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possibly not.  I had a friend over in Cali send me an interesting article regarding the orders given by their governor..and i wonder if hogan’s order are similar. If so what does Maryland law say?  We would have to look at the text of Hogan’s orders very closely and then determine..does his current EO’s actually constitute law or are they recommendations…like newsome’s? right now I have not seen ANYONE do this type of analysis.  This is going to be interesting…:)


I sent the following to the Baltimore Sun and the Frederick News Post:

I am really curious if Hogan’s current EO’s really do carry the force of law.  I bring this up because questions are being raised about California gov Newsome’s recent extreme orders.  So far nobody else is doing this type of research and making sure to hold our government accountable.  This needs to be done especially in times like these to make sure of the following:
1.  Constitutional boundaries are not being breached unlawfully
2.  Any emergency actions put in place are clearly delineated and the authority to use them is clearly justified
3.  Any emergency power granted are clearly delineated and justified
4.  A timeline is established for how long these measures will be kept in place subject to updates as provided by law.  This means the gov’t should not be allowed to declare an             emergency”until further notice”.
5.  All emergency powers and any subsequent actions are dismantled and de-activated after the emergency is over

Right now there is ZERO activity being generated in this area by any Maryland media.

William Warren