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A thought Provoking Interview With Maajid Nawaz

February 22, 2022 General 0

A formerly radicalized person who has been labled anti-vaxx despite being double-vaxxed, an anti-muslmi extremist despite going to prision for his Islamic faith…among other things:  

A Time For Mourning…a Time to Move Forward

February 21, 2022 Faith Family General 0

Tired of Facebook putting fact check crap on my posts and others.  It’s time for me to get back on my own platform again..:) It was less than a month after Mike died that my closest friend…basically my brother…died suddenly.  he literally dropped dead.  It’s something you hear about…but it’s something else when it hits… Read more

The Afghanistan Disaster(TONS OF Links)

August 16, 2021 General 0

I will keep adding links..but hell it’s not hard to find stories about this everywhere.  I find it hard to believe even Biden is this incompetent…or that our military is this incompetent. I can only surmise this was done on purpose…maybe it’s truly gross incompetence…but i find this level hard to believe: Post 1 Post… Read more

It’s Long Overdue for us to Have Left Afghanistan

August 15, 2021 General Military 0

It’s about time we pulled out of Afghanistan. I’ll explain’s very simple. The muslims hate each other so much they were3 very busy killing each other(iraq iran war anyone?). There’s only one thing a Muslim(and i am talking about the fundamentalists…the ones the media calls radicals. They are not radical..they are following their Koran… Read more

Archived Mike Rowe FB Post

August 9, 2021 General 0

From  mike rowe FB post: Off the Wall Here’s a delightful headline, followed by a charming article, written by a guy named Jonathan V. Last. I don’t think he likes me. Strap in. It’s a doozy. MIKE ROWE’S DIRTY LIES The voice of the working class goes anti-anti-anti-vaxx. Mike Rowe—the famous real man, dirty-jobbing, tough… Read more

It’s Been An Interesting Time

July 28, 2021 General 0

Since my last post.  I kind of forgot I had this personal site.  With Facebook getting more and more strict about their filters…i realized i need to start moving things to my own site here.  My upcoming posts are going to be content that I have copied from my Facebook account to here.

do not build your fort inside enemy territory- parler edition

January 9, 2021 General New World Order 0

I was REALLY curious why Dan Bongino was pushing his FB live as he doesn’t use FB most times. This morning it hit me. He is asking for support because parler is in true imminent danger. Parler made a grave tactical error. Guess who their infrastructure provider is? nslookup Server: UnKnown Address: Non-authoritative… Read more

Sound Card troubles…finally solved

January 1, 2021 Gaming General Hardware Technology 0

I had a Asus Xonar dg sound card from the money I had when my wife died.  I have had that for quite some time.  i finally started having problems with that card not working under windows 10 because the drivers were pushing 5 years old and the windows driver architecture had quite a few… Read more

Gamecache update: Comcast cap avoidance edition

January 1, 2021 Freenas Gamecache Gaming General Hardware ISCSI Open Source 0

I have been posting bout my gamecache setup here at the house.  Well it just got even more important as Comcast has announced data caps across the remainder of its footprint where it had not been enforcing cap.  I now have nearly 1 Terabyte of data on this gamecache drive.  What this means is that… Read more

Karl’s take on 2020

December 12, 2020 Covid-19 General Health Pandemic 0

2020: A Look In Review, And Dark Days Forward* [Comments enabled] When I first began writing The Market Ticker I made a practice of doing a “Year in Review” ticker toward the back half of December with a list of predictions for the next year.  Part of this, after the first one of course, was scoring myself… Read more

Trumps recent speech

December 4, 2020 Anti-Americanism General New World Order Politics 0

I am not sure Trump will triumph in this battle because the establishment simply does not want Trump to win no matter what.  That begs the bigger question of what happens in either result either Trump winds or he doesn’t? I tried to post this link in Facebook but it appears Mike Adams has blocked… Read more

