February 21, 2022 Faith Family General 0

Tired of Facebook putting fact check crap on my posts and others.  It’s time for me to get back on my own platform again..:)

It was less than a month after Mike died that my closest friend…basically my brother…died suddenly.  he literally dropped dead.  It’s something you hear about…but it’s something else when it hits so close to you.  Then on top of that me and Chloe both got Covid.  Then I had issues with my webserver.  Ugh to say the least.  From October of 2021 to now it’s pretty much been a fog of bad events.  All I could do is hang onto Jesus Christ and guide myself and my youngest through the events taking place.  I still firmly believe better times are ahead for me and my youngest…even if it means we have to wait until we are taken home by the Lord.  I am looking forward to spring…and honestly i have to find something to keep moving now that Mike is gone and with it ht spring/summer lawn mowing i did.  That’s a challenge I do not look forward to..but will meet..:)  For those of you int he faith..keep looking up..and praying.  That’s the most important part..praying.  I’ve learned quite a bit more about faith since this latest rounds of beats has come through…and honestly I’ve already seen results.

I’ve started a new thing…kinda sporadic..but i intend to expand it.  Little micro-videos called rack chats.  I’ve decided I am going to start a YouTube channel with them…I’ll link them here..so far it’s been fun to do.  I’ve seen channel grow to be their own business entities…i will never do that with this.  If folks don’t like it and don’t watch…that’s fine.  It’s a way i can easily put my thoughts and knowledge out there…:)

I am partnering with one of my web designers to hopefully start a regular podcast.  Right now it’s totally in the conceptual stages…if the Lord wills it will come into existence..:)

That’s everything in an extreme nutshell…more to come as i realize i have this little blog of my own…again..:)