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Karl Denninger has an excellent rundown about the idiocy that has been the Covid response.  It’s really time for it to stop.  Biden is going to talk about his 6 point plan..which is going to do nothing to stop Covid from killing people…it more than likely will only increase the misery.  I am going to copy the entire article here..but I am also going to provide a link to his article as well as this data isn’t mine and neither is the post nor the work behind it:


The data is in folks, and the lies are collapsing.

Biden is due to unleash his “six point” plan (the latest iteration) to alleged “Beat Delta.”

You can bet it will contain more mandates.

What it won’t do is recognize these key facts, and thus will fail and will kill Americans unless he is stopped.

  • Natural immunity from prior infection is 7-13x, and perhaps as much as 25x as effective as is a vaccine.  This is the data from Israel and multiple studies.  A study from Cleveland Clinic, following more than a thousand of their employees who were infected, found zero reinfections.  Think about that folks — zero so-called “breakthroughs” among previously-infected and not-vaccinated people.

  • The CDC ITSELF has published their own data that if infected while vaccinated you are equally contagious to someone who was not vaccinated.  Further, contrary to the original claims of the CDC and vaccine makers that the vaccines reduce or eliminate symptomatic infections in virtually every case (95% of the time) they found that 79% of vaccinated people who got infected were symptomatic.  This is statistically identical to unvaccinated persons who sometimes have fully-asymptomatic infections.  If you are vaccinated and get infected you are just as likely to infect (and potentially sicken or kill) an unvaccinated person as someone who is not vaccinated.  This is formally-admissible evidence in court as it is a direct publication of the CDC!  There is no public-health benefit from the vaccines.
  • The vaccines are failures.  This should not surprise as every previous coronavirus vaccine attempt also failed.  Yes, they may provide personal protection against serious outcomes for a few months.  The original trials may have been rigged to show that.  The manufacturers deliberately set the dose to produce antibody levels much higher than natural infection.  Why would you do that when, as with any drug, the higher the dose the greater the adverse effects?  The logical reason is that you knew you had to keep protection levels adequate for the four months of the trial and then you intended to unblind the study which immediately destroys the ability to follow up and assess the effect of the vaccine over longer periods of time.  Both Moderna and Pfizer did exactly that and the FDA let them.  Do not be deceived by outright lies in the media; if you don’t know someone who’s fully-vaccinated and got laid out flat on their back by Covid-19, you will.  In Texas at a monoclonal antibody infusion center (where you go if infected and at high risk) the case rate between vaccinated and unvaccinated is statistically identical to Texas’ vaccination rate.  At Duke University where everyone must be vaccinated this year there have been multiple outbreaks.  Cornell has a five times higher case rate now, with everyone vaccinated by mandate, than they did last fall.  There are multiple such examples and they prove the vaccines rapidly become at best worthless.  A “mandate” is thus a demand that you the take the risk of serious injury or death for no reason other than political demand.
  • JAMA, the official journal of the American Medical Association, has published proof that the vaccines are at best failures and at worst may be enhancing Covid-19 infections.  Specifically, they published a study from blood donations showing the presence of alleged immunity in 83.3% of Americans.  This is sufficient to suppress any virus with an R0 of up to just under 6, and obviously since May it has only climbed.  They did differentiate between antibodies from infection and vaccination, which we can do in this case due to the design of the vaccines.  This study found 20% of Americans have had Covid-19 and are presumptively immune; the balance was from vaccination.  The problem is that if the vaccines worked the summer spike we have seen was impossible, yet it happened.  This is hard proof the vaccines do not work over time; you have taken the risk of serious adverse events up to and including death for a benefit that lasts no more than six months.

