April 6, 2020 Covid-19 Family Health Pandemic 0

Every single lockdown happened after the population was already infected.  The only ones we are seeing now with the tests are folks already infected..not new infections. This data is out there..i have linked quote a bit both to links I have found and extensively to Karl Denninger who has found the data as well.  The gov’t has this data too…they MUST be deliberately ignoring it and are wanting death AND economic destruction:

It’s time for the populace to open your eyes and stop being so timid.  There ARE experts that are questioning why we are doing the lockdowns:



Frankly this has been insanity from the beginning.  What is more insane is watching the number of folks BEGGING THE GOVERNMENT TO LOCK THEM DOWN!  Oh and healthcare is not a right.  Fauchi has warned that if the lockdowns do not get this under control(they won’t..because it’s impossible) then this will be a recurring thing.  Yes it will..it’s a flu..basically.  So far it has been MUCH LESS DEADLY than even the regular flu…not just in this country but around the world.  Right now there’s aren’t even 40k deaths worldwide when the regular flu kills upwards of 40k every single year here in the US alone.  This has been a con job from the beginning.  Remember it was supposed to be MILLIONS of deaths in this country alone even if we DID lock everything down.  That’s been blown so now they are saying it’s going to be upwards of 200k deaths in the US even WITH the lockdowns…but that trend is already downwards overall.  The model they are using has already been disproven once…why are folks accepting that it’s going to be correct a second time?  You shouldn’t.  Folks you should be blowing up your local, county, state, and federal representatives RIGHT NOW demanding the lockdowns stop.  If you don’t..you are going to get what you think you want…Agentina/USSR/china..(insert name of communist/dictatorial government here)…then you will be wishing had done dome something loooong before we get to say..I TOLD YOU SO!