July 28, 2021 Covid-19 Health Pandemic 0

The narrative is getting destroyed..again.  The folks have been yelling about the delta variant and how it’s the unvaccinated that are spreading this..but the nationals now have a big time breakthrough infection story going right now that caused their most recent game to be postponed.  Karl has been talking about how vaccinating into a pandemic is going to cause more rapid mutations that can then breakthrough the vaccine even faster than normal and how you will start seeing breakthrough infections of the vaccinated:

There are 67 Democrats in the TX Delegation. I presume not all of them flew to DC; the news says “more than 50”, which is enough to deny the quorum and was the point of the exercise.
There are now six confirmed Covid infections among them, and all are fully vaccinated. That’s a failure rate of roughly 10% for symptomatic infections, and not just preventing infection either — they transmitted it to each other as the infections were serial; not all got it on the same day.
Since the CDC says somewhere between 6 and 24 (best guess 11) people are entirely asymptomatic and untested for each tested, symptomatic infection this means that more than half of the delegation in fact has the virus and is presumably, under the CDC’s claim of “asymptomatic transmission” spreading it to others.
Is ten percent failure rare? How about more than fifty percent?
That sounds rather more like “worthless” to me. What say you?
In addition a White House official also has tested positive after coming into contact with the delegation. Said person is also fully vaccinated and is symptomatic. They, since they are symptomatic, are presumptively contagious despite being “fully vaccinated.”
How many White House officials were there? One? Boy, that’s a pretty good breakthrough case percentage isn’t it?
Never mind the 10%+ symptomatic failure rate, which strongly implies at least half the delegation actually got infected, among the delegation itself.