How to get OpenVPN GUI client and Windows Vista to play nicely with each other

OpenVPN GUI client and Windows Vista | Computer Tech Union

This was a quick google find but it’s very pertinent to those like myself who run Vitsa and openvpn..:)

1) Open your client.ovpn file and add the following two lines to the bottom of the file:
route-method exe
route-delay 2

2) Create a shortcut to your OpenVPN GUI file. Right click the shortcut and click properties.
Under the ‘Shortcut’ tab.
Click ‘advanced’.
Check the box that says ‘Run as administrator’ and
then Click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ again.

DC’s handgun ban overturned.

While this is a good thing in defense of the second amendment it’s not a good thing in another way.  This is still judicial activism.  The courts are not the arbritrators of whether a law is valid or not.  that being said The web is on fire with this one. Lashawn Barber and the Supreme court blog have tons of commentary and links.  Check the blogroll on the right.

Any interesting Storm that’s brewing.

israelinsider: politics: Faked certificate suggests that Obama may not be “natural born” US citizen

Is Obama even a naturally born US citizen?  Right now..nobody knows.  Obama won’t provide proof and the only “proof” is from the daily kos a known radical blog that will go to any tactic to prove their point.  I’m following this one with great interest.  Obama has not yet gotten the Dems nomination..don’t count hillary out just yet.

Microsoft extends support life of XP(the non-story) and a rebuttal of Leo Laporte.

<a href=””>Microsoft extends support life of XP </a>

This is no news.  The 2014 expiration has been <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>part of the plan for a long time</a>.  Look at the updated on page…2005.  unless the author has updated information this is nothing new.

I also have a huge issue with <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Leo Laporte and the Twit’s this week</a>.  About 32 minutes in Leo and the others say the Vista has a perception problem.  It’s not a perception problem.  Granted many of the folks who are trashing Vista are simply regurtitating  what others say.  I can tell you right now that Vista is a pig.  I have said it before <a href=”” target=”_blank”>elsewhere here</a>.  I have tried it on several so far..some old..some a couple years old and a couple brand new and Vista is a pig no matter what.  The Twit’s say it’s normal for the next generation to require more resources…true..but more than double?  Maybe for Microsoft. That’s insane.  I can install the current versions of Linux, put them on a 5 year old machine with less than half the resources, imitate the desktop aero effects AND EXCEED THEM plus run multimedia, office programs and various ofther programs AND STILL outrun xp and make Vista look like the slug it is.  Keep in mind Apple with OSX has been doing the same vista aero effects 5 years earlier than vista WITH INTEGRATED GRAPHICS OF THE TIME.  Hey Wil Vista does suck AND it is a car wreck.  I’m still hitting network performance problems with Vista that SP1 suppposedly fixed.  On a GIGABIT network i can’t get 100 megabits..that’s not even 10% performance.  There are some things positive and Leo points them out, the better search, UAC while irritating does work.  If you don’t have to buy vista don’t as windows is moving Windows 7(Vista 2.0) <a href=”” target=”_blank”>up to 2010</a>.

My first Linux DESKTOP install

I have a new client that’s a result of a referral who has a 5 year old dell machine that took a power hit and toasted the hard drive.  After replacing the hard drive it turns out their xp cd is also bad.  After talking with the owners it turns out literally all they do is online banking, mail through yahoo and others online companies, and web surfing.  So instead of them having to pay me 4 hours for a windows reload they pay me 1 hour for a kubuntu install.  The machine goes back tomorrow and that old celey 1.1 ghz machine gets a new lease on life and they save nearly $125 in consultation fees.  Why would I do this?  Customer service.

Time for me to heat this blog up a bit..for a little while. My thoughts on obama, clinton, and mccain

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I have an online community i am a member of but my style of presenting my arguments runs afoul of the regulations there so I’m going to start talking about things here..:)  Let me make one thing clear..I do not begrudge them for enforcing the rules..heck I had a hand in writing them..:)

Now on to the fun:

It is truly amazing how many people (especially Christians) have become ensnared into the one party corruption we have now.  The repulicrats and demopublicans are no longer that’s just different versions of the same liberal, big government, gloabalistic baloney that has crept into every single area of politics today.  It’s shown as in the following questions (question are italicized):

if the candidate you wanted lost their party’s presidential nomination, then why not vote for the candidate that won the nomination, instead writing one in? The presidential nominee in the party with your write in probably has more in common than the opposing party’s nominee does. You are only taking away votes for the same party’s candidate, aren’t you? So why not keep some of the same ideals instead of losing most of them completely?

