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What a great send off for the stng crew. Also this is the first time in stng history and Enterprise D fought like her specs said she could in terms of her primary phaser arrays. It was nice to see her fight and kickass in a way she was always capable of. Data’s piloting was also on display.

We now know who the new generation crew is. Welcome captain seven of nine along with first officer Ravi and will call him third officer Jack crusher. And guess who made an appearance the very end? Our favorite trickster Q. it appears we do not know who the next Q is going to be up next to torment this crew…yet..🙂

7’s teaser of not saying her lead line…tells me the plans for a new series are at least being thought up…I hope they move forward

The newest Enterprise, NCC 1701-G was also unveiled. I hope they do continue with a new series. There’s rumors of one called Star Trek legacy, but I’m thinking that maybe Star Trek legacy is going to be Star Trek. Something new with seven of nine is the lead character.

This entire series has shown one thing as well…when Paramount puts it’s mind “collectively” and gives it a proper budget and team…it can relaly be a great production. Keep up the good work kurtzman, terry matalus, and team. This one was awesome.