May 15, 2020 Freenas Hardware Open Source Software Storage Technology 0

Just like that.  Another day arrives and the eBay shop where i bought the hard drives did me a solid.  Instead of putting the two pairs of drives into two boxes he jsut shipped all four in the same box.  I’ll be giving all the eBay vendors that were involved in my build excellent feedback as they all handled things excellently.  I now have all 48TB of raw storage into the 520.  Now to clear off all of the test data, rebuild the pool and begin the replication again…except this time everything will stay.  This will probably take 7 hours or so factoring in overhead and other factors(like the 310 will still be use serving the home network until the rack installation tomorrow).  I am hoping that I will have the 520 installed, the final replication completed, and it being the primary server by Sunday…then it’s the final removing of data from the 610 to the 520.  Maybe I’ll have that done by this weekend…but i have another project I have to complete at my church first this weekend..:)