March 23, 2020 Covid-19 Health Pandemic 0

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Last year flu, CDC:

490,600 hospitalizations and 34,200 deaths.

Case fatality rate on the same testing basis for Coronavirus today: 6.97%

Right now, US, 31,888 positives398 deaths.

Case fatality rate considering that essentially all Coronavirus tests to date have been in hospitals: 1.25%

But that’s not fair, because the CDC says only 12% of “cases” are hospitalized.  Ok, so we’ll adjust:

3,826 positives, 398 deaths.

Case fatality rate when comparing like for like: 10.4%.

Is Coronavirus more deadly than seasonal flu?  Yes.

Is it 10 or 100x more deadly to the point that we should shut down the economy and spazz out?


These are not my numbers.  They’re the CDC’s numbers.  The same CDC and folks like Fauci that are trying to scare the living fuck out of you, and being intentionally falsely reported by both politicians and the media.

This is all public data folks.  Most people never see a doctor for Coronavirus, just as most people never see a doctor for The Flu.