Server Changes

March 7, 2019 General Technology 0

I have been trying to figure out how I want to change the rack to save power and reduce complexity.  Given i am switching away from ETC Maryland i do not need the massive amount of computing power i have sitting upstairs.  It just hit me..:)  My FreeNAS machine has the capability to hold everything… Read more

incoming: A ton of content

March 7, 2019 General 0

As i transition away from to I wanted to preserve the posts over the eyars from ETC Maryland.  I am going to pull the posts from ETC over to this site….it wil take a whle to clean them all up…but i did not want my decade of work to simply vanish..:)  Now i… Read more

The Saudis Are Feeling Uppity…

October 15, 2018 General Politics 0

The Saudis want to threaten us with price hikes. I hope they do try it..we can easily make up the difference as we have plenty of reserves…especially with ANWAR now open…but the Brakken oil field is not being touched much either…all we would have to do is cut off all of the exporting of energy… Read more

Some Tinkering and Self-Education

June 19, 2018 General 0

While my current server setup is great for business use it really doesn’t have enough space for a hardcore cord-cutting setup.  I will require more than the 4 terabytes I have available on my storage server right now.  25% of that is for business backups..the rest is for my new personal experiment. Plex media server… Read more

If You Are Not Married…Might Not Want to..Yet…The Fleecing of Men Goes Into High Gear But The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Stronger

January 1, 2018 General 0

I was blessed with a loyal wife who honored the wedding vows we both took literally…until the day she died.  The newly signed tax law takes a further dig at men.  However since men are now being drained of all of their livelihood by the legal system this latest dig now has the “let’s drain… Read more

Some Network Tweaks

December 28, 2017 General 0

I decided to go from software dynamic disks raid on the VM mirror to direct hardware raid. This was relatively painless. I exported the Hyper-V VM’s to the backup server (which took about an hour at a gigabit)..deleted both disks from storage spaces…then using the web interface logged into the raid controller and created the… Read more

The Latest Jobs Report Actually Sucks

June 3, 2016 General 0

The unemployment rate of 4.x percent is an outright lie.  BIG excerpt from the economic collapse blog:   This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen.  On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the U.S. economy only added 38,000 jobs in May.  This was way below the 158,000 jobs that analysts… Read more

Employment is not doing well(despite what the media says)

February 5, 2016 General 0

Take a look at what Karl Denniger has on his site.  I can only grab the text so hit the link..:)   ops… +151k….. Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 151,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in several industries,… Read more

The State’s Revolt Against Syrian Refugees is Meaningless in the Short Term

November 17, 2015 General Immigration 0

Why?  Immigration as defined in the constitution is one thing solely handled by the federal gov’t.  This means the states really do not have a choice in the matter unless they want to secede…which they won’t do.  karl denniger sums it up nicely as follows: Rick Scott was on this morning going on about his… Read more

Gun Free Zones are the Problem

October 7, 2015 General New World Order 0

This is from not exactly a conservative bastion with some startling revelations:   Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone. And… Read more

Why RFRA is NOT discriminatory

April 2, 2015 General 0

I have been called bigoted because of my support for this.  They have one fundamental flaw.  it would be bigoted of me to discriminate black folks.  They cannot change the fact they are black.  As far as the LGBT(add whatever letters they want after this) goes if you listen to them talk and watch what… Read more

New Warning To All Ford Ecoboost Owners! – YouTube

December 16, 2014 General 0

If you have an ecoboost engine i would reconsider the “induction service’ many folks are doing on their vehicles.  I might reconsider this for any GDI engine.  Unfortunately in gasoline engine tend to have carbon issues on the intake valves. New Warning To All Ford Ecoboost Owners! – YouTube.

The Seattle Minimum Wage Hike Has Immediate Consequences. Job Losses Begin.

