Monthly Archives:October 2019

It has been an interesting few months.  The Lord and life are taking me and have taken me into directions I would never have gone on my own.  It started with Bruce Conley asking me to assist in a restart at a church that is now called North Valley Church.  I was highly hesitant but because it was Bruce and the amount of respect I have for him I agreed to attend for at least 12 months.  So far in the past couple of months we have voted on a new pastor, his old church is going to assist our church in re-starting things, we are making plans for the new church’s name and legal entity, and in general getting things tidied up to start rebuilding this church community.  Pastor Dan comes from Summit Trace church in Frederick.  He is leaving there as head pastor and coming to restart North Valley.  I have seen a huge example of stepping out on faith with him leaving a well established, highly respected and well funded church to one that nearly was sold(land, building, everything).  Now Dan has stepped in and with some assistance from Summit Trace, he is taking a huge leap of faith.  That leap of faith continues with his choices for staffing.  A church(at least the Baptist ones I have been involved with) have the deacons and/or elders(one or the other..sometimes both if large enough), and then the trustees.  The trustees are the ones that tend to the physical(building, utilities..etc etc) and legal affairs of the church.  The next leap of faith I refer to is Pastor Dan asked me today if I would serve as a Trustee of North Valley Church.  I was blown away….in my eyes this is a HUGE honor…and a massive responsibility.  He said he chose me because I have run a business in one form or another for more than a decade(which is true)…I asked him if he was sure and he told me yes.  I agreed.  We have not had a vote yet..and that is forth coming…i am honored and humbled…and a bit nervous.  This is a huge responsibility and i intend to take it seriously…

I have been watching this whole impeachment thing with a quiet interest.  I “stole” the first part of my thoughts(because it eloquently stated my initial thoughts on this) and then i added the second part. the first part is italicized followed by my own words in regular font.  I posted this on Facebook RE: another thread that appeared and the responses are personal insults to me.  What’s sad is the insults have absolutely zero impact…like those hurled by elementary and k/Pre-k children.


President Trump is using their emotional projection(the squad and the loony left and right) as bait. It’s one of the more brilliant political tactics I’ve ever observed; it’s worthy of an entire chapter by Machiavelli. What he’s doing is accusing himself of things that he knows they are doing. So they demand the very investigations that he wants, thereby forcing the media to extensively cover the very topics it wants to bury. The left is still pissed they couldn’t elect Hillary. Take a look at what is going on…Trump is goading them into impeachment..if/when they do he has already revealed what is going to happen…and that is the crooked dealings of Biden and most likely others in the Ukraine and other places…because once the impeachment reaches the Senate then that body has broad suponea power for a full criminal investigation…except it’s not Trump going to prison as he has done nothing is others…the ones screaming the loudest both republicrats and dempopublicans are the ones going to prison…that is why pelosi refuses to hold an actual impeachment vote..this is all kabuki to simply try to smear trump and anyone who supports him..if the squad and the lunatic left and right get their way they will destroy themselves and most of the two party system with it..pelosi is being smart here by NOT holding the vote..however trump is correct that until the vote is held this inquiry is NOT a true impeachment inquiry and he is under no obligation to cooperate.