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CW: R.I.P. Scotty Edition – Newsweek Periscope –

Unfortunatly the evidence for global warming is refutable. I posted about this earlier in my blog..:)

La Shawn Barber?s Corner :

It appears somebody has decided to try to defame Lashawn. Looks like you gotten under somebody’s skin.. Keep up the great work!

Michelle Malkin:

Of course they suspended him. However i bet it was leftists inside ABC that had more to do with him being suspended than CAIR’s smear campaign.

There are also details by the counterterrorism blog about how the fatwa declared by Cair is bogus. Good stuff.

Jewish World Review columnist Michael Graham himself responds. has a hilarious cartoon depicting the duplicity shown by CAIR and the terrorists.

LaShawn Barber also weighs in and joins us in supporting Michael.

Cheri Pierson Yecke: Attacked for their looks

I listen to this station almost exclusivly. It is messianic Jewish in format. They play mostly Messianic Jewish music but i have been hearing more evangelical praise music as well. A wonderful station with a good website. Check out WSTW here. I listen to the 128k mp3 stream via winamp. If you want to try it here’s the stream’s link. – House narrowly approves CAFTA – Jul 27, 2005

Nafta just led to our now open borders and illegal invasion. Also NAFTA was supposed to increase the mexican’s standard of lining..muchlike CAFTA is supposed to do. Guess what? NAFTA has not brought up mexico’s economy or standard of has brought ours down though. Now cafta is going to bring it down even further.


Baby yanked from couple
for kisses on belly button

The ordeal is finally over, but for the past year, a North Carolina family has been torn apart after state officials claimed family photos of a father kissing his baby’s belly button were some kind of child abuse.

It began when Teresa Hamaty took impromptu party snapshots of her husband, Charbel, playfully embracing their naked, newborn son, Kristoff.

After dropping the film off at an Eckerd store in North Raleigh, authorities were notified.

“You see the back of the baby, and like if someone is kissing the baby’s belly button,” Teresa told WRAL-TV.

But police saw the worst and arrested Teresa for taking sexually explicit photos, charged her husband with felony sexual assault, and put Kristoff and his half-sister in protective custody.

Thank the Lord I use a digital camera which means i do not have to let the getstapo that has infected this country look at my pictures in a phpto processing area. I also fully agree with the mother’s statement at hte end of the artice:
“I hate cameras,” Charbel now says. “I don’t like taking pictures.”

Wired News:

I read about this yesterday and frankly I just couldn’t comment. Hoestly, right now I really can’t comment without getting extremly angry at this woman’s…I don’t have the word.

****** Cosmic X ******:

Yeppers. disengagement really helps..:) Just read hte above to see how much the Jewish people have been “helped” by this madness.


Read this carefully. Does this sound like a certain USA now? Full of paranoia and liberals trying to placate and pacify the terrorists instead of hitting back at them. Just look at Israel’s past. When Israel has hit back at hte terrorists the attacks ceased and the errorists either went elsewhere or went into hiding. Terrorists are simply bullies and like bullies when you hit back and blody them up they run and hide since bullies are cowards. Hard hitting action is what is called for..not whiny pacifism.
?Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive regret that consumers may have been exposed to content that was not intended to be accessible in the playable version of ?Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?,? it said in a statement.

The company said it had halted production of the game in the controversial form and was working on a version of the game without the hidden sexual content.

?Going forward, the company will refine the process by which it edits games and will enhance the protection of its game code to prevent such future modifications,? it said.

Another stupid lawsuit but i understand her premise for filing it. What is disturbing is the quote above. Rockstar is going to increase its protections against mods in the future? rockstar is saying they intend to keep putting porn in their games and lock it away for some future use. This was no accident..they just got caught with their pants down.


Israeli forces carrying out next month’s withdrawal from Gaza and parts of the West Bank are planning to shut off water, electricity and phone service and block all cell-phone reception if Jewish residents slated for evacuation refuse to leave immediately, WND has learned.

As part of the Gaza evacuation plan, Israeli forces led by the Southern District Police Command will shut off utilities in the first few days to all area residents who refuse to leave on their own accord, senior military officials told WND.

Lord help thise folks in Gaza and God please spare your wrath against Israel for her govt’s wickedness.


Tom Tancredo, the Colorado congressman who caused an uproar with the suggestion Muslim holy sites could be taken out in response to a nuclear attack on U.S. cities, is making no apologies if people are offended by his frank talk.

