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Smart Host using Port 587.

I found after some searching and asking at other forums that doing this from the gui console is not really possible.  Here’s one of many areas powershell comes into play:

Open Exchange Management Shell and start by checking your Send Connector(s) :
You should get the name of your send connector(s) “ like “Default Send Connector”.
If you haven’t messed up with the port configuration of the connector yet, it should be using the default port -25. It is a good idea to confirm this with the command:
Get-SendConnector | fl port

Then change the port with the command:
Set-SendConnector –Identity “Your Send Connector Name” -Port 587

If you have only one Send Connector you can use that command too:
Get-SendConnector | Set-SendConnector -Port 587

Of course, it is a good idea to check the final result again with:
Get-SendConnector | fl port

Or even take a look at the full listing for the send connector:
Get-SendConnector | fl

Twas the night before Christmas
And I sat right here
Listening to Celtic woman perform a song called green the whole year round
I began to reflect on this night
Seeing how things have gone awry
The wife is sick and the presents are scant
The house is a mess as I struggle to keep up
The strain is high the tension is too
I then reflect on earlier times this night
When I talked with my wife about the times we find ourselves in
She is sad the gifts are scant for me
She is tired of being ill
I sense her distress and the spirit guides my speech
I look in the crib next to our bed and I get the inspired words
“Babe I have all the gifts I need right in front of me and in that crib
The Lord gave us that child after we prayed so hard
I honestly don’t need anything more”
She is comforted as she looks at the baby
The child reminds me of the reason for this season
The reason we celebrated advent
Christ our savior was born this night
He came to die and led us away from the path of evil
Looking at this I then begin to think of praises to him
Thank you Lord for coming this night
Thank you Lord for my salvation

Subprime isn’t the only issue and a new wave of defaults is on the way.  Hat Tip Barry Ritholtz.

There are other auto manufacturers in this country as well who don’t have the union baggage the big three do.  The unions killed the bailout(not that i think the big three should be bailed out anyways) because they wanted to keep their inflated wages until 2011.  Here’s one quote in the article that has it down perfectly:

“Over here, we’re taking days off without pay to keep the company going, but the unions for the Big Three aren’t willing to do that,” said Kathy Ward, 54, who has worked 27 years at the sprawling plant here. This year her pay has been cut $5,000 because of days off. “Everyone has to give a little in times like these.”

The unions are really organizations that are borderline extorshionist rackets.  Lets hope they realize that by hanging onto these inflated wages and benefits they are actually killing the golden goose they have become so dependent on.

Mass Layoffs by Profitable Firms a ‘Horrible Act,’ Diller Says | The Big Picture.

Diller is stoned.  We are in a downturn.  The companies are protedctiong their shareholders..that is their job.  It’s unfortunate but this is the evil of being a public company.

Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed —

Abstinece is possible and’s just about choosing Biblical discipline or not.,

Hillary to head State: Is it constitutional?.

So along with obama most likely being an illegal alien it apears that most of hte congress is Constitutionally ineligible to serve on the cabinet as well.  NOt that this will stop certainly hasn’t stopped other presidents…it just appears obama is going to take violating the constitution to a whole new level