Month: June 2010 – School Officials in Mass. Town Won’t Let Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance

June 29, 2010 Anti-Americanism 0

Wow.  NO pledge even voluntary due to the fact God is mentioned and it might offend the religious atheists?  It’s interesting that the atheistists think they are being infringed but the ironic part is they are infringing on everyone else 1st amendment rights by removing the ability for said pledge to be said voluntary. When Sean Harrington entered his… Read more

Christian Music

June 29, 2010 Church 0

It’s gotten stagnant.  Most of it is slow paced..kinds like any churches have become.  What happened to our outdoor celebrations and things like that?  Read Psalms..David would be dancing in worship and so would his household.  I’m a huge fan of the Arabic and “renaissance” and “Celtic” sounds.  Blckmore’s Night has grabbed my attention..but some of their lyrics… Read more

Winning the war against men, Part 1

June 28, 2010 Anti-Americanism Feminazis New World Order 1

I am anxiously awaiting part 2…:)  It should be very interesting. Winning the war against men, Part 1 via Winning the war against men, Part 1.

Intel will ship x86 android 2.2 this summer – The Inquirer

June 25, 2010 Linux 0

Intel will ship x86 android 2.2 this summer – The Inquirer. Now this would be interesting.  If this is actually true then instead of me having to get a smartphone with the high price of the cell carriers scamming built in I can get a netbook running android….hrmmmm…I like this idea.  If it works out I might just leave the notebook at home when i… Read more

Paul McCartney Shows his Intelligence..lack of it.

June 24, 2010 Anti-Americanism Climate Scam New World Order 0

The Beatles legend said: “Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust. “But the facts indicate that there’s something going on and we’ve got to be aware of it if we want our kids to inherit a… Read more

Obama Actually Acted Like our President…

June 23, 2010 General Obama 0

After the comments by McChrystal in a way that directly challeneged the authority of Obama as Coomander-in-Chief Obama surprised me and actually stood up for himself and the Office of the President and fired McChrystal.  This is something that should have been done.  McChrystal offered his resignation..but this was to save face..he was toast.  It… Read more

Interesting Experience

June 22, 2010 Brunswick Politics 0

Any another reason to not listen to Twisted Sister (the song to which I am referring is “We’re Not Gonna Take It”) This past Saturday, my husband and I were working through some things in the dining room when we heard a knock at the door. Not expecting anyone, I cautiously approached the door and… Read more

A case for Linux on the Corporate Desktop

June 21, 2010 Linux Open Source 0

The author makes some great points here.  Take a gander. Not using desktop Linux? You’re wasting your money | Linux – InfoWorld.

When Cloud Computing Can Help Security

June 21, 2010 Linux 0

Right now cloud computing isn’t a security’s a security nightmare.  Most cloud apps actually require you to download and install an executable file that then connects to the cloud.  The operating system requirements are?  Windows…most of the time.  I would like to see the cloud vendors support a truly web-based Google.  Then you wouldn’t need windows..Linux would work.  Your costs go through the floor.  No high costs for server operating… Read more

Happy Father’s day Lord

June 20, 2010 Church General 0

I went to church today specifically because it is Father’s day.  If there’s no other day to go other than Jesus’ birthday and his death Father’s day(a day when we celebrate fathers) i think it owuld be hypocritical of me to NOT goto church on a day we celebrate fathers.

Pastor tests IRS and sets up his church to be spanked

June 19, 2010 Church 0

As a non-profit the church’s npo status is purely by the convenience of the gov’t involved…which means they CAN tell you what to say since you entered into this what effectively is a private agreement.  If this church(and all others in this country) want to have true freedom..drop your npo status immediately.  Then the gov’t has no reasonable expectation of being able to legally tell you… Read more

Motorcyclist jailed for 26 hours for videotaping gun-wielding cop | Photography is Not a Crime

June 19, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order 0

This is one of a growing number of incidents in Maryland.  if this is true then it means if an officer comes up to me in public i will let them know that if they continue to talk to me they consent to be recorded.  If i get stopped where there are security cameras(ones operated by a… Read more

January 2013

June 18, 2010 General 0

Dear American Public I would like to encourage you to step outside of your box, really think about what is good for the country and vote appropriately.  I know you thought that BO would be good for our country, but his change is really not what is good for us.  It is only good for… Read more

Some more good 2nd amendment pictures.

June 17, 2010 Notable Quotes Politics 0

I got these in my e-mial from a friend of mine..:)

Cramer Calls Market “Stupid, Rapacious, Arbitrary, Capricious And Downright Ridiculous”, Tells Viewers To Stay Out | zero hedge

June 15, 2010 Finance 0

It took him long enough..:) Cramer Calls Market “Stupid, Rapacious, Arbitrary, Capricious And Downright Ridiculous”, Tells Viewers To Stay Out | zero hedge.

Arizona Lawmaker Targets Citizenship by Birth..and Looks to Enact yet Another Unconstitutional Law

June 15, 2010 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

I have posted about this sort of thing before…read the previous post. BTW the US Constitution is clear on this(read the 14th Amendment). Here’s the 14th Amendment: Amendment 14 – Citizenship Rights. Ratified 7/9/1868. Note History 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of… Read more

We don’t live in a Constitutional republic anymore.