“Many critics of my statements have characterized them as ‘offensive,’ and indeed they may have offended some,” writes Tancredo in a guest commentary in the Denver Post. “But in this battle against fundamentalist Islam, I am hardly preoccupied with political correctness, or who may or may not be offended. Indeed, al-Qaida cares little if the Western world is ‘offended’ by televised images of hostages beheaded in Iraq, subway bombings in London, train attacks in Madrid, or Americans jumping to their death from the Twin Towers as they collapsed.”

go get em! I agree wholeheartedly with you and i am glad you are standing behind your statements and not backpedaling.

Then of course more groups whine about it. You can see it on

DENVER – Hispanic and Islamic groups called on Rep. Tom Tancredo to resign Monday, saying he has embarrassed Colorado by suggesting bombing Islamic holy sites if terrorists launch a nuclear attack on the U.S.

They also criticized the GOP congressman?s staunch advocacy of tougher immigration controls.

Hang in there Tom! You know the truth hurts..and they are getting hit hard witht he truth now.

Can’t say i feel sorry for the AFl_CIO as they have become a PAC and not the classic union. While I deplore unions in general..let’s see what hoffa does with the teamsters now. Will he take the teamsters back to their roots when they worked for representing their members and not using their members dues for a lobbying effort?

Terrell Owens is hinting that he would agree to a trade because of a contract dispute with the Philadelphia Eagles, although his first choice is to still get a new deal from the NFC champions.

Drew Rosenhaus, Owens? agent said Friday he just wants a fair-market deal for Owens.

?We hope it?s something we can work out with the Philadelphia Eagles,? Rosenhaus told The Associated Press, adding he had talked recently with the Eagles. ?If it?s something we can work out with another team, that is not something we are opposed to.?

Oh this is rich. They know that reid is not going to budge so now they whine more. Play your contract out TO or retire.

Rosenhaus said the Packers have refused to negotiate with him ever since he first approached the team this spring to tear up Walker?s current contract, which has two years remaining and calls for him to make $515,000 this season.

?I haven?t had very many holdouts in my career, but I?ve been unable to get the Packers to commit to any discussion of a new deal,? Rosenhaus said. ?The Packers have refused to negotiate with us. They expect him to play the year out.?

Rosenhaus said that won?t happen.

?I can?t let this player go out on the field and jeopardize his career for that kind of money. I just can?t fathom it,? he said in an interview with HBO taped last Friday and scheduled to air next week.

He’s got two years left in a contract you agreed to. If you don’t like your it out..or retire.

Owens, who wants a renegotiation of his seven-year, $49 million deal, which he signed last year, was asked about his contract conflict with the Eagles and told the Miami Herald, “I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, whether they hate me or not. People hated on Jesus. They threw stones at him and tried to kill him, so how can I complain or worry about what people think?

Owens is an arrogant blowhard. He wants to renegotiate a contract he just signed. Frankly, I applaud Reid for not giving into this man’s temper tantrums. If TO does not show up at camp he should be released immediatly.

Captain’s Quarters:

I jsut saw this on the news. I loved Scotty. His passing marks the end of an era to be sure.

Embracing Illegals
But Inez and Antonio aren’t your typical American consumers. They’re undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S. illegally. When the couple, along with Esmeralda, crossed the Mexican border five years ago, they had little money, no jobs, and lacked basic documents such as Social Security numbers. Guided by friends and family, the couple soon discovered how to navigate the increasingly above-ground world of illegal residency. At the local Mexican consulate, the Valenzuelas each signed up for an identification card known as a matr?cula consular, for which more than half the applicants are undocumented immigrants, according to the Pew Hispanic center, a Washington think tank. Scores of financial institutions now accept it for bank accounts, credit cards, and car loans. Next, they applied to the Internal Revenue Service for individual tax identification numbers (ITINS), allowing them to pay taxes like any U.S. citizen — and thereby to eventually get a home mortgage.

If they were naturalized citizens..had they gone through the citizenhsip process..i would be overjoyed. However with them doing this illegally…it just makes me ill.

Hat tip: LaShawn Barber.

****** Cosmic X ******

This is a Jewish person who lives in Jerusalem. he has links to other jewish and non-jewish bogs as well. A good read for how things are going from a citizen of Israel.

