October 7, 2020 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

It’s all over the news.  Where are the riots done by anyone who is not on the left?

NYC Mayor goes after Jewish holiday celebrants.  This is not the first time he has done this…and he routinely uses photos of pre-covid Jewish gatherings as examples of what not to do.  Deblasio also allows BLM/Antifa when others are being aggressively suppressed.

So the Jewish community is rising up against the mayor’s new synagogue restrictions.

Also in Michigan…the governor’s covid restrictions have been struck down..the governor says I’ll find another way.  Will the citizens of Michigan recall this tyrant(provided the state even has a recall provision).

Where are the right led riots?  They simply aren’t there.  I see so many folks barfing the bs that is seen all over the media.  At this point Trump could cure cancer and the howls of how bad Trump is will only get louder.  If Trump wins the violence that will ensure will be left led..NOT right or moderate led.