December 3, 2014 Anti-Americanism Finance General 0

According to the National Review Hotline, Kathrina Tugadi owner of Seattle’s El Norte Lounge, no longer hires musicians for her restaurant, she said she can’t justify expenses that don’t directly “add to the bottom line.” And, she says, hours will have to be cut: El Norte Lounge plans to stop serving lunch and only serve… Read more

Something to Believe In

March 18, 2013 General 0

Above and beyond my faith in the Lord I’ve come up with something that defines my forward vision:   “I will succeed”   I have a little limerick in my head I’ll update it as i add to it   I Will Succeed   I will succeed no matter who stands in my way regardless of who… Read more

Life “Battle Scars” Courtesy of Lupe fiasco

January 3, 2013 Christianity Church Family Fathers General 0

Excerpts From Lupe fiasco’s Battle Scars: Hope the wound heals but it never does That’s cause you at war with loveYou at war with love, yeah I saw this last night as i was heading to bed..jimmy fallon had Lupe on and i loved this song.  Sometimes as i think about my life the scars… Read more

Finally Got FB Integration Fixed

September 3, 2012 General 0

Since FB required https(which means i have to pay somebody $$4 to say I am who I ma on the web i found a workaround..:)  Now i can freely post on both this blog and my blog and know they will both post properly on my FB timeline..:)

Our Insane Society 07/23 by TickerGuy

July 23, 2012 General 0

We have far too many other deadly agents we use every day.  The theater shootings are terrible yes..but we have many more even deadly devices inside our homes every day. Read the article linked in the following page then read the feedback as i debate the author.  After that listen to the the insane society… Read more

It’s Cord Cutting Time

February 18, 2012 General 0

We’ve grown weary of Comcast’s fare hikes and transfer limits.  We are definitely cutting residential cable and internet and going business class.  We slow down form 16/2 to 12/2 but the upshot is we have no transfer caps and we get a higher priority on our node.  We’ll take those odds plus a 3 year price freeze… Read more

The Battle of Chernobyl

February 14, 2012 Environment General 0

THE BATTLE OF CHERNOBYL dramatically chronicles the series of harrowing efforts to stop the nuclear chain reaction and prevent a second explosion, to “liquidate” the radioactivity, and to seal off the ruined reactor under a mammoth “sarcophagus.” These nerve-racking events are recounted through newly available films, videos and photos taken in and around the plant,… Read more

Joining the Cord Cutters

February 10, 2012 General 0

In May of this year.  It turns out our current pricing is a promotion.  When it ends cable alone is 80/month and that’s jsut basic digital.  Internet is another 65 bucks.  We can get another 1 year promotion on the cable and get it knocked down to 50/month but internet promo is only 6 months… Read more

Why NOT to Buy Into Facebook’s IPO.

February 2, 2012 General 0

After reading the s-1 myself and upon reading other analysis i ahve to agree with Karl on this one.  This is simply so the insiders can “monetize” their holding…aka line their pockiets with investors money.  They did not go public until AFTER they peaked..which is noted by Facebook in it’s own S-1.  There’s other things to be concerned about… Read more

New System Build

December 31, 2011 General 0

As per my sad day post I have to do something to rebuld my box. After quite a bit of research i’ve come up with a few things: 1. I am not a huge gamer anymore. HIghly intensive, video card sapping games are not what i focus on. 2. Multiple threads are a must still…but… Read more

It’s a Sad Day in HCS Ville

December 16, 2011 Brunswick Gaming General 0

My computer has been acting up for a couple of weeks.  Tonight it just went poofies altogether.  I managed to nail it down to my video card…:(  Luckily my motherboard has onbaord gaphics and can drive two monitors..jsut no more gaming for accelerated internet vids(them quad cores goin to get a workout now).  Once i replace the… Read more

Amazing Mimic Octopus vs Mantis Shrimp Battle – YouTube

November 24, 2011 General 0

Amazing Mimic Octopus vs Mantis Shrimp Battle – YouTube.

The similarities between so called dictatorships and our country

October 20, 2011 General 0

        OWS is bringing out the iron fist of American Gov’t….     I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street – YouTube.

Steve Jobs Has Died

October 5, 2011 General 0

Right from their website.   Apple – Remembering Steve Jobs.

