Month: February 2010

How the Dems Prepare to Commit “Suicide”

February 26, 2010 New World Order Obama Obama Care 0 – In Gamble, Obama and Dems Prepare to Ram Health Care Through. So they are going ot use reconciliation(which means attach it to hte budget which means no debate) for an up or down vote.  since scott brown is a “moderate” I doubt he’s going to change the balance so this will go through. … Read more

How NOT to endear yourself to your new constituents

February 23, 2010 General Politics 0

By SPAMMING them…case in point I just received this in my BUSINESS e-mail: : Jenkins, Charles Delegate [] Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 2:24 PM To: Jenkins, Charles Delegate Subject: Week 6 – Maryland General Assembly Attachments: oledata.mso Below is the first page of this week’s legislative wrap-up.  The link to read the entire report… Read more

Something doesn’t smell right with the Stack suicide

February 19, 2010 General New World Order 0

This article sums it up.  Too many inconsistencies….. I Don’t Buy the Official Story of Joe Stack.

GOP is running are the Dems…Tea Party has begun throwing out establishment pols.

February 19, 2010 Politics 0

hatch and the other establishment pols have it wrong.  Tea Partiers aren’t interested in electing Dems..OR REPUBS..they want the Constitution back.  That’s going to mean throwing BOTH establishment parties out.  It’s what I have been hoping for for years.  Now as long as they don’t allow themselves to be co-opted by the likes of Palin… Read more

Schools use School Issued Laptops to Spy on Students and Families

February 18, 2010 New World Order 0

Warning To Schools: Your Conduct Can Constitute A FELONY – The Market Ticker. People wonder why I ma highly distrustful of the gov’t and anything to do with it?

Obama Heads to Colorado to Doom Another Senator

February 18, 2010 Obama Politics 0 – President Heads to Denver to Lend Hand to Endangered Democratic Senator. So far everywhere obama has gone he has failed.  I think Colorado is going to be another Democratic defeat in 2012.

This Is How It Begins Wanton Violence – The Market Ticker

February 18, 2010 Finance General Politics 1

This Is How It Begins Wanton Violence – The Market Ticker. This is an interesting perspective.  If this is true then it’s only the beginning of the people’s response to this loooooong term raping of the American public. I am watching the news conference and the Austin PD is stone walling reporters even when Federal… Read more

Yahoo’s Search to Become More Useless

February 18, 2010 Open Source 0

It’s very simple.  Yahoo is abandoning their search.  All of their search results are going to come from Bing.  How bad is Bing?  I can search Microsoft’s site with Google faster, with more accuracy, and more relevance than Bing can hope for.

War Monger RINO’s Have Taken The Tea Party Movement Hostage.

February 11, 2010 Politics 0

From the election of RINO Scott Brown to RINO Sarah Palin(she’s popular because she’s “hot”) the Tea Party has been successfully hijacked.  The question is..will the tea partiers realize this in time before their movement is relegated to the grass roots trash pile? During her keynote address and in subsequent television appearances, Palin aggressively beat… Read more

Global Warming Doublespeak: Snowmageddon Blizzards Are Part Of Heating Trend

February 11, 2010 Climate Scam New World Order 0

The warming lobby is now claiming that global cooling is a part of global warming, and that we must still lower our living standards and pay carbon taxes, while all the real environmental problems are ignored or actively made worse by the same power brokers demanding that we make sacrifices in the name of fighting… Read more

State and county road crews being suspended.

February 10, 2010 Brunswick General Revelations 0

As per Fredrick Central Communications: All county and state road operations have been suspended due to weather conditions until further notice. Per me: This means if you decide to drive your wait for a response is going to be a while since even fire and ems crews are getting stuck…. Be expecting response times for… Read more