My wife purchased an Ipod Shuffle at my recomendation for her upcoming business trip. The little glorified flash drive works well..but Itunes blows for the one thing i wanted to use it for..podcast linking. So far it has only managed to pull up podcasts once. Anyone having issues with Itunes podcasting directory?

*UPDATE* I just tried Itunes(or iTunes as i am told by ipodders) on my machine and podcasts stil don’t work. If Itunes requires open internet server functionality..then it will not work here as my firewall by default denies everything..esxcept that which i have allowed..and that’s not much. So if i am required to open ports for itune’s various online features to run correctly..forget it. Also i have noticed Itunes is a huge resource pig. Even on my machine(which right now is a anthlon xp running at 1ghz w 512 megs ram) if i try to do much of anything thing else either itunes lags or the other applictions do. Ick. I just blew it off my system. My wife has not decided if she likes Itunes or not.

ABC 7 News:

A lawyer for Jose Padilla, an American accused of plotting to detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb,” went before a federal appeals court Tuesday and demanded the U.S. government either charge his client with a crime or set him free. But a Bush administration lawyer told the court that the president must have authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists who come to the United States intent on killing civilians.

Exactly. This is an american citizen. Charge him or release him as per our constitituiion. Now i know Bush and most other politicians only give lip service to our founding document..but let’s obey it for once guys ok?

La Shawn Barber?s Corner:

I agree. All you have to do is read the interview. Don’t apologize for this one. You were speaking hypothetically.

Hugh Hewitt, The Captain, Michelle Malkin, and Baldilocks chme in.

*Update* The Instapunk weighs in heavily with Lashawn Barber.
Welcome Lashawn Barber readers.

National Journal has a good roundup going.


At least the Israeli people are willing to take action..:) God Bless them for attempting to protect their land. I hope Sharon backs off..but i think he won’t.


yes let’s teach how to speak SLANG that sounds like gibberish. Frankly, if i run into somebody speking ebonics i turn the other way..i don’t want to hear gibberish. Ebonics is simply laziness being passed off as another language.

*update* Michelle Malkin has good links as well.

Lashawn Barber posts her thoughts.

I also like the way Bill Cosby spoke out as well.

Yahoo! News

The law that passed in June as part of an $82 billion military spending bill goes beyond an earlier measure that sought to standardize state driver’s licenses.

This exceprt does not even begin to tlak about the realities of REALID..neither does the rest of the article. However the fact this was attached to a military spending bill and not even debated signals to me the status of the entire gov’t right now. We need to vote the whole lot of them out and vote in other candidates..not republicrats or demopublicans.

I have nothing against the children..but if you are an illegal need to be deported. If you want in and want the benefits of this country..go through the citizenship process as many do every day. Of course this is not going to happen as a demopublican or republicrat is in the open borders house.

Yahoo! News

The lefties just don’t get it. Left Behind is popular becuase it’s mostly biblical..not because you twist it to make it “cool”. Passion was popular becuase it was mostly biblical..not becuase it was cool. This show i bet is going to flop as well.

Michelle Malkin:
I would not dismiss this. The UN is determined. Keep a close watch on this one.

First this patch. I have long been suspicious of hte close relationship between the drug companies and the FDA in terms some FDA members worked for in the past and work for afterwards and even consult for drug companies while on the board. We need to make sure the FDA is truly independant.
This is a podcast by some of the folks who were on the former TechTv show The Screen Savers. Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, and others of the old crew get together once a week to dicuss what is going on. An excellent podcast to be sure. They are even trying to setup a live audience and have been toying with IP video. Stay tuned..:)

U.S. News –
On Saturday, a loud group of about 100 protesters outnumbered the volunteers, and Chase temporarily drove away from the border to chants of ?racists, go home.?

HVe to love the open borders folks. When their neighborhood or city gets a bomb detonated on it these nutcases will be the first ones screaming for Gov’t protection. Well, if you hadn’t interfered in the first place(and if the gov’t cared) this would not as big of a problem.

U.S. News –
Absent, however, is a cross, an image of God or Jesus Christ or any other traditional religious symbols. Osteen said his father never displayed such symbols and he simply continued the tradition. Instead, the new location will feature a larger version of the church?s trademark globe, rotating slowly behind Osteen as he preaches.

