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Police Seize Jason Chen’s Computers – Iphone 4 leak – Gizmodo.

I hope this blows up in their faces.  Makes me think it’s time to start doing full disk encryption on everything now if judges and law enforcement are going to start doing things like this openly in violation of the law.

He said that with 70 per cent of the US market for Internet search, Google is the gateway to the Internet. How it tweaks its proprietary search algorithms can ensure a business's success or doom it to failure.

via Consumer group calls for google breakup – The Inquirer.

Give me a break.  My business works just fine without Goggle.  I do nothing to “promote” myself on Google nor do i worry about my search rankings.  Google is not a monopoly.  Users have a choice.  If they don’t like Google they can go to another search engine.  I use Google because it works..plain and simple.  That’s why most of it’s users continue to use it as well.  Microsoft is a true monopoly.  You can use Linux or apple but trust me your functional level and ease of use go downhill quickly.

There was a large thread on broadbandreports about how verizon’s phones will check monthly to see if the data connection works..whether it’s asked for or not..which in turn gets you the 1.99 fee. I have for the past two months gotten data charges of 8 bucks and 13 bucks on my bills from my phone. I never setup this phone for data.

Now it appears that if folks use the e-mail account setup for your phone which for sprint is that gets you data charges.  This is irregardless of the fact that this “mailbox” is actually a text messaging gateway to your phone.  This is one case whee unlimited texting isn’t so unlimited.  Srpint’s solution?  Institute a data block which for my accounts takes out data but also picture mail which is supposed to be free with the account.  Sounds fishy to me.  They are currently “trying to figure out where the data is being accessed from”.

It now gets better.  I have picture mail included with my plan shared across all 4 lines.  It turns out that if you receive a picture mail you can only view it in the original format in the text message.  If you view it again…enlarge it..resend it..etc etc etc you now incur data charges for the picture mail.  This is total BS.  I now have to get a data block on all 4 of my lines to stop these spurious charges and now have to dispute the bill and the fact they are in breach of contract with them.  This is going to be fun.

“[Maryland First Lady Katie]O’Malley says similar pinwheel gardens will be planted all across the state to represent the anti-abuse campaign’s motto, “parenting should be a breeze.””

It has been obvious that politicians are out of touch with the people, but to have continued new stories flaunting their ineptitude has shown just how out of touch with reality they are.  In the news story linked above, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s wife is taking on the cause of child abuse.  The motto for the campaign is “Parenting should be a breeze”  I can only guess that this campaign is chaired by those who are not parents.

I have two wonderful children.  We have good days, we have bad days, we have neutral days.  It goes with the territory.  I love being a parent and think it is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could have.  As a parent, I am responsible for shaping the future through the upbringing of my children.  If I teach them good work ethics, that money is to be earned, not received due to laziness, that honesty is the best policy (at all times), that life is not fair, but that we have a merciful God who has shown us Grace, that we have to eat properly and exercise to stay healthy, and at least a gazillion other things, they will grow up to be productivity members of society and wonderful adults. Teaching these lessons is not a breeze, however.  It takes work.

When my youngest was born, she was in the NICU for 8 days.  I did not get a chance to hold her for the first 2 days of her life.  Please, Mrs. O’Malley, tell me how that was a breeze.  My older daughter jumped off the monkey bars and had to be rushed to the doctors.  Please, tell me how that was a breeze.  I stayed awake until 12:30am to dye eggs for Easter Sunday so my girls could hunt Easter Eggs.  Please tell me how sleep deprivation was a breeze.

Being a parent is challenging.  There are hard times, but the good times are worth so much more than just a breeze.

I am very much against child abuse and it is a worthy cause to defend, but let’s do so in a way that shows others we truly understand what parenting is all about instead of thinking it is “just a breeze”

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