December 24, 2008 General 1

Twas the night before Christmas
And I sat right here
Listening to Celtic woman perform a song called green the whole year round
I began to reflect on this night
Seeing how things have gone awry
The wife is sick and the presents are scant
The house is a mess as I struggle to keep up
The strain is high the tension is too
I then reflect on earlier times this night
When I talked with my wife about the times we find ourselves in
She is sad the gifts are scant for me
She is tired of being ill
I sense her distress and the spirit guides my speech
I look in the crib next to our bed and I get the inspired words
“Babe I have all the gifts I need right in front of me and in that crib
The Lord gave us that child after we prayed so hard
I honestly don’t need anything more”
She is comforted as she looks at the baby
The child reminds me of the reason for this season
The reason we celebrated advent
Christ our savior was born this night
He came to die and led us away from the path of evil
Looking at this I then begin to think of praises to him
Thank you Lord for coming this night
Thank you Lord for my salvation