why would i vote for a candidate that has nothing that i am looking for? I want a strict constitutionalist..and jihadobama, mcinsane, and commuclinton aren’t it. Ron Paul is. My party left it’s roots a long time ago which is why it’s now the republicrats and demopublicans. I have registered independent since that’s the only “party” that truly holds my values.  Next realize that choosing the lesser of two evils is serving evil. I don’t want to serve evil and I don’t want evil running this country.  It’s not about if Ron Paul’s making a statement that says i reject this slate of unconstitutional candidates and as a voter i vote for one who carries my values. This is not a waste of my is the exercise of my American civil rights and my duty as a citizen. These “throwaway” votes are noticed and will either affect the current one party system’s candidates or will encourage other, more constitutional candidates to run.  Now keep in mind I’m not saying Obama is a muslim here..there’s more than one way to use the word jihadist(look it up) just because the fundamentalist (they aren’t radical..they’re taking their koran literally as any true believer of a religion should)  muslims and the msm have hijacked the word does not mean it’s the total truth.  Let me further reiterate that folks like chuck colson and the other “religious” right talking heads are no better at informing you about political candidates than the ny times.

*Update* Kidan posts why he is voting for Ron Paul…all of hte are reasons i agree with.

Nvidia Engages in a Desparate bid to Save Itself From Oblivion.

[H] Enthusiast – NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing

With Intel coming back with a new dedicated video card and amd now owning ATI nvidia is hanging out on a limb.  Their next generation of products is hot, uses more power than most CPU’s, will be in short supply, overpriced, and won’t really perform much better than the previous generation.  This is not the true subject though..the desperate move is it is not dictation to vendors how tos ell their products.  You can’t go to newegg or tigerdirect and see the price without jumping throug hoops. Read the linked article for details.  I’m going ATI for video until Nvidia gets rid of this policy.

101 ways to be a Patriotic American

Way #1

In an article on from June 9, 2008, it was stated that lunch prices may have to increase by as much as 50% for the next school year because of rising costs. According to this article, the average cost of a school lunch for the 2007-2008 school year was $2.66, which included the food cost, non-food cost, labor and indirect costs. This same article mentioned that the federal subsidy for school lunches was $2.47 per lunch.

I could continue to quote statistics regarding federal subsidies, but they are not going to capture the true picture of the state of the school lunch program. Let me first start of by saying that I know there are many working parents who depend on the assistance of the school lunch program. On the other side, I know there are many parents who use the system to avoid taking responsibility for their own children and rely on the government to raise them.

In comparing prices between that which the school provides and a lunch made at home, I found that a basic lunch, including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a snack and a juice bag costs about $0.85 per day. This does not include the non-food costs of a lunch back or sandwich bags which would add about $0.20 per day to the cost. The total cost to send a child to school with a relatively healthy lunch for an entire week is $5.25. If that same amount was applied to purchasing lunch at school, a child would eat for two days (based on national averages).

So, as we continue to battle rising prices everywhere, instead of straining a “system”, that really should be the exception, not the rule, how much pressure could we, as parents of school age children, do to alleviate the strain and provide for our children. Now, that may involve some parents actually getting up, out of the house and working to support their children. I know, I know, horrible thought. But, if a man and a woman are going to bring a child into this world, then they need to be able to provide for them. That may mean that both parents need to work outside of the house to provide those basic needs. And to clarify, a basic need doesn’t mean that the children need to wear name brand clothing, have every electronic toy under the sun and ride to school in a sport’s car or SUV, but rather the basics – A loving home, parents (yes this is plural) supporting the children (on all levels), teaching sound moral and ethical reasoning, the value of work, and a goal to be better than the generation before…

If our fore-fathers had the same entitlement mentality as is running rampant today, I seriously doubt that America would be an independent nation. We would probably still be living under the British Crown.


What a good morning

It has been a crazy few months for me and frankly the strain was getting to me. For the first time in a long time i was able to set the world aside and think about what i wanted to do…besides sleep. I wanted to praise Jesus..something I have not done in far too long. So far it’s been 4 hours and the praise is going strong and even though i am physically tired spritually i am still going on. Jesus, thank you for taking this sinner and forgiving him. I want you to know how much that means to you..and the only way to do that is through praise and worship. This praise is all for you Jesus.