Biden will, later today, deny once again that natural infection protects you.  Yet we know, scientifically, it does and about a quarter of the population has had Covid-19.  JAMA has so-proved that 20% of America was immune by natural infection in May of 2021 and obviously the percentage has increased since then.  The CDC claimed (and still does) there were four infections at the lower boundary of their scenarios (e.g. you never went to the doctor or were tested, thus there’s no record) for each Covid-19 infection that they know about.  If the PCR+ tested people all actually had Covid-19 this would have resulted in a 40-50% positive read by JAMA for previous infected and it did not.  Since there is no reason to believe the number of “low symptom or silent” infections is in fact lower than 4:1 (anecdotally — myself, my daughter and my girlfriend all got Covid the first few days of August, we all survived and none of us went to the doctor, hospital or were tested; this is likely quite ordinary) the only reasonable explanation is that a huge percentage of the alleged “PCR+” people never had it.  Elon Musk demonstrated that these tests are horrible back in October of last year when he took four rapid tests in sequence and got two positive and two negative results — no better than a coin flip.

If half the people claimed to have “had it” really didn’t, but were screwed with quarantine orders and similar, the math from the JAMA study works resulting in 20% immune by infection as of May, and about 25% or perhaps even higher now.

Folks, one quarter, approximately, of the population of the United States has had Covid-19 and has no reason to wear a mask, take a jab, or take any other precaution unless, among that group, you are one of the very few — 1 in a thousand — who has a materially-compromised immune system but beat the infection anyway.  If you’re in that group then any infection can kill you and might — including the common flu.

The three key points that the Biden administration and everyone else, including employers, must be forced to recognize and adjust policy to address, are:

  • If you have previously been infected — actually infected, not claimed positive by a PCR+ test (e.g. you got distinctively ill and/or have a positive antibody test post-infection) you are presumptively sterile immune to a degree superior to any vaccine.  Not only is there no benefit to you being jabbed but plenty of risk there is the possibility, as is discussed in this paper, that being jabbed may destroy some element of your existing immunity and place you at severe risk of injury or death from other viruses.  Fully one quarter of the American population is in this position.  Among health-care workers the percentage is almost-certainly higher as they labored for roughly a year in direct contact with Covid-19 positive people and, in many cases, known-ineffective (less than an N95) PPE and got infected.  Exactly zero of the previously-infected has any reason to take any of these shots nor wear a mask or otherwise employ “defensive” measures against Covid-19 as every such person is presumptively safe not only against infection but against potentially infecting others.  We must demand OTC, “use in home” access to the existing antibody tests so anyone who had a claimed infection can verify it themselves, in private, and know if they are presumptively safe.  These tests are available now and there is no reason you should not be able to buy one just as people buy pregnancy tests every single day.
  • If you have not been previously infected then the jabs provide only personal and fleeting protection. We do not know whether or not the risks associated with getting repeatedly jabbed escalate with each successive jab, whether if you do not get adversely impacted you are “safe”, or if something in the middle happens.  You are betting your life that the adverse event rate curve is not exponential and yet there is quite-strong evidence from the first two jabs that it might be.  This must be a personal choice without coercion as if the jabs also degrade existing immunity, and there is emerging evidence they might, you could literally screw yourself into a coffin.
  • Like it or not we are all eventually going to get Covid-19 and it would be wise to prepare for that before it happens. I said this back in March and April of 2020 and have never wavered from that point.  It remains true.  The correct action, and the only action, is to support immediate treatment upon detection of infection so as to keep people out of the hospital.  Do we have known effective treatments “by the NIH standards” today?  No.  But we have believed ones that are safe, and Americans must be offered the choice on a nationally-mandated basis.  “Right to try” mandates nothing less since the medical system has nothing approved on offer.  We either take this position or many other people will die.

IF BIDEN DOES NOT, and you know he won’t today, take the three points above as policy then those of us in the health care system and elsewhere who are in that 25% of America that has strong, natural immunity must STRIKE.  We were all sold a bill of LIES in America and elsewhere and the data is irrefutable.  Israel and the UK are being overrun with serious and fatal cases of Covid-19 despite being very highly vaccinated.  The claim that this is all “unvaccinated” people is a lie.



WE, the people, have ALL the power.  One quarter of the public GOING ON STRIKE will decimate the economy, the markets and every industry across the United States.  It will also INSTANTLY force closed EVERY hospital.

The administration will have NO CHOICE but to capitulate to the American people and STOP the death.

If you don’t do it, America — especially if you’re a health-care worker — every single death after tonight is on your hands.