April 8, 2020 Covid-19 Health New World Order Pandemic Policed State/Martial Law 0

Still want to listen to the government?  Most, of course, will continue to do so even though the data has been out there and now despite suppression efforts to NOT reveal it..it’s coming out now.

The mainstream media which has been acting as the mouthpiece of the government will not be able to contain this much longer.  The IHME model has now been proven false and they have “revised” it as well.  When your model blows up because it’s wrong but you continue to rely on it you are engaging in deception at the least and outright fraud at the worst.

An excerpt from another article:

IHME claims Florida, today, in their update today, which means it’s not a projection it’s a statement of fact that the state will require 3,932 beds — a range of 2,001 – 7,026.

But Florida has only required 1,956 beds and note their definition of “beds”; it is anyone who has ever required a bed, not one that is occupied right now.  So all those discharged and ok or dead count as beds.

So at an absolute minimum you can subtract all the deaths; they are not tracking the discharges, but obviously there have been many.

In other words the model which is not projecting here, it is claiming fact, is once again lying.


What’s even better is that the model now predicts about 60,000 total deaths — in other words, approximately as many as a normal flu season!  What was that about this bug not being “a normal flu” again?



I’ve been saying this is BS from the beginning…the reason I have posted so much from Karl’s site is he has the data..that’s out there in the public domain.  There’s no need for me to post essentially the same thing.  Do i agree with him on everything?  No.  i even got banned from his site once when i disagreed with him about something(in private).  It only took a small amount of self-research to find the data he was pulling into his posts. As I have been saying from the beginning.  The data is out there folks and the various government agencies are NOT telling you the truth.  Whether it’s hiding the data or outright lying…they truth is NOT being put out by the media, the government, among others.  Listen to them closely, Fauchi and others are now saying we cannot lift the lockdowns until a vaccine is ready.  A vaccine is at least a year away….right now this is the USSR effectively.  Where the hell is Trump in this?  MAGA my ass dude.  If you have the stones lift the national lockdowns now…then we can turn our attention to the individual states.  Will you be an American or an Amerikan?