March 27, 2020 Covid-19 Family Health Pandemic Politics 0

the answer to the question in the title is inside the podcast linked below.  The data has been out there for months…for some reason the gov’t and media refused to see it…until now. The lockdowns were based on a flawed model. There’s a large group of folks who either got sick and didn’t go to the doctor(me and many others) or who didn’t get sick at all(many more).  In areas where things are locked down…like here in Maryland, they are seeing spikes now.  Why?  The virus was already around and was already spread throughout the population.  Our testing is only going to detect who has not recovered…but keep in mind the infection rate is closer to 1-in-1000.  That’s not being reported.  So with a broken, now known false model for covid and an attack rate of 1-1000…it means covid is now more than an order of magnitude LESS dangerous than the seasonal flu.