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watch this video.  This is jsut incredible.


Tuscaloosa twister ‘absolutely shocking’ – In the Arena – Blogs.

My wife just got done baking some pumpkin bread muffins.  She was totally silent on getting the muffins out of the oven.  No sooner had my wife pulled one of them out here comes Chloe wanting “bread”.  Heather looks at me, shakes her head and says, ” Never fails”.  It was funny to see.

I have it on good authority that the superfresh in Brunswick, md is closing by mid June and the building will go on sale.

The Men’s ministry is jsut getting started and Greg Nichol’s has a chainsaw accident.  Fran gets claled home.  We may be in a time of distress but this has only strengthened my resolve to continue attending men’s meetings and learning.  Men of FBC let’s band together in this time.  We have not lost Fran…he has gone home to be with the Lord.  While I am saddened by his going hime I know another will step in to fill his place.




Comfort Fran’s family during htis time of sorrow on earth,  I kow the angels in heaven are glad to have him home.  Help all of us here to greive and remember his service to you and to his fellow man on earth.  May you confort everyone who knew and loved him and provide a worthy servant to stand in his stead.


YouTube – Paul Wilbur – Worship Praise – Let the weight of Your glory.

YouTube – Paul Wilbur – Sing Hallelujah.

So they increased taxes and “cut” services while spending 10 million more in the next budget.  Souds to me they did not do a whole lot in reductions.


Cuts to personnel and services were combined with projected increases in income tax revenue to balance the budget, which is $10 million larger than this year’s. The county laid off 106 employees, reorganized several divisions and cut or downgraded a total of 175 positions, which reduced the county workforce by 7 percent.

via Public can speak on Frederick County’s $448 million 2012 budget – The Frederick News-Post Online.