routines will fail. You will need special software called a ripper to get the data off the cd and onto your pc so you can listen to it.

*UPDATE 2*(Hat Tip: Poneyboy on CHAD)
Well it appears that some stolen GPL’ed code is invlolved as well. This is posted in one of the links but poneyboy gave me links directly to the authors of the news. Sebastian Porst has three posts about the code theft Sony either did or comissioned. The posts are here, here, and here.

I jsut got this sent to me via e-mail directly from the City Council:

Since I don’t know another way besides signs, Citizen ads, Frederick News Post, Gazette ads, Channel 99 …

Thursday (November 17tth) night at 8pm, ALL WATER in Brunswick will be turned off until (hopefully 4am) to accomodate for repairing a valve that is causing standing water on some streets and a tremendous water problem.

PLEASE pass this on to anyone who you think may or may not read it somewhere before then.
The City is constantly trying to find the best way to get this info out to everyone, but I figured more is better than a surprise when you try to use your water.
It cannot wait until a later date, so this will be the quickest way to address it. Police, Ambulance, Fire and other emergency services are aware.
Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
Thanks for taking this initiative with me.
Beth Johnson
I hope everyone realizes letting your underage child have any kind of intimate relationshilp is a bad thing. I hope she comes home safely and her so-called boyfirend is buried UNDER the jail. It’s time parents stop allowing this madness now.

Unfortunatly this quote from a 16 year old friend says it all:
Age-difference an issue?
Stephanie Mannon, a 16-year-old friend who had worked with Ludwig, said he and Kara had been seeing each other secretly.

?Their parents didn?t approve of them being together? because of the age difference, she said. ?It wasn?t because he was a shady character, because he wasn?t.?

If you are an adult and messing with a teenager who is underage then your at least shady.

*UPDATE* The dude’s been captured and the girl is safe.

CANOE — CNEWS – Canada:

Whether or not Canada decides to grant this coward’s petition is not my affair although i hope they deny it and then deport him. That way this disgrace to our armed forces can be brought back and tried for his desertion crimes. You volunteered for the military and being part of the military means you could face combat. You agreed to follow all orders of those above you. You are your ilk are cowards and i hope you get brought back in chains and tried for your crime.

Schneier on Security:

Bruce Schneier was where I first heard about this at. It has since gotten much worse. I have purposely not posted on this until things have shaken out a bit.

1. First it is discovered that sony has been installing a rootkit into wondows systems via it’s audio cd’s.

2. Mark Russinovich first discovered the sony rootkit by running the latest version of his Rootkit revealer on his own system.

3. It was then discovered by the same researcher that removing the DRM can and usually does result in the loss of your cd-rom drive. If you use the uninstaller that was released it can crash windows due to poor coding.

4. It has been further discovered that the drm software phones home about what cd you are playing and the tracks you are playing. This is classic spyware behavior.

5. The first external thing is that a world of warcraft hack that uses the sony rootkit to hide itself.

6. A trojan was rewritten to take advantage of the rootkit from sony to hide itself.

7. It is later discovered that this rooting behavior extends to the Mac as well.

I am now having to lock down my client’s neworks in terms of denying usage to the cd-rom drive.

*UPDATE*: Sony has ditched the DRM but serious problems continue to exist(Hat Tip: Freedom to Tinker). Namely the uninstaller opens computers up to serious security holes as well(another Kudos to Freedom To Tinker). The security issues are even worse than the original cloaking exploit.

WorldNetDaily: Court: It does take a village when it comes to sexuality
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday against parents who sued their local school district after their elementary-age children were given a sexually charged survey, saying there is “no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children.”

Hrmm..parents are not longer in control of their children. Of course once these kids start going nuts(aka more sex above nd beyond wht they are already doing..explosion of STD’s and pregnancy..etc etc) they’ll start blaming hte parents. Heh. They’ll never look at themselves and see the mess they created.

WorldnetDaily also has additional commentary by Doug Powers posted.

La Shawn Barber?s Corner

LaShawn links to another site that is trying to out companies that hire illegals. The site is saying these are alleged but even allegations can get you in hot water. Still, I am going to be checking this site out..:)

aaron | aaron ? Deck ?O Bloggers 2005 – Taking Nominations
Maybe I can get one of the big blogs to nominate me for like the 2 of something?..


First the statement from a cardinal the the Bible is simply a book and not a historical document of any credence to this. If you are a Catholic I would seriously investigate your own priest and dicoese. If they start talking this’s time for a new dicese or maybe another denomination.

Talon?s Blog:

This rocks. We’ll finally have a high-speed place to download hte maps from. Folks like priceless and wafle can now jsut download al of the maps in one shot..:)

*also this might be talon’s first trackback. Let the trackback goodness begin and hte word spread..:)*

Steam is not my favorite program. It’s still buggy after all this time. If you start getting various kinds of authentication errors or steam says it cannot make a secure connection and things were working fine before then try this:

close steam out.
search your hard disk for *.blob.
delete all blob files
bring steam back up and see if that fixed it after it re-updates itself.