July 4, 2011 Finance 0

If your bank suddenly comes to you to “adjust” your mortgage without you asking tell them to pound sand…the next thing you do is make them prove they actually have all of the paperwork.  There’s several ways to do this…i would highly suggest enlisting a real estate attorney.  More and more mortgages are turning out to be frauds pushed by the banks themselves.  I bet this is one way they are trying to “correct” the issue.


Well, there are some potential reasons why a bank would do this.  Chief among them is that they might not be able to show they actually own the paper.  That is, they may have done something that has destroyed the security interest.  If you voluntarily refinance in such a fashion, you will have re-affirmed and given them a “do-over” on the paperwork.  Of course they don’t want you know that one potential alternative is for you to pay nothing.

via Banks Reducing Principal? in [Market-Ticker].