May 17, 2020 Freenas Hardware Open Source Rack Consolidation Software Storage Technology 0

Well got everything installed and completed the initial data replication.  I went upstairs and removed all of the servers from the rack.  I then removed all of the rails.  I then re-installed the rails and then re-racked the servers.  The r210 did not make it back as it was dead anyway.  The order is now from bottom to top:

  1. R310
  2. R410
  3. R610
  4. R520

My rack is officially full.  I have them in a custom spacing where i have some gaps that i wanted.  Pics will be coming soon once I get the data off the r610 and onto the R520.  Once that is done then I move the config from the R310 to the R520 and then the R310 gets decommed and then I clean up the wire mess..:)