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I am going to rip a total post from Karl Denninger’s site and post it here..because it is absolutely relevant to the gov’t induced panic that is going on right now.  Is covid-19 a problem?  Yes.  It is enough to warrant this reponse and emergency declarations that are now approaching martial law?   IMO..NO.  I am curious why Trump is going along as well.  He has the authority to do exactly what the title and the following article says. Take a read and open your mind…turn off the media…:

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This is not the sort of thing the government will allow to permeate the public consciousness.

“I have a plea, for Dr. Fauci and the others… you want all Americans to cooperate with your public health strategy. At the organizational level with the NBA and so on, that is happening — but there are still millions of Americans who don’t buy into what you are saying, and repeating it will not work,” Hilton said.

“You need to answer the big question many Americans are asking. Instead of closing school, colleges, sports and other large gatherings for the general population, why don’t we isolate the vulnerable population?”

Oh, not just that.

Look at both the data from the Diamond Princess and South Korea.  That data tells us two things:

1. A large percentage of people who get this virus never become symptomatic.  We can statistically model that, and it’s been done.  Bottom line — somewhere between 20 and 40% of people in that population, which was heavily-skewed older, are positive yet will never get sick.  This is atypical for a virus but it’s very important.  Getting exposed does not necessarily mean you will get sick.  You probably will, but it’s not certain, and if you get it and don’t get sick, but build antibodies (not yet known) you’re immune.  This doesn’t just mean you don’t get sick personally, it also means you won’t infect others except by direct transference of virus from a surface to another person.  Knowing this is critically important yet THE crash-project action point — developing an antibody test right goddamn now — so, for instance, we can know which health care workers are “safe” against getting hammered isn’t even on the table.  That’s intentional; nobody can be stupid enough for it to be accidental.

2. South Korea had a materially lower fatality rate.  Not a bit lower either — close to an order of magnitude less, depending on where you’re comparing against.  Why?  We’re not sure but they used a cheap, off-patent anti-malarial and apparently it was effective enough to severely limit progression.  Look folks, if you get to the point of needing a vent, you’re odds off to live.  Period.  Therefore the goal has to be preventing that, not having a lot of vents, assuming the intent of the strategy is to actually keep people alive instead of maximizing the amount of money the medical system extracts from the economy.

The second is extremely important.  Why aren’t we recommending that any person at elevated risk who can tolerate said anti-malarial take it right here and now?  If it takes a zero off the serious case and fatality rate of this disease among that population and it appears from the data in South Korea that it might then using it as a prophylaxis may well take this virus from a serious public health problem with the potential to overload the medical system to nothing significant at all.

If we can’t get it because China is where the precursors (or drug) are made fix that right now with a crash program to stand up a factory in the next 7 days.  The facts on this are that nobody in the government wants to shove this “globalism” fact and the problems it has generated up China’s ass but Xi and his globalist pals, including our Congress and President, deserve to taste it.  In the meantime we need to fix that right now on an emergency basis — and we’re not, because as soon as you do it becomes obvious to every American how badly our government has fucked us over the last 30+ years.

Add isolation for those who are at high risk and the odds of that being sufficient to turn this into nothing more than a (very bad) flu really does exist with existing, known off-patent drugs and simple, fairly non-disruptive economic and social steps.

Let me be clear: It’s entirely possible we can do this right now without shutting down the economy and without any of the medical and drug firms stealing another trillion dollars from both the Treasury and Americans.

Even more-importantly taking such mitigation steps costs nearly nothing and has no real risk associated with it, given that the drug involved is one used as prophylaxis now, and as such it is known to be well-tolerated with few risks for those who use it.  If that strategy doesn’t work you’ve lost nothing, but if it does work it’s going to be known very quickly in that the serious, critical and fatal case rate will almost-instantly collapse by a factor of 5 to 10 — within a week or two — and this “disaster” is over.

Finally there is no risk to such a strategy in terms of making the situation worse!  Being very aggressive about those at particular risk isn’t just smart in that if you want to focus on the problem you have to put your attention toward those most likely to get the worst of the situation, it has no downside.

That the government isn’t doing this tells you everything you need to know.