Sprint’s On An Anti-Consumer Tear – As Company Prepares for iPhone, LTE Build |, ISP Information

September 29, 2011 General 0

Sprint’s On An Anti-Consumer Tear – As Company Prepares for iPhone, LTE Build |, ISP Information.

Let’s Keep Something in Mind

June 11, 2011 General 2

If i friend you on facebook it is NOT a statement of any kind about friendship outside of FB.  In fact the friend term shouldn’t be used on FB.  Conversely if i “defreind” you on fb it is not a statement about friendship or lack thereof  in the real world either.

Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter | Video on

May 23, 2011 General 0

Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter | Video on

Random Thoughts (open to everyone) | Page 15 | Gods Frozen Chosen

May 15, 2011 General 0

Courtesy of Pie.   Random Thoughts (open to everyone) | Page 15 | Gods Frozen Chosen.

America’s “Control” of the Mississippi and the Consequences of Loss of Said “Control”

May 14, 2011 Finance General 1

The Control of Nature: Atchafalaya : The New Yorker.

Parents Listen up! Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps

May 13, 2011 General 0

Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps –

April 27, 2011 General 0

watch this video.  This is jsut incredible.   Tuscaloosa twister ‘absolutely shocking’ – In the Arena – Blogs.

The Twilight Zone with a 2 year Old

April 23, 2011 General 0

My wife just got done baking some pumpkin bread muffins.  She was totally silent on getting the muffins out of the oven.  No sooner had my wife pulled one of them out here comes Chloe wanting “bread”.  Heather looks at me, shakes her head and says, ” Never fails”.  It was funny to see.

April 5, 2011 Brunswick Finance General 0

So they increased taxes and “cut” services while spending 10 million more in the next budget.  Souds to me they did not do a whole lot in reductions.   Cuts to personnel and services were combined with projected increases in income tax revenue to balance the budget, which is $10 million larger than this year’s. The county… Read more

April 5, 2011 General 0


An Amazing Display of Sportsmanship.

March 30, 2011 General 0

Game Winning Homerun Turns Tragic – Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship.

Nrearly exam time

March 27, 2011 General 2

Final bit of tips before lunch and my amateur technicians license. Will post in a few hours with the results


March 24, 2011 General 0

Amber alert issued for two local children Thursday – 3/24/2011,  10:26pm  ET WASHINGTON – An Amber Alert has been issued for two local children. Two-year-old Robert Anthony Anderson III and 10-month-old Tiara Imani Anderson were abducted by their father, Robert Anthony Anderson, Jr. Thursday. Anderson, Jr. is described between 5 feet, 8 inches and 5… Read more

New Move Over Law is Now in Effect

March 21, 2011 Brunswick General 1

Most Marylanders are aware of the hands-free driving law that went into effect October 1, but many motorists are not aware of another law that also went into effect that same day. According to a Maryland State Police press release, the “move over” law requires drivers approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights on to… Read more

A non-Apology From an Anti-Semite

March 19, 2011 General 0

So much for her “apology” (“I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians,” the 89-year-old Thomas wrote on her website. “They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle Eastonly when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come… Read more

If This is True Japan has Serious Ongoing Issues

March 19, 2011 General 0

The unfolding disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant follows decades of falsified safety reports, fatal accidents and underestimated earthquake risk in Japan’s atomic power industry. The destruction caused by last week’s 9.0 earthquake and tsunami comes less than four years after a 6.8 quake shut the world’s biggest atomic plant, also run by Tokyo Electric… Read more

That’s Interesting

March 18, 2011 General 0

Apparently the CDN node i was on had an issue.  Right after i posted my previous complaint the video got disconnected with a “video is not available try again later”.  I waited a small bit and now things are working great.  Looking at my logs i most assuredly am on a different Akamai node..:)

Is the Saipan going to return?

March 15, 2011 General 0

LHA-6 America / LHX / LHA(R) – Ship List.

