October 1, 2021 Faith Family 0
Now that Rob Webber has posted I can post mine…
Now that the family has officially announced it I can publicly say…I’m going to miss you Mike Webber.  I’ve known him for 20+ years.  he’s always been one I could call locally for advice and he wasn’t afraid to call me down when he thought(or knew) I was not doing something right.  He was the hardest working man I ever knew.  At nearly 70 years old he could still outwork many 30 year olds…and that’s with replaced and failing joints to boot.  The man had a work ethic only exceeded by one other person on this planet and Jesus himself.  Mike is the template for how i try to run my businesses.  So far, it has served me well and I have no doubt it will continue to do so in the future. I have zero doubt this man is in heaven as he had a strong faith and relationship with the Lord as well.  Mike, you will be missed on this planet.
Say hi to Heather for me please…:)