Month: August 2007

What Happens to Vista When it Doesn’t Work on Your Brand new Machine.

August 25, 2007 General 0

HUUUGE Microsoft Problem Within Their own Activation System

August 25, 2007 General 0

Microsoft has this thing Called WGA(Windows Genuine Advantage) that has started flagging installations of Vista, XP, and Office as pirated. While WGA has a certain error rate it’s spiked up to a high level recently. MS has responded by taking their activation servers offline until Tuesday, August 28, 2007. If you have to reload your… Read more

Interesting Phone Company Sneakiness

August 21, 2007 General 0

I am posting this from Posted: Tuesday, August 21 at 05:00 am CT by Bob Sullivan Nicki Harris couldn’t understand how she’d exceeded the monthly minutes on her Sprint calling plan. She is careful with her prime-time calling and pays for a plan that gives her free Sprint-to-Sprint calls, so calls to her husband… Read more

NO wonder Christians Don’t Volunteer for Christian Ministries

August 15, 2007 General 1

I’ve been burned too much. I often heard fellow Christians talk about how they won’t work for other Christians…now i understand the sentiment. I’m totally mentally exhausted. right now i’m in robot mode barely able to function above a basic level. i don’t want to mess with computers, people, my church or much of anything… Read more

What a relief

August 14, 2007 General 0

I needed to unload a couple of projects. When i removed myself from them i now have two new clients in two days and a long term startup is now wanting to ramp up. I had to resign because when it comes down to it..neither of them are being operated in or truly have a… Read more

Feeling Anti-Social 2

August 14, 2007 General 0

Between one of my clients an unexpectedly rude manner, my daughter acting like she has no brain, and the overall crappy couple of weeks since i came back from my vacation, I REALLY don’t want to be around people right now.

Feeling Anti-Social

August 2, 2007 General 1

I am a hermit by nature. That’s the prologue: I just spent 10 days and 2500 miles with my wife, daughter, and my mother-in-law and a trip to a family reunion. I’m done being social for a bit now. I love my’s time for a slight break.