So far my eldest has all of her games on the gamecache drive.  Unfortunately ElderScrolls Online refused to run on the Gamecache drive.  It would hang up the network card causing all network connectivity to go away.  Only a restart of the machine would fix it.  However the fact that all of the other games are on the gamecache drive means the monster game now fits on her local storage without running out of local space.  I’ll troubleshoot the problems later(it think I need to put in an Intel NIC).  I will try a few things once I can order the new nic.

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  1. […] Remember that one game that refused to run on Gamecache?  I decided to disable the onboard nic(Realtek) and order a pci-e 1x nic for the girls computer.  I ordered it on ebay for a total of 12 bucks for two of them and they shipped via the boat so they jsut arrived a couple of days ago.  I got the intel Nic installed and the eldest began with the install of Elder Scrolls Online.  The install is absolutely massive.  We never got past the first 7% beforehand…now we are completely installed two hours later.  The initial install is 85 gigabytes with another 60 gigs in patches.  Now the edlest can play all of her games on the gamecache without stuffing the local ssd…:)  It took a bit of research and some troubleshooting but the gamecache drive is now 100% operational for all of her games…and I am stoked about this too..:)  I wil make one more post about the full list of games she has on the gamecache once she gets done instlaling everything.  When it’s all said and done she will be chewing up jsut over 550 gigs of storage…which is less than 25% of the 4TB I had available..<G>  Needed to do something with that space..:) […]

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