Major red flag. No displays of the cross which Jesus died on and which is where our salvation was purchased. I have not listened to Joel much..but his message is very feel good and does not confront the sinful nature of humans and their need of salvation and the reason salvation is needed. Without this foundation to understand our salvation and the need for it these folks are not gettting the whole story. However if they are truly coming to Christ I am not going to say Joel is wrong. Not being a member of his congragation and not following his ministry I have no way to say if his message is biblical or not.

The ugliness starts. Frankly I would rather have Ehrlich in office than Duncan. However I am not going to vote for either one of them. I am wondering if the Constitution Party has a candidate for Governor.

The city of Frederick has a valid concern here. The county is spending 800 million dollars adding piping throughout the county. Frankly the pipes are Frederick’s and if they are not sure..the county can’t do much.

We’ll if this RINO Erhlich actually cuts taxes. What he has done is cut taxes only to add more fees and increase exiting fees. Those are backdoor tax increases. When i hear a politician talking about fiscally prudent i watch closely..usually that means more spending..not less.
This is disturbing to me personally. All of the occult themes and praticies in there just saddens me. The fact it has grabbed so many folks also worries. I hear many’s only make believe. Unfortunatly everything you put into your mind influences you. Even in my small town i saw parents dressing up and children hopping along axiously awaiting their latest Harry Potter book. Pastor John Hagee I bet is going to have a field day with this one. I am going to be watching. I bet many parents don’t have a clue what is contained in the HP books either.

I ahve moved everything to my new personal domain You can get to my new wordpress blog here. I have manged to import hte posts but since the comments were in haloscan i cannot import them. The blog is not totally configured but it is useable..:)

The Inquirer: nough said. Anyone who believes MS IS NOT an illegal this. And that AMD vs. Intel anti-trust suit might just have some legs on it as well. “‘You see, I led the floor fight in the Senate against the co-called ‘life partners’ bill,’ Mooney states in the letter. ‘This bill is a sneaky step towards same-sex marriage in Maryland for homosexuals. The bill passed after days of tough debate, but was vetoed by Gov. [Robert L.] Ehrlich. Fortunately, we have just enough votes in the Senate to sustain his veto.

‘Then I led the fight against special ‘hate crimes’ legislation for homosexuals, transsexuals and cross dressers,’ Mooney further states. ‘It is the first time in the history of Maryland that we are giving transsexuals and cross dressers special legal recognition and status.’

In a telephone interview with Mooney, who is in California this week, the Senator stands by his statements, and said he believes they have helped him successfully win two terms in office.

‘I think people know where I stand,’ Mooney said. ‘My principles are based on my interests. I vote against special rights bills and [proponents of gay rights] call me names, but I will never waver from my beliefs.’

Mooney said he does not consider his views as discriminatory, but instead as a fight for family values.

Mooney, the father of a 23-month-old boy, has another child due in late August. He said he worries that if more rights are given to gays, their lifestyle will be promoted and taught in schools.

‘Homosexuals want the same benefits that married people have,’ he said. ‘If that happens than they’ll be teaching it to our kids in our schools.'”

GO Mooney! What’s laughable is the reaction from the critics of Mooney:
“Mooney’s actions are hate-filled and morally reprehensible,” Brooks said in an e-mail to The Gazette. “As a conservative Republican, I, too, do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but it is morally wrong to espouse violence against anybody for being who they are, especially under the guise of religion. Real Christians certainly don’t advocate hate crimes against others. Mooney’s actions would do just that …. Mooney has gotten away with using his hatred to take advantage of people of faith for far too long.”

Now where does Mooney promote violence? Nowhere. Nice try. Me AND my wife jsut might volunteer with this man’s campaign to ge him re-elected.

Captain’s Quarters: “On Thursday, they are planning to meet for breakfast to do just that. If the gang sticks together, it could become a powerful force – so powerful that some of its members, including Mr. Warner, have insisted that the group steer clear of issues beyond the judiciary, for fear of becoming a kind of shadow leadership.”

The problem is..they already are a shadown leadership tacitly endorsed by the spineless republicrats.

WorldNet The land seizures for private use by Gov’t is accelerating.

WorldNet Daily: Here is the NRA’s priority. Note it is not education.

Yahoo! News: If they would secure our borders this would not be as much of an issue. Right now they can just walk in and establish themselves without a problem. Attack the root of the our borders..then taking care of the rest will be much easier.

