June 20, 2008 General 1

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I have an online community i am a member of but my style of presenting my arguments runs afoul of the regulations there so I’m going to start talking about things here..:)  Let me make one thing clear..I do not begrudge them for enforcing the rules..heck I had a hand in writing them..:)

Now on to the fun:

It is truly amazing how many people (especially Christians) have become ensnared into the one party corruption we have now.  The repulicrats and demopublicans are no longer that different..it’s just different versions of the same liberal, big government, gloabalistic baloney that has crept into every single area of politics today.  It’s shown as in the following questions (question are italicized):

if the candidate you wanted lost their party’s presidential nomination, then why not vote for the candidate that won the nomination, instead writing one in? The presidential nominee in the party with your write in probably has more in common than the opposing party’s nominee does. You are only taking away votes for the same party’s candidate, aren’t you? So why not keep some of the same ideals instead of losing most of them completely?

why would i vote for a candidate that has nothing that i am looking for? I want a strict constitutionalist..and jihadobama, mcinsane, and commuclinton aren’t it. Ron Paul is. My party left it’s roots a long time ago which is why it’s now the republicrats and demopublicans. I have registered independent since that’s the only “party” that truly holds my values.  Next realize that choosing the lesser of two evils is serving evil. I don’t want to serve evil and I don’t want evil running this country.  It’s not about if Ron Paul wins..it’s making a statement that says i reject this slate of unconstitutional candidates and as a voter i vote for one who carries my values. This is not a waste of my vote..it is the exercise of my American civil rights and my duty as a citizen. These “throwaway” votes are noticed and will either affect the current one party system’s candidates or will encourage other, more constitutional candidates to run.  Now keep in mind I’m not saying Obama is a muslim here..there’s more than one way to use the word jihadist(look it up) just because the fundamentalist (they aren’t radical..they’re taking their koran literally as any true believer of a religion should)  muslims and the msm have hijacked the word does not mean it’s the total truth.  Let me further reiterate that folks like chuck colson and the other “religious” right talking heads are no better at informing you about political candidates than the ny times.

*Update* Kidan posts why he is voting for Ron Paul…all of hte are reasons i agree with.