June 12, 2010 General 0

The femi-nzis DON’T want marriage at all.

So, people still want to get married. Most of Bennett and Ellison's friends are getting married. Why are these authors, both of them unmarried feminists, so intent on talking them out of it?

Therein lies a tale. The first hint is that both women are self-identified feminists. As I've said, I do not think that yo can be married to a person and to a cause at the same time…. unless, that is, your spouse is equally committed to the cause.

I suspect that the ongoing feminist crusade against marriage, crusade that has been afoot for four decades now, is predicated on the assumption that women are less likely to become committed to the feminist cause if they are also committed to their marriages.

Beginning four decades ago feminism began persuading women that marriage was institutionalized patriarchal oppression and that if you did not feel that cooking dinner for your family was the equivalent to being in a concentration camp– I did not make that up– then you were an unwitting dupe of the patriarchy.

When this idea first entered the culture women formed consciousness raising groups where they learned that their marriages were oppressing them, that they were miserable because their husbands did not do an equal share of the housework. They were told to make the kitchen into a battlefield, to fight for their rights on a daily basis, and never to cede to male pressure.

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