Japan And Market Update 3/15 in [Market-Ticker]

March 15, 2011 General 0

Reactor #4 was the subject of much hype yesterday.  There was a fire coincident in its initiation with the explosion at Reactor #3.  Immediately every conspiracy site on the Internet assumed that the cause was an uncontrollable and catastrophic fuel pool fire.  There is no evidence consistent with this theory.  Most-important is that radiation levels at… Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Baby Joseph Gets Second Chance at Life in U.S. –

March 14, 2011 General 0

The baby who was hours from being pulled off life support at his Canadian hospital has been rescued by the national director of Priests for Life and taken to the U.S. for treatment.Thirteen-month-old Joseph Maraachli, who is currently kept alive by a respirator and was recently denied a transfer to a Michigan hospital to undergo… Read more

Video of Skyscrpaer swaying during Recent Japanese Earthquake.

March 13, 2011 General 0

YouTube – ????????????????????2011?3?11? -original.

FOX News Live Stream on Hawaii Tsunami effects

March 11, 2011 General 0

FOX News Live Stream.

Japan Earthquake News on USTREAM: Live stream

March 11, 2011 General 0

Japan Earthquake News on USTREAM: ..

msnbc video: Tsunami in Japan

March 11, 2011 General 1

msnbc video: Massive quake strikes Japan.

A youtube playlist I like

March 11, 2011 General 0

I have really started to enjoy the Messianic Jewish musicians. Maybe it’s because since i’ve been to Israel even if for a couple of days it was an amazing experience. At the time I went I did not know the Lord at all…and had no idea the significance of my journey. NOw that I am… Read more

I’m Back!

March 10, 2011 General 0

Had to do a server operating system upgrade. It’s completed now and went smoothly except for the time consumed..:)

Prayer Request

March 9, 2011 General 0

At the request of a Facebook friend – We are asking everyone to say a prayer for the US “Darkhorse” 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan and have lost 9 Marines in 4 days. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE IT ON EVERYONE’S PAGE…Even if its only… Read more

The American Spectator : A Modest Proposal to Fix Global Warming

March 9, 2011 General 0

NO further comments needed. …:) As surely as the cherry blossoms will emerge after another cold, bleak Washington winter, so will the global warming muezzins resume calling us to prayer at their green altar. But now, thanks to National Geographic’s Charles Choi, we are reminded that if global warming actually occurred, any American president can… Read more

Justice Alito is Wrong

March 9, 2011 Anti-Americanism General 0

As vile and hateful as the Westboro folks are….it is protected speech.  The fact that Alito would dissent is startling.  Even more telling is that a “conservative” author would even side with somebody wanting to start shredding even more of our Constitution than what has already been decimated is even more telling.   The American… Read more

A Journey Ends Well

March 9, 2011 Finance General 3

Our bed broke more than 6 months ago. This past weekend we went to mattress wharehosue in Frederick and it was a highly unpleasant experience. The first salesman was kind enough until we wanted time to think about it..he then sent us to his closer who was scary looking and pushy. When we would not… Read more

Vox Popoli: A lesson in equality

March 8, 2011 General 0

Obviously, there is no way to know exactly what happened unless there is security camera footage, but if Fuller’s version of events is accurate, he deserves to be fully exonerated and Rosas should be charged with assault upon her recovery. Assuming that Fuller was, in fact, attacked by the woman and punched several times in… Read more

Back Up to Full Speed

February 27, 2011 General 0

Got everything squared away. got a new case and 8 gigs of ram out of the exercise too..:) I’m rebuilding my machine now but for all intents and purposes I’m up to full speed.

On “Emergency” Power

February 27, 2011 Gaming General 0

My dekstop has been acting up for a bit now. I finally got around to reformatting the thing..only to disvoer possible video card issues. I then had a client barter me one of her two computers for work outstanding. So now instead of my desktop I’m currently moving from my 10 year old case to… Read more

The Idiocy Of Okaloosa Schools and Many Other Public Schools to.

