December 14, 2008 General 0

There are other auto manufacturers in this country as well who don’t have the union baggage the big three do.  The unions killed the bailout(not that i think the big three should be bailed out anyways) because they wanted to keep their inflated wages until 2011.  Here’s one quote in the article that has it down perfectly:

“Over here, we’re taking days off without pay to keep the company going, but the unions for the Big Three aren’t willing to do that,” said Kathy Ward, 54, who has worked 27 years at the sprawling plant here. This year her pay has been cut $5,000 because of days off. “Everyone has to give a little in times like these.”

The unions are really organizations that are borderline extorshionist rackets.  Lets hope they realize that by hanging onto these inflated wages and benefits they are actually killing the golden goose they have become so dependent on.