Month: January 2007

The sexualization of America makes a drugmaker money

January 30, 2007 General 0

Merck wants all girls vaccinated against HPV using, of course, their vaccine. They say their lobbying efforts are above board. Unfortunately their ethics and greed put them into the criminal element as fas as i am concerned. *update* this vaccine doesn’t protect not only against all HPV virii but it also doesn’t protect against all… Read more

Vista is here

January 30, 2007 General 0

ANd it’s slower than XP in just about all tasks and much slower in video related tasks. This is not surprising as all versions of Windows are slower than their predecessors despite the faster hardware that is available than 5 years ago. I’ll make this easy: REAL minimums for full Vista performance CPU: at least… Read more

Lawmakers debate something they should already know the answer to

January 29, 2007 General 0

Congress apparently has forgotten they control one thing…the money.  Turn that off and the troops are out of Iraq.

Srpint’s huge DOS vulnerability

January 29, 2007 General 0

Now this isn’t hugely simple but it’s not that hard either. Sprint will allow phone service to a phone to be turned off with no verification aside from getting the phone number and business name correct. In order to get it turned back on you have to verify your identity. So it’s not easy to… Read more

So true.

January 28, 2007 General 1

I saw this in an e-mail. How true every single one of these statements are. * *Scenario*: Jack goes duck hunting before school, pulls into school Parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. 1957 – Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack’s shotgun, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack.… Read more

New Interview with Peter Gutmann on Windows Vista Content Protection

January 12, 2007 General 0

Peter Gutmann interviewed by Leo Laporte. Mr. Gutmann, recently in the public eye because of his analysis (and stringent criticism) of the the next-generation DRM present in Windows Vista, answers questions on the subject put to him by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson. This link is to a transcript of the discussion. An MP3 file… Read more

The Dangers of Running Beta Software

January 7, 2007 General 0

It has long been known that the fedora series is the beta distro for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fedora legacy is getting shutdown. This means if you are running FC 4-5 you really need to reload your machine with FC6. There’s another RedHat option:CentOS. They take the sources form RHEL..removed the RH trademarks and put… Read more

Major Security Update

January 4, 2007 General 0

There’s a major issue with Adobe Acrobat plugins. This flaw means hostile code can be run on your machine even if the other website is innocent. All the malicious person has to do is be able to append the code onto the end of any .pdf link. I am posting the download for adobe reader… Read more