Vox Popoli: Let me add to Vox’s statement..the best way to avoid being responsible at all..don’t have sex at all until you are married..:)

This is a nice analogy about Brunswick’s boondoggle. I posted similiar opinions here and here.

The Register: This is humorous. We invented the Internet and i get replies all the time that it is now a global resource. It is..but it never would have existed without us releasing it. So if we wish to maintain control of the Root servers that’s our peragotive. If the europeans want to setup their own DNS and even their own internet..go for it..:) The root is staying where it belongs..with the USA.

WorldNet Daily: The madness continues. This is not too far from me. This judge needs to be impeached and the developers contract nullified.

*UPDATE* Of course if these backroom deals continue and changes keep getting done i wonder if hte BC contract can be nuyllified due to breach of contract on the part of the developer?

Crossing’s details under consideration: ”

Jerry Connelly, also of Pleasants Development, said despite the controversy over the integration of “active adult” housing (for older residents), the plan reflected a myriad of “compromises between the town officials, residents and developers. He called the integration a “strong design” that has proven popular elsewhere in Frederick County.

Members of the Brunswick Crossing citizens’ advisory board, former and present town officials and other residents said they objected to the plan to blend the “active adult housing units” with the other units.

Resident Kim Cable of Fourth Avenue called for active adult housing to be a separate section, so that the residents could form a peer group, living with neighbors their own age.

Developers defended the layout as consistent with the original design. They argued that though the concept design, approved by Brunswick residents and the town board, appeared to dictate one area for active adults, it was drafted to convey only the proportions of the housing units.

As I posted herethe new layout proposed for the Active Adult living areas is not what we were shown at the annexation town halls and is not what we voted to approve during the annexation vote. Now the “City Staff”(aka the Planning and Zoning) have overriden our votes and allowed the developer to redo the layout. I do not have a personal problem with the City staff..however I have a huge problem with them going around the voters and approving changes we did not vote for. This should have been put to the voters at a referendum. Also I have nothing personally against the City council as I voted for jsut about every member who sits in it. However it is time for the Council to stand up and go..hold up, this is not what the citizens approved. I call upon the Planning Commission to consider the citizens vote on the original layout. I only hope it is not too late to salvage this and make it what we voted for..and not what the developer thinks they can get away with. I can’t believe Jerry actually said the above quote with a straight face. The original layout shown to us at the town meetings is nothing like they are proposing in terms of the Senior area. We did not vote for a plan that has proved popular in the rest of the county..we approved a plan that would be unique to Brunswick. Also the water tower being moved is yet another change.

Also since it appears the CAC objected and got blown off..I publically apologize for my statements about the CAC not attempting to hold the line.

The Inquirer: Oh the irony. These folks are complaining about U.S. “interference” int he internet when it would not exist without us! YOu want to go make your own net..go right ahead. It’s to the point i think the U.S. should jsut close the inet down and let the rest of thw orld fend for itself..:)
Turks set up alternative internet: “So far the outfit has been trying to flog its network with the idea that it has an easy-to-remember address. However, according to Turhan Mentes, the Turkish group’s chairman, it is also getting some interest from those countries concerned about increasing interference of the US government in the Interweb. ?”

Vox Popoli:

Read the last paragraph..i love it when vox gets “nasty” I love it. Walmart successfully rebuffs the corporate mafia(the unions) which causes said mafia to whine and complain. I have a very very god friend who started at walmart..and now runs the stocking area in one of the dfw area stores. He has a new wife and a 10-year old daughter and while not rich he lives comfortably. Frankly, I applaud walmart for not caving to the corporate extortionists..i like their prices and i like being able to go to one place for just about everything. If the corporate mafia wants to about starting your own chain that just does things better than walmart? Wait..they can’t..they are not creative enough to do most extortionists..:)

The courts are telling the state what to do? Oligarchy in full effect. Hrmm socialistic oligarchy?..
The Associated Press: “TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The Kansas Supreme Court said Saturday it will consider keeping schools closed because state legislators have failed to comply with the court’s demand that they spend more money on public schools.

Students are already on summer break in Kansas and aren’t scheduled to return until August. However, if the Legislature doesn’t resolve the funding issue, the court could keep 445,000 students and 64,000 teachers and staff from returning to the classroom when the new school year starts.”

The Supreme’s decision to embrace communism shockwaves continue their march.

I wonder if this is why bush refuses to enforce our borders?