March 25, 2020 Covid-19 Family Health Pandemic Politics 1

Most virii attack and then present with symptoms pretty quickly.  Most virii also also do not infect without presenting symptoms.  Covid-19 however is different.  It has a large percentage of folks it infects..but does not result in symptoms and therefore doesn’t result in in a huge spike of hospitalizations.  Basically this means these lockdowns will do nothing to flatten the curve as this virus does not conform to the standard way of doing things.  The death rate is also not anywhere near what the media is telling us..because they are ignoring the mounds of contradictory data that’s out there.  This virus is much more dangerous to the elderly and to those with aggravating factors(like diabetes, asthma, smoking,) than any others.  If you have these types of aggravating factors isolate yourself…these lockdowns are simply killing our economy..not helping to save lives at all.  If you grind the economy to a halt what happens to the medical system?  It dies as well.  folks do not realize the medical system is NOT a  positive gain for the is a parasitic drain.  It’s one we need to be sure but if there’s no positive activity being generated then all we are doing is further pulling down the economy along with the work stoppage.  Now that Trump has said he is looking to re-open sooner rather than later and various states are saying hell no…we shall see which states are looking at the actual data that is now available and not listening to the scaremongering idiots that made the aids crisis as bad as it was.  Keep in mine that many of the same folks that killed 500k folks in the first years of the AIDS epidemic are now “managing” the Covid-19 “pandemic”.  It’s even gotten to the point that life saving procedures like removing an abscess tooth is now being effectively shutdown because of extremely idiotic new regulations.  Also look at the data at not only where the virus is concentrated but what is the cultural leanings of where it is being in areas where our sanitation culture is not readily followed.  There’s tons of thing you are not being told by the media…you just need to take a little time to educate yourself and stop being led to your own slaughter.