July 7, 2005 General 0

Crossing’s details under consideration: ”

Jerry Connelly, also of Pleasants Development, said despite the controversy over the integration of “active adult” housing (for older residents), the plan reflected a myriad of “compromises between the town officials, residents and developers. He called the integration a “strong design” that has proven popular elsewhere in Frederick County.

Members of the Brunswick Crossing citizens’ advisory board, former and present town officials and other residents said they objected to the plan to blend the “active adult housing units” with the other units.

Resident Kim Cable of Fourth Avenue called for active adult housing to be a separate section, so that the residents could form a peer group, living with neighbors their own age.

Developers defended the layout as consistent with the original design. They argued that though the concept design, approved by Brunswick residents and the town board, appeared to dictate one area for active adults, it was drafted to convey only the proportions of the housing units.

As I posted herethe new layout proposed for the Active Adult living areas is not what we were shown at the annexation town halls and is not what we voted to approve during the annexation vote. Now the “City Staff”(aka the Planning and Zoning) have overriden our votes and allowed the developer to redo the layout. I do not have a personal problem with the City staff..however I have a huge problem with them going around the voters and approving changes we did not vote for. This should have been put to the voters at a referendum. Also I have nothing personally against the City council as I voted for jsut about every member who sits in it. However it is time for the Council to stand up and go..hold up, this is not what the citizens approved. I call upon the Planning Commission to consider the citizens vote on the original layout. I only hope it is not too late to salvage this and make it what we voted for..and not what the developer thinks they can get away with. I can’t believe Jerry actually said the above quote with a straight face. The original layout shown to us at the town meetings is nothing like they are proposing in terms of the Senior area. We did not vote for a plan that has proved popular in the rest of the county..we approved a plan that would be unique to Brunswick. Also the water tower being moved is yet another change.

Also since it appears the CAC objected and got blown off..I publically apologize for my statements about the CAC not attempting to hold the line.