February 24, 2011 Brunswick General 0

Remember this earlier post? Well here comes the conclusion.  While I have not run into this EXACT idiocy I’ve run into something similar.  The quoted text below is only a snippett…you really need to read the whole post to see just how stupid the fools thought Karl was..:)   There was no resolution offered by the District or the School Principal, of course. … Read more

February 21, 2011 General 0

Nough said here. Two months after a video leaked of Cyrus smoking salvia, a legal, LSD-like substance, her estranged father, Billy Ray Cyrus, announced to the world that he’d like a do-over on the whole “Hannah Montana” thing. “It destroyed my family,” the downtrodden dad told GQ. “I’ll tell you right now–the damn show destroyed… Read more

It’s Escambia-County Defund The Schools Day – MarketTicker Forums

February 21, 2011 Anti-Americanism General 0

It’s Escambia-County Defund The Schools Day – MarketTicker Forums.

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

February 20, 2011 General 0

This post is from Heather I have written a letter to the Maryland Senators to show my opposition to Senate Bill 116.  If anyone would like to copy it and send it, please feel free.  You may want to change the 2nd to the last paragraph to something personal about you, unless you, too, were married in… Read more

What True Tyranny Looks Like Courtesy of Bahrian

February 20, 2011 General 0

As security forces then began to fire anti-air craft guns over their heads and the air filled with tear gas, the protesters’ will finally broke. But even as they fled in headlong panic, a helicopter sprayed gunfire at them and more fell. Paramedics from ambulances that had rushed to the scene darted forward to help… Read more

Atlantic League eyes Frederick, Md., for future franchise – The York Daily Record

February 15, 2011 General 0

Another article slamming the keys and it’s ownership.  Something’s brewing and we are not being told everything.  The lid is going to blow off soon.  I still think that if Frederick cranks up the rent(keep in ind the keys also pay taxes on EVERY TICKET and pay for the vast majority of maintenance and improvements to the stadium..something most other teams… Read more

Frederick plays a dangerous game of chicken

February 15, 2011 General 0

it seems the Gazette has hitched it wagon to the “throw the keys out” bandwagon simply for short term gain.  I can tell you right now…if Frederick kicks out the keys….attendenace will crater…and once the truth of the BS that Frederick seems to be pulling comes will disappear.  Then Frederick will have Harry Grove Desert to pay for without any help from the Atlantic league team… Read more

Eco-friendly LED bulbs Just as Dangerous as Fluorescents.

February 14, 2011 Environment General 0

Those eco-nazis strike again.  hoard those incandescent bulbs while you can…until the eco-nutjobs get their ban so we can start using ever more dangerous “green” products.  So far most of the “green” technologies are even more harmful than the “dangerous” things they were supposed to replace. The LED bulbs sold as safe and eco-friendly can contain high levels of… Read more

San Bruno Pipeline Explosion expose

February 13, 2011 General 0

I’m not normally of CNN but this expose is well done. YouTube – Utility Co Already Charged San Bruno Customers For Replacement Pipeline Years Before Explosion.

Worldwide Islamist revolution explodes

January 31, 2011 General 0

These riots aren’t for democratic change.  They are for the rise of more muslim governments.  Tunisia and now Egypt aren’t “fully muslim” aka they aren’t ruled by sharia.  While some of the rioters may be actually concerend about their rights unless they continue sharia fundamentalists will overtake their movements leading to the rise of mire fundamentalist muslim movements…the main stream media call them… Read more

Bravo: $9.95 Comcast Connection for Every Poor Kid

January 11, 2011 General 0

Sometimes the big corps do something right..:) In a remarkable move that goes far beyond any previous U.S. program, Comcast will offer a $9.95/month connection and free modem to any family with a kid eligible for free school lunches. That includes those with a family income of up to 30% over the poverty line. They are… Read more

This guy nailed the forecast for Europe

December 21, 2010 General 0

YouTube – 1weatheraction’s Channel.

For Those Who Want ot use Wireless Cell as Your Sole Internet Provider Read This.

December 20, 2010 General 0

Wireless carriers openly considering charging per service (update: audio) — Engadget.

