February 11, 2010 Politics 0

From the election of RINO Scott Brown to RINO Sarah Palin(she’s popular because she’s “hot”) the Tea Party has been successfully hijacked.  The question is..will the tea partiers realize this in time before their movement is relegated to the grass roots trash pile?

During her keynote address and in subsequent television appearances, Palin aggressively beat the drums for war with Iran while failing to mention any of the issues that formed the bedrock of the original tea party movement – namely ending an unconstitutional foreign policy that is bankrupting America and auditing the private Federal Reserve.

Since it was hijacked by neo-cons, the tea party movement has slowly turned on Congressman Ron Paul.

As the Dallas Morning News reported on Sunday, Paul has three opponents in the March Republican primary attempting to unseat him, all of whom have ties to the new incarnation of the tea party movement run by neo-cons.

via Ron Paul Warns Of Neo-Con Takeover Of Tea Party Movement.