Month: June 2008

NETGEAR Launches Open Source WGR614L Wireless-G Router

June 30, 2008 General 0

NETGEAR Launches Open Source WGR614L Wireless-G Router Nough said.  I’ll be getting these exclusivly from now on as long as netgear has them out.

How to get OpenVPN GUI client and Windows Vista to play nicely with each other

June 29, 2008 General 0

OpenVPN GUI client and Windows Vista | Computer Tech Union This was a quick google find but it’s very pertinent to those like myself who run Vitsa and openvpn..:) 1) Open your client.ovpn file and add the following two lines to the bottom of the file: route-method exe route-delay 2 2) Create a shortcut to… Read more

DC’s handgun ban overturned.

June 26, 2008 General 0

While this is a good thing in defense of the second amendment it’s not a good thing in another way.  This is still judicial activism.  The courts are not the arbritrators of whether a law is valid or not.  that being said The web is on fire with this one. Lashawn Barber and the Supreme… Read more

Any interesting Storm that’s brewing.

June 26, 2008 General 0

israelinsider: politics: Faked certificate suggests that Obama may not be “natural born” US citizen Is Obama even a naturally born US citizen?  Right now..nobody knows.  Obama won’t provide proof and the only “proof” is from the daily kos a known radical blog that will go to any tactic to prove their point.  I’m following this… Read more

Microsoft extends support life of XP(the non-story) and a rebuttal of Leo Laporte.

June 25, 2008 Open Source 0

<a href=””>Microsoft extends support life of XP </a> This is no news.  The 2014 expiration has been <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>part of the plan for a long time</a>.  Look at the updated on page…2005.  unless the author has updated information this is nothing new. I also have a huge issue with <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Leo Laporte and… Read more

My first Linux DESKTOP install

June 25, 2008 General 0

I have a new client that’s a result of a referral who has a 5 year old dell machine that took a power hit and toasted the hard drive.  After replacing the hard drive it turns out their xp cd is also bad.  After talking with the owners it turns out literally all they do… Read more

Time for me to heat this blog up a bit..for a little while. My thoughts on obama, clinton, and mccain

June 20, 2008 General 1

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Nvidia Engages in a Desparate bid to Save Itself From Oblivion.

June 16, 2008 General 0

[H] Enthusiast – NVIDIA Dictates Advertised Video Card Pricing With Intel coming back with a new dedicated video card and amd now owning ATI nvidia is hanging out on a limb.  Their next generation of products is hot, uses more power than most CPU’s, will be in short supply, overpriced, and won’t really perform much… Read more

101 ways to be a Patriotic American

June 9, 2008 General 0

Way #1 In an article on from June 9, 2008, it was stated that lunch prices may have to increase by as much as 50% for the next school year because of rising costs. According to this article, the average cost of a school lunch for the 2007-2008 school year was $2.66, which included… Read more

What a good morning

June 8, 2008 General 0

It has been a crazy few months for me and frankly the strain was getting to me. For the first time in a long time i was able to set the world aside and think about what i wanted to do…besides sleep. I wanted to praise Jesus..something I have not done in far too long.… Read more