I Remember “Big”

December 14, 2010 General 0

YouTube – Big Chopsticks.

YouTube – OpenKinect – Keyboard Anywhere

December 14, 2010 General 0

THis is too cool!!!! OpenKinect via YouTube – OpenKinect – Keyboard Anywhere.

The Great Missile Mystery That Isn’t

December 12, 2010 General 0

Folks are going back and forth over what this is.  As a person who has watched more than a few missile launches from aboard ship..this is a middle.  Where it’s that’s one to debate.  This is no jet.  Just in case this gets pulled form youtube I have it available here. YouTube – Missile, Jet or Something Else?.

Got my facebook link back

December 11, 2010 General 0

Had a bit of a burp there…:) Glad i got it fixed..:)

This is Cool! Google Translate Can Beatbox Too!

December 1, 2010 General 0

hit this link and click listen. Others are building on this read this reddit thread. Google Translate Can Beatbox Too!.

Why Software Patents are bad

November 12, 2010 General 0

According to patent law math is one thing that can’t be patented.  What is software?  At it’s most basic it’s 1’s and 0’s which is…math.  Cpu’s process things in integers and floating point calculations..and that’s…math.  How about we simply enforce the current patent law and have all software patents thrown out? For leaders like Moglen to discourage direct lobbying against software patenting probably… Read more

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com

November 12, 2010 General New World Order 0

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won’t Fly .com.

For Everyone of the Politically Correct Persuasion

November 10, 2010 General 0

If you aren’t interested in hearing some hard nosed truth not glossed over and made nice and squishy don’t hit play.  If you want to see the non pc presentation of some very relevant truths not only watch the video but look at the playlist embedded as well.

Sex, Drugs More Common in Hyper-Texting Teens –

November 9, 2010 General 0

Sex, Drugs More Common in Hyper-Texting Teens –

Meet my new truck..:)

November 5, 2010 General 0

Ford’s EcoBoost F-150 packs a powerful punch – Business – Autos – MotorHead – You’ll need another company’s V-10 to outdo this truck’s v6!!!!

School settles laptop spying case to “protect taxpayers”

October 13, 2010 Anti-Americanism General New World Order 0

There’s an easy way to avoid this situation again.  If you are presented the option to use a gov’t issues computer.. just don’t.  The chances of the gov’t prosecuting itself for it’s own criminal activity are slim at best. The school district accused of spying on students at home via laptop webcam has agreed to settle two student… Read more

Major Changes Coming to God’s Frozen Chosen

October 8, 2010 General 0

There’s a website I have long been a member of called God’s Frozen Chosen.  We’ve been looking for a good forums package for a while and have found what we think is going to be best.  First head to and you’ll see the current forums.  The testing forums are at .  It’s a new package that’s in beta called xenforo and… Read more

Come see a Site I Visit often

October 8, 2010 Gaming General 0

It’s called God’s Frozen Chosen.  We are a small(for now) gaming oriented group of Christians.  All are welcome to join the forums and talk with us.  Come check us out..:)

Major house fire in Brunswick

October 1, 2010 Brunswick General 0

We have two adjacent structures in Brunswick that are now on fire.  We have 2 alarms out on on this fire.  Two houses are involved.  Please pray for hte families as there has already been one burn victim that is being treated.  I will keep everyone notified.  Right now Knoxville road at the dollar general is closed.  Also Brunswick street is closed form the 700 block to nearly the 900 block.… Read more

This made me a bit light headed just watching it.

October 1, 2010 General 0

Oh wow.  What some amazing video.  If you are afraid of heights don’t watch this. via YouTube – World’s Scariest Job.

Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center – Product Recall/Advisory

September 30, 2010 General 0

Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center – Product Recall/Advisory. This is a huge recall.  Check this list of children’s product carefully to see if you have any of this in your home and evalute your own course of action..:)

This is really cool.

September 10, 2010 General 0

YouTube – Rebuild a Jeep under 4 minutes.