March 24, 2020 Christianity Church Faith Finance 0

I have always had a strong faith.  many times I have not known it..but others see it.  I have had folks tell me things like “you have a bulldog faith.  You have grabbed onto Jesus and latched on like a bulldog would a bone and refuse to let go however much life shakes you.”  The hardest time to be a fan of Jesus when things are going badly.  Steve Harvey was living out of his care and still remained faithful.  I nearly lost my house..yet I remain a fan.  Recently, I wrecked my truck.  I want to make it clear…I was the one who screwed up..not the other party.  I was ready for a horrid time…but Jesus has taken my prayers and literally given me the exact amount I asked for and made the process as smooth as I think it could be.  From finding the new vehicle, to working with my insurance agency, tot he process of turning over the truck to get my settlement.  Wow it’s been amazing.  I could write on and on and on…but I will say this.  Jesus doesn’t say being a fan of his will be easy.  to the contrary…he says we will suffer for his cause but our reward is heaven.  I am a fan of Jesus….are you?