July 2, 2020 Covid-19 Health Pandemic 0

Masks have little to no effect. The transmission of Sars-COV-2 is not aerosol. It’s contact. Specifically fecal-oral.  That’s right folks your butt to your hands to surfaces.  Gloves don’t help as they are a hard surface so all kinds of virii can live a very very long time and get spread.  The following post has a ton of evidence from the very agencies that have been pushing the aerosol myth and the mask myth. Read the entire article folks..AND the embedded links. The data has been out there and easily findable. The media and others have no interest in real science just FUD…Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt.

At the Market-ticker Karl lays it out…of course he and I have been saying this SARS-COV-2 thing has been vastly overblown.  The data has been out there about how this is spread and what the true infection rate is..which means the mortality rate is less than 2%….period.  The lock-downs were absolutely unnecessary.

With so many folks requiring hand sanitizers my hands got to be about destroyed with cracking and whatnot…well i began wondering why I have been not feeling myself lately then I saw the bulletin about certain hand sanitizers containing wood alcohol(or methanol). 9 have been identified but there’s tons more out there. I know have a roaring headache that i have been able to keep down to a dull roar…no more. For clients that want me to hand sanitize I’ll just not go into your establishments…I am not going to kill myself for your sense of well-being….this has gone beyond common sense folks and now the cure is going to start sickening and killing folks..more than this virus.  I now have family and clients that are utterly terrified to leave their homes.  This is more damaging to their mental health than anything else.  The paranoia has led to the market being flooded with toxic hand sanitizers using wood(or methanol) based “sanitizing” products.  They are having the effect of sickening and most likely killing those who have not taken the time to look things up and see the data on their own.  The “cure” is going to be much much worse than the disease ever was..and the deaths from the “treatments” for Sars-COV-2 will be much higher than the actual virus itself…but there will be no reporting on that.

Karl expires his posts so when it does I’ll bring up my mirror copy I have..for now please goto his site at the link i embedded above.  It’s time to stop this insanity which is going to kill many more than this virus ever could at its worst.