June 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 3

First Obamacare now this.  Rush has been saying all along once healthcare is controlled by the gov’t our entire lives can now be dictated.  Well Rush was once again correct.  It looks like the change of this country going to full blown communism may be on track..socialism is just the first stop.  Buckle up folks. … Read more

Chamber Of Commerce Says Taxpayers Should Help Pay For BP Spill Cleanup; GOP Leader Agrees, Then Recants

June 13, 2010 General 0

Hey there, Americans! I’m sure, by now, many of you have had some time to reflect on the massive, unfolding Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and thought to yourselves, “My, that really is a terrible, apocalyptic cock-up!” But have you gone so far as to think to yourself, “My, that really is a terrible, apocalyptic cock-up,… Read more

Kidan opines on Obama Care

June 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Don’t just go for the Anti-incumbent my friend…vote for the one who is actually going to try to do something..and make sure it’s Constitutional to boot.  99% of the republicrats and demopublicans are NOT interested in the Constitution.  This is why I take a look at “alternative” parties.  Don’t continue to buy into the two… Read more

Various things I have found in e-mail signatures..elsewhere on the web

June 13, 2010 Notable Quotes 0

Somebody should have said: A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Freedom under a constitutional republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote. “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.” Remember: The Ark was built by amateurs,… Read more

Why Marry?

June 12, 2010 General 0

The femi-nzis DON’T want marriage at all. So, people still want to get married. Most of Bennett and Ellison's friends are getting married. Why are these authors, both of them unmarried feminists, so intent on talking them out of it? Therein lies a tale. The first hint is that both women are self-identified feminists. As… Read more

The American Man: R.I.P.?

June 12, 2010 General 1

Had Enough Therapy?: The American Man: R.I.P.?. – Spill Oil to Seep Into Supply Chain as BP Sells It

June 12, 2010 General 0

Refer back to my “misplaced anger” post for a background. It’s possible the oil won;t even be sold to a refinery directly by BP or processed in the Gulf. Big oil companies have trading departments that commonly swap barrels of crude with other firms or sell them to traders who could route the oil across… Read more

The Troubles with being “green”

June 12, 2010 General 0

This person sums up thing nicely.  Ever noticed that anything the envir-nazis get pushed though always turns out worse in the end?  I found this on letters to the editor page. Those blasted greenies It amazes me how stupid and ill-informed liberals are allowed on the streets of this great country and, worse yet,… Read more

More Mediocrity open in Brunswick

June 11, 2010 Brunswick 0

me and my family tried this place.  I’ll explain my title in my upcoming food review. The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper.

Windows Server vs. Linux…which is better?

June 9, 2010 Linux Open Source 0

Windows Server vs. Linux. There are some serious errors in this..i’ll address them inline. Text below: Windows Server vs. Linux by Ellen Messmer June 8, 2010 — Which is better? Microsoft Windows Server or open-source Linux? This debate arouses vehement opinions, but according to one IT consultant who spends a lot of time with both… Read more

2011 Looks to be an ugly economic year.

June 8, 2010 Finance Obama 0

On or about Jan. 1, 2011, federal, state and local tax rates are scheduled to rise quite sharply. President George W. Bush’s tax cuts expire on that date, meaning that the highest federal personal income tax rate will go 39.6% from 35%, the highest federal dividend tax rate pops up to 39.6% from 15%, the… Read more

A working solution that’s not idiuotic..but idiotic to not try it.

June 5, 2010 General 0

They’ve looked out some outlandish solutions involving about this one that worked?? Later in the article Chris Matthews who obviously doesn’t know much about the Constitution says: So on MSNBC tonight, first on Hardball, Chris Matthews excoriated the White House’s irresolute response to the Gulf catastrophe, quoting John Kennedy from the American University speech:… Read more

Obama and Congress look to further takeovers

June 5, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama 0

Former Labor secretary Robert Reich wants to place BP's U.S. operations in temporary receivership. Sen. Ron Wyden D-Ore. wants the oil giant to suspend its dividend payments. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is weighing criminal charges. And lawyers in more than a hundred lawsuits want BP to pay billions of dollars in damages for… Read more

Man Breaks Car Window to Save Baby in Distress

June 5, 2010 General 0

While this man is a hero for saving this child’s life this NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED!  The father should be arrested..nough said.  I don’t even leave my daughter in the car going into the local convenience mart even for two minutes….i take the time to get her out of her car seat..and bring her with me.  There’s no reason… Read more

How to reduce the size of the sharepoint database

June 5, 2010 Uncategorized 0

I logged into a client’s machine today and saw this one sharepoint file was over 7 gigs in size. I am thinking this is one reason sharepoint has been pokey as of late. Some googling showed me that by default MS basically has the database in debug(which means every little thing is logged no matter… Read more

Gov’t enforcers are going out of control

June 3, 2010 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Politics 0

Are Cameras the New Guns?. The folks want to disarm the citizenry anyway they can.  First it was to try to violate the 2nd amendment by banning all or classes of weapons…these laws are finally getting overturned.  Now gov’t agents want to go after video and audio recordings of these “public servants”.  Do we need… Read more

The screwjobs continue

June 2, 2010 Finance General 0

AT&T Just Killed Unlimited Wireless Data and Screwed Everybody in the Process. Ah yes.  It continues. Now that AT&T has everyone by the shorthairs they do what any myopic company does..milk their clients dry until they have no clients.  Read the linked article as Verizon intends to do the same thing eventually.


June 1, 2010 General 0

I’ve been told how horrible of a person i am for so long it’s got to be true.  Of course this only occurred once i tried to not be a hermit….so i am  getting help I need but i know what i have to do..i have to be a social hermit.  if you aren’t married… Read more