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Hit the above link to listen to Senator Coburn of OK bring out the truth of the so called debt reduction bills.


I am sitting here watching Senator Coburn on the floor of the Senate speaking the truth that I brought up yesterday with the Boehner bill (and Reid’s too) – that they’re scams.

That there are no cuts.

The claim of “cuts” is a lie.

This path will lead to a credit downgrade and ultimately bankruptcy.

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You’re NOT going to get what you want Harry.

You need to read the damned Constitution.  ALL REVENUE BILLS MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE.

YOUR chamber has failed to pass a budget for the last two years.  YOUR chamber has repeatedly violated the Constitution by refusing to do so.  YOUR chamber is a public disgrace and every last one of you should be removed for violating your oaths of office.

What the House is going to pass today is a bill that will give you a few more months to come to your senses and accept the math: The budget must be balanced.

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As a recovering(it is like any other never truly kick the addiction) porn addict myself…this particular post hits close to home.  While nobody in my church has been “outed” I would hope they would not follow the example first shown in the linked post and follow the Galatians verse following later in the post.  I know I would look to help somebody in my shoes…I wonder..could your church be counted on to help you in this situation and not just summarily kick you out of the church wholesale?  Would church discipline need to occur?  Most assuredly. There’s tons of modifying circumstances… just ensure you are Biblicly backed before excommunicating a member.


70% of Christian, church-going men view Internet porn each week. I wonder how many of the men in Mark’s church saw how he was treated with his sin. I wonder how many of them are now determined that they will never, ever tell anyone in their church their secret, although they know very well they need help desperately.

I’ve talked with church leaders who have been ambushed by the situation of a brother within their congregation who fell morally. It is painful—especially when that brother was one of the leaders. There’s insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, and a strong desire to protect the congregation from feeling what they are feeling. I’ve never been in their shoes, and I hope never to be. It is, indeed, torture, but God has a plan for situations like this.

Unfortunately, the congregation does find out, and the truth is usually twisted and turned and mutilated way beyond what really happened.

This is one reason men keep their secrets. I’ve counseled dozens of men who have told me that they would never tell anyone in their church about their problem with porn addiction, or else they would immediately be ousted for good.

So what should a church do when one is caught in sin? I see an answer in Galatians 6:1-2,

Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. (NKJV)

“Overtaken” literally means to be caught red-handed. Paul is writing to the church in Galatia, and he tells certain ones what they should do, how they should do it, and why they should do it.

via Caught and Expelled for Sexual Sin: Is this What the Church Should Do? | Covenant Eyes.

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REad this..but go to the linked page and follow the links as well.  We don’t need another law passed on emotion only….that is what several noted alws int he article talk about…also the patriot and patriot 2 acts were the same response to 9/11 which has led to the formation of the TSA and it’s sexual assaults on the American public.  How much farther do you want hte gov’t to go?  We are quickly becoming Amerika not America.


Many are outraged that a jury found Casey Anthony “not guilty”. An online petition has already gathered 650,000 signatures calling for a new law – “Caylee’s Law” – that would make it a criminal offense to fail to report one’s own missing or dead child to law enforcement within 24 hours (as Anthony failed to do.)

State legislators around the country are eager to introduce the laws. In the version of “Caylee’s Law” under consideration in Florida’s legislature, parents would be guilty of a felony even if their child was later found unharmed. In the Kentucky version, parents would face between one and five years in jail.

Laws passed when emotions are high tend to be poorly thought-out. As law blogger Josh Blackman points out:

If a parent actually killed her daughter, do you think she would tell the police so as not to violate some random federal statute?

And the potential unintended consequences are endless. What if the child has a history of getting mad and running away for a day? Or a week? What if the kid sleeps over at a friend’s place? points out that laws named after victims and passed in an emotionally charged atmosphere have a bad track record. Almost all the laws that go after sex offenders – “Megan’s Law”, the “Adam Walsh Act”, “Dru’s Law”, and “Jessica’s Law” – are named after victims. Yet as I’ve reported, those laws are responsible for locking up and stigmatizing innocent kids, like sixteen year olds who have consensual sex with a peer.

The government criminalizes too many things. Murdering your child is already against the law. So is lying to the police. We don’t need more laws.

via Dead Children Make Bad Laws – Stossel’s Take Blog –

If your bank suddenly comes to you to “adjust” your mortgage without you asking tell them to pound sand…the next thing you do is make them prove they actually have all of the paperwork.  There’s several ways to do this…i would highly suggest enlisting a real estate attorney.  More and more mortgages are turning out to be frauds pushed by the banks themselves.  I bet this is one way they are trying to “correct” the issue.


Well, there are some potential reasons why a bank would do this.  Chief among them is that they might not be able to show they actually own the paper.  That is, they may have done something that has destroyed the security interest.  If you voluntarily refinance in such a fashion, you will have re-affirmed and given them a “do-over” on the paperwork.  Of course they don’t want you know that one potential alternative is for you to pay nothing.

via Banks Reducing Principal? in [Market-Ticker].

Rep. Dingell: “It Takes A Long Time.. To Control The People” in [Market-Ticker].