November 17, 2005 General 3

Schneier on Security

This is an excellent summary about what has been going on with the Sony Rootkit debacle right down to the complete ineptitude and sometimes indifference of the a/v companies. I have already posted about this before but this continues to get better and better..:)

According to First4Internet, the company that made this despicable software, they had hashed a deal(Groklaw) with the a/v companies to NOT detect and remove the rootkit. How’s about them apples? It gets better. Apparently some folks have been looking at the source code and the Lame code was found. reports on several interesting aspects not the least of which is the LAME code theft. The EFF is compiling a list of infected Sony Cd’s. It also turns out these cd’s are intentionally encoded in a way that programs that use the standard windows cd-rom routines will fail. You will need special software called a ripper to get the data off the cd and onto your pc so you can listen to it.

*UPDATE 2*(Hat Tip: Poneyboy on CHAD)
Well it appears that some stolen GPL’ed code is invlolved as well. This is posted in one of the links but poneyboy gave me links directly to the authors of the news. Sebastian Porst has three posts about the code theft Sony either did or comissioned. The posts are here, here, and here.