March 29, 2020 Covid-19 Family Health Pandemic 0

Remember when I posted that the responses put in place by various govt’s are based on flawed thinking when it comes to this virus?  Well now places that are in soft martial law(shelter in place) are still seeing an increase in testing.  Of course this is more because of increased testing than increased infections because we are already more than 20 generations into this pandemic.  I have heard our Maryland governor say they are starting to see the curve flatten.  This is not because the lockdowns is because we were more than 10 generations into the spread BEFORE the lockdowns started.  Back when this first started I talked about and linked to resources that showed this is more fecal/oral than aresol.  Look through my covid-19 category and’ll find it.  Well now more data is coming in that shows the virus is not aresol based like the screamers have been saying.  The diamond princess first showed that…but now locked down areas are also showing that.  Got two more links for you.  One to Karl’s quick post about this and then his most recent podcast which sheds even more light on this.  The math is there..right for your mind to ingest..if you allow it to.  Open your mind folks…the truth is out there and it is not what the